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Bianco Antico Granite island with a built up edge with Sensa protection treatment by Cosentino

Dekton vs. Granite: What are the Differences?

Thu, 8 Jun, 2017

If you love creative design and innovation, then you probably have considered Dekton or Granite as possible materials for surfaces in your space. The versatility of uses is one of the most advantageous properties of stone which includes façades, floors, walls, worktops and other types of interior and interior applications. Choosing the right type of […]

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kitchen island with built-up edges in Compac Unique Calacatta quartz

Compac Unique Calacatta: Get this must-have Quartz Worktop before it’s sold out again!

Mon, 29 May, 2017

As the name suggest, Unique Calacatta quartz is an exquisite stone in every technical aspect due to the rich composition of approximately 95% quartz, minerals, 5% pigments and additives. Its elegant white background with grey striking veins that sketch creative art of this material combines with all design projects in residence and/or commercial spaces including […]

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Dekton Qatar from the Xgloss range of ultra-compact surfaces

Dekton New Colours Spring Summer 2017: Qatar, Manhattan, Fossil, Nayla, Vienna

Thu, 25 May, 2017

Finding something that inspires you is fundamental when it comes to decorating your home, office and/or place of residence. The decision-making process is not always a straight forward one as it concerns not only the kind of material required for the project that you are currently working on but has to be thought out at […]

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Bullnose Edge

Know the 5 most Popular Marble Edges for Kitchen Worktops

Mon, 15 May, 2017

Marble has historically been the surface of choice across different periods of times, be it ancient Egypt, the Greek, Roman Empires up to modern times. This isn’t only due the natural beauty seen on marble but also due to its durability, texture and other unique properties found in this distinctive natural stone. Whether it contains […]

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Silestone Calacatta Gold

10 Best Silestone Colours for 2017

Thu, 4 May, 2017

Choosing the right colour for your worktop surface, flooring, or wall, greatly can influence the décor at any home or office entirely. Keeping its appearance clean and pleasant is indispensable for every person in today’s busy lifestyle. That is why the Silestone is one of the most suitable surface alternatives for worktops when compared to […]

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Neolith Estatuario worktops

Neolith Estatuario: Exceptional Surfaces for Exceptional Homes

Fri, 28 Apr, 2017

Often when thinking how to go about in producing a new interior or exterior design for any property, the work carried out isn’t always easy and/or straightforward, particularly when it comes to home improvements. One of the main reasons for this is that a home a special place which must provide the most comfort. In […]

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Properties of Silestone N-Boost

What is Silestone N-Boost?

Tue, 25 Apr, 2017

Since the onset of Silestone, Cosentino has been improving further through high technology to produce a highly resistant product with intense brightness; resulting in the new N-Boost which supports modification to Silestone’s internal structure by enhancing its properties. It also facilitates tasks such as an easier cleaning regime whilst brining a broad range of spectacular […]

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Neolith Calacatta

Inspired by Innovation Interiors!

Thu, 20 Apr, 2017

Whether your house is small or large, simple or opulent, it is precious to you. It is a place where you will build a history with family, friends and share eternal memories. As such, your house must bring the feeling of comfort and peacefulness where each detail is more than just the lifestyle choice of […]

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Compac Dim functional

Compac Functional Range 2017

Mon, 17 Apr, 2017

Compac Functional   Many people dream to own a beautiful Compac quartz worktop or stone floor in the kitchen, bathroom or living room. It’s not always easy to find a product that delivers versatility without losing aesthetic value, quality and practicality in an only concept for usage. But for the allure of all designers, architects, […]

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Dekton Kitchen Worktops

What is Dekton? Everything You Need to Know about Dekton

Mon, 27 Mar, 2017

If you are a fan of innovation then you must know Dekton by Cosentino; a revolutionary new category of materials for façades, floors, walls, worktops and other indoor and outdoor applications. The composition of Dekton is the result of mixing three technologies: glass, porcelain and quartz surfaces, such as the popular Silestone. This ingenious light […]

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