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Carrara marble: Material of the week

Sun, Sep, 2013

Carrara marble: material of the week


Carrara Marble

Technical characteristics

Stone name: Bianco Carrara

Pseudonyme: Carrara marble

Texture: Veined

Applications: Interior/exterior.



Stylish and insouciant, the timeless Carrara marble has been used since the times of ancient Rome.

More recently during the 17th century its marble quarries were supervised by italian families who ruled in the regions of Massa and Carrara.

Popular applications made in Carrara marble:

without having to go too far, you can check Marble Arch on your next day out. The design of the arch is mix  based on the Arc de Triomphe in Paris and Arch of Constantine in Rome.

Another local example of this great material can be found in Birmingham with the King Edward VII Memorial. Michelangelo’s David, was carved from Carrara marble.

Marble Arch in Carraramarble
Marble Arch in Carrara marble

King Edward VII MermorialKing Edward VII Memorial in Carrara Marble



Below is an image of a Carrara quarry in Italy

Carrrara quarry
Carrrara quarry. Image: Delicious Italy


carrara marble honed surfaces
Carrara marble honed surface by MKW Surfaces

40mm edge profileCarrara marble honed surfaces with a 40mm mitered edge profile by MKW Surfaces


Carrara Gioia marble
Carrara Gioia marble.


Full view sideCarrara marble honed kitchen worktops installed in a North Kensington residence in London by MKW Surfaces

Carrara marble is a stone formed by calcium and any acids will etch its surface.

With the passage of time, a unique patina is created from its frequent use and aging of the stone.

Carrara marble bathroom
Carrara marble bathroom. Image@The Cafe Royal Hotel, Regent Street


Earlier on this year we were commissioned to replace and repair most of the original marble in the Randall & Aubin restaurant.

We carried out research to source the closest match to the existing look and feel of the stone: beautiful pieces of natural Carrara Gioia marble in a honed finish with a thickness of 20mm.

Carrara gioia marble
Carrara Gioia honed marble by MKW Surfaces at the Randall & Aubin Oyster bar in Soho, London


Ed Baines, Head Chef and co-owner of Randall & Aubin was delighted with the new surfaces.

We also produced bespoke marble skirting throughout and modified the shape of a number of existing pieces which needed upgrading.

FEMAILEd Chef makes regular appearances on BBC Chefs and Sunday Feast,  a cookery show on British television channel ITV.


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