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Use & Care Dekton Worktop

Dekton Worktops Maintenance, Use & Care

Wed, 30 Aug, 2017

Dekton worktops represent a new era of fine craftsmanship when it comes to both interior and exterior design. These surfaces are used everywhere in the world from home to office as they amplify the space they are put in. What is so special about Dekton in applications such as kitchen worktops is that even with […]

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Bianco Antico granite worktops

How to Replace Your Kitchen Worktops in 5 Easy Steps?

Tue, 18 Jul, 2017

A kitchen is one of those places at home where you spend most of your time. It may for preparing meals and for cooking as well as for gathering with friends and family in a space that has recently been gaining popularity for social activities. Believe it or not, a family relies on the use […]

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Neolith Calacatta

Your Family is Unique – Your Kitchen Should be, too. We have Some Ideas to Get You Started

Mon, 19 Jun, 2017

We have relied upon natural stones for a very long time when we want to decorate kitchens and the rest of the house. While some of you had good to great experiences, others may have had a very tough time maintaining the look of their most cherished and prized acquisition, be it a marble or […]

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Dekton vs. Granite: What are the Differences?

Thu, 8 Jun, 2017

If you love creative design and innovation, then you probably have considered Dekton or Granite as possible materials for surfaces in your space. The versatility of uses is one of the most advantageous properties of stone which includes façades, floors, walls, worktops and other types of interior and interior applications. Choosing the right type of […]

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Dekton New Colours Spring Summer 2017: Qatar, Manhattan, Fossil, Nayla, Vienna

Thu, 25 May, 2017

Finding something that inspires you is fundamental when it comes to decorating your home, office and/or place of residence. The decision-making process is not always a straight forward one as it concerns not only the kind of material required for the project that you are currently working on but has to be thought out at […]

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Dekton Kitchen Worktops

What is Dekton? Everything You Need to Know about Dekton

Mon, 27 Mar, 2017

If you are a fan of innovation then you must know Dekton by Cosentino; a revolutionary new category of materials for façades, floors, walls, worktops and other indoor and outdoor applications. The composition of Dekton is the result of mixing three technologies: glass, porcelain and quartz surfaces, such as the popular Silestone. This ingenious light […]

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Dekton Worktops: A Revolution in Design

Sat, 25 Jun, 2016

The latest in the field of innovative home décor ideas is Dekton kitchen worktops. Made by using the sinterized particle technology, these surfaces are durable, long-lasting and extremely good to look at it. By mimicking the process through which metaphoric rocks are formed (the natural application of pressure and high temperature); Dekton brings together glass, […]

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