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Bianco Carrara Venato Natural Marble

Price Group


Slab size:
Average size small slab: 2400x1200mm | Average size large slab: 3000x1900mm | Average m2 per slab: 5.5
Tile sizes:
300x300x10mm | 305x305x10mm | 600x400x10mm | 300x300x20mm | 600x600x10mm | 600x600x20mm (Lead times may apply)
Available Finishes:
Polished | Honed | Flamed (lead times may apply) | Riven (lead times may apply) | Satinato (lead times may apply) | Sawn (lead times may apply) | Bush Hammered (lead times may apply) | Anticato (lead times may apply)

Product Description

Bianco Carrara Venato marble is an opaque White background natural stone with delicate grey veining quarried in the region of Carrara, Provincia di Massa Carrara, Toscana in Italy.

Bianco Carrara Venato marble is suitable for both indoors and outdoors applications including worktops, vanity tops, reception desks, wall cladding, swimming pools, coping and monuments

Product Data

Product Data

Price Rating2
Thicknesses20mm, 30mm
Technical Information

Technical Information

Technical Data

Water Absorption:0.10%
Compressive Strength: 127.0 MPa
Density:2710 kg/m3
Flexural Strength:19.8 MPa
Petrographic definition: Marble
Massa Unit Volume:2710 kg/m3
Water Absorption:0.10%
Breaking Load Compression Simple:127 MPa
Compression breaking load after freezing:125 MPa
Tangent elastic modulus: 62,400 MPa
Tensile Strength through indirect Flex:19.8 MPa
Its coefficient of Abrasion (referred to Granite St. Fedelino): 0.63
Impact resistance: minimum fall height:75 cm
Linear thermal expansion coefficient of 3.7 x 10-5 0C-1
Knoop microhardness: 1285 MPa
Index unevenness of hardness: 1.26
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