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10 of the Best Contemporary Marble and Quartz Countertops that will Suit any Kitchen

Fri, 23 Dec, 2016

With so many different types of marble and Quartz Countertops/worktops available it can be fairly challenging for people to choose one. Marble and quartz are two of the most common worktop materials. While marble worktops have been around for centuries, quartz has gained substantial popularity in the last few decades. These worktops are available in […]

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Why Do You Need White Macaubas Quartzite at Home?

Sat, 22 Oct, 2016

When you are planning the interiors of your dream house, you would imagine your home to look no less than a palace. To give a royal and majestic touch any home, you may use a lot of different materials, including the best stone surfaces. Quartzite stone is extremely popular among people today. The reason for […]

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How to rock your kitchen with Superwhite Quartzite Worktops

Mon, 4 Apr, 2016

While designing a new kitchen, most people face a dilemma regarding the worktop, especially in case of the material to be used for this purpose. Traditional choices here are the likes of granite and marble. Marble is generally more brittle. Although it has a classy look, it is not made for high work pressure. Granite […]

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White Quartzite Worktops – A popular choice for kitchens in London Homes

Sat, 20 Feb, 2016

Quartzite is a naturally occurring beautiful stone that is known for its unique, glassy appearance. This glassy texture and look comes from the crystallized quartz grains that are found in a quartzite. Unlike its look which seems to be delicate in nature, quartzite is one of the strongest stones and is highly resistant to cracks, […]

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Everything you wanted to know about Superwhite quartzite

Tue, 16 Feb, 2016

A well-matched and well-maintained worktop can add a dash of elegance to the look of most kitchens. Furthermore, if the worktop is durable and strong, it can keep you free from hassles of getting cracks and dents repaired frequently. One such wonderful option for your kitchen is the Superwhite quartzite worktop. Does the name sound […]

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Pros of choosing Quartzite for your worktop

Wed, 6 Jan, 2016

Now, when you think about choosing a type of worktop for your kitchen, there are so many different choices. There are a number of different materials, styles, colours and patterns that you can choose. It’s not a simple choice between granite, marble or quartz. There’s so much more that goes into this decision. Bianco Eclipse […]

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New Marble, Granite & Quartzite Materials August 2015

Mon, 29 Jun, 2015

In our endeavour to provide you with the best quality materials to use in your homes and offices, we have partnered with various quarries and importers from around the world to bring you newer types of marble, granite and quartzite. Here’s the list of materials that are making their debut on MKW Surfaces this August. […]

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Quartzite is here to stay! What is it?

Wed, 24 Jun, 2015

A metamorphic rock formed after heating of sandstone within the earth surfaces, Quartzite is a natural stone that has beautiful streaks of colours, rich tones and beautiful patterns on its surface. A range of colours are available, from brown to yellow to greens and blues. Amongst the quartzite varieties, the white ones are the most […]

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