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How to Take Care of Quartz Vanity Tops

Thu, 19 Mar, 2015

Quartz vanity tops are made with additions of polymer resins and color pigments to natural quartz. These engineered stones are highly durable, stain and scratch resistant. However, like all other stones, they require their share of care (albeit minimal) because they are not 100% stain or scratch proof. Here are some considerations for the maintenance […]

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Granite Worktops: How to Ensure Your Space is Ready to Receive Stone

Sat, 12 Jul, 2014

When working on several projects, it is essential operations run smooth and delays are avoided. Since stone is usually one of the last items to be delivered to any space, we complied a list of key points to ensure a quick turnaround when it comes to granite, marble, quartz or any other stone: 1) The […]

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Granite worktops: honed vs. polished what are their differences?

Sat, 28 Dec, 2013

Granite worktops: honed vs. polished what are their differences? One of the queries frequently posed by discerning buyers is the difference between honed and polished granite and which is more suitable to their unique needs. Let’s look at the essential differences between the two: Star Galaxy honed granite Honed granite worktops attract those who want […]

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