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Building and Stone industry report May 2015

Sun, May, 2015

Building and Stone industry report

This article comprises a selection of data and trends for the UK building and stone industry for the rest of 2015.

Economic context

The UK had a good start in 2015 with both unemployment and inflation falling which has caused an increase on performance on the first quarter this year.

Manufacturers exports have increased for the first time in 9 months during February 2015. The fall in oil prices should boost our economy to the point at which the Governor of the Bank of England’s greatest threat is a possible scenario of deflation.

Whilst figures from the ONS show a decline in construction during end of 2014 and January 2015, there have been almost £6 billion during February with an increase on both Industrial and Commercial projects from the private sector.

Most contracts in February were awarded in London with a 27% increase in residential projects and 26% increase in commercial projects.

Stone demand

The UK has an ever increase demand for natural and engineered stones which has increasingly grown since 1990.

Demand for stone across the world is leaded by China (25%), United States (26%), India (8%) and the UK, Canada and Egypt with 4% each.

Stone Buyers’ Location Worldwide

Stone buyers’ location worldwide

Our Market by type of stone

MKW Surfaces has analyzed market demand by type of stone with findings in that although quartz presents a decrease in total market share, it continues to be the main requested product with 75% of total installations.

Installations by Type of Material

Marble presents the highest increase from 5% in 2014 to 9% of market share in 2015. A strong demand for more exotic and exclusive materials such as quartzite, has pushed demand to a substantial portion of overall sales of natural stones.

Engineered/composite marble is around50% cheaper than quartz but used on bathrooms and floorings rather than kitchens since it stains and has become one of the preferred products by property developers for apartment blocks.

Most popular stone colours

White, grey and a mix of these two colours are without doubt the most popular schemes in 2015. Whites in all shades and hues comprise almost 30% of all installations, followed by greys with 13% of market share.

Installations by Colour

Kitchen showrooms have the highest demand of quartz in London with 31% market share, followed by Interior designers (21%), architects (16%) and property developers (5%).


Favourite new materials are Statuario marble, Moon Rock (Superwhite quartzite), Calacatta Brazil quartzite and Fiori Di Pesco marble.

In terms of quartz products clients aren’t afraid to to try new additions by the different such as Caesarstone Bianco Drift, Compac Gray Zement and Silestone Rougui

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