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Orinocco Sensa Granite By Cosentino

Orinoco offers a totally unique appearance for its versatility in design and scattered wild veins, which are highlighted by its sheen, polished treatment.

Price Group


Slab size:
The minimum size of a slabs is 2500x1500,
Average slab sizes measures between 2900x1800mm to 3450x 2000mm. ( This is a natural material and as such, slabs vary in size )
Tile sizes:
300x300mm, 600x300mm, 600x400mm, 600x600mm. We also offer bespoke size tiles.

Product Description

Orinoco offers a totally unique appearance for its versatility in design and scattered wild veins, which are highlighted by its sheen, polished treatment. White, gold and copper veins are sometimes interrupted by silver minerals, which stand out against an intense black background creating an inimitable look.

In addition to the strength and character of granite, you can now also enjoy a revolutionary treatment that will keep your kitchen as beautiful as the first day.

The innovative treatment of Sensa means that the colour, texture and natural beauty is unchanged yet it offers a very high resistance to staining.The Sensa brand is a granite product range that offers great added value. It doesn’t require any
special maintenance and it is certified for contact with food offering complete peace of mind.

Sensa level can guarantee short delivery times due to the vast stock of material in our warehouses.
All Sensa granite in this collection are exclusive or semi-exclusive.

Product Data

Product Data








20mm, 30mm

Suitable for

Kitchen worktops, Table and vanity tops, hard floors, flooring units, wall coverings and cladding


Sensa by Cosentino

Price Rating





Mirage (polished)


20mm, 30mm

Additional Information

Additional Information

Sensa Warranty: Sensa natural stones come with a protective sealant treatment applied by Cosentino at the distribution point. This treatment warrants the surfaces for 15 years from it installation time.

The treatment given to Sensa is applied by means of a chemical bonding process, providing invisible protection that enables the granite to breathe. The treatment works by preventing penetration by any type of liquid into the granite while the properties of the stone, such as its colour, quality and finish remain unaltered for longer and with better results.

Sensa Delivery time: Most Sensa Surfaces are stocked in the UK although at times, a lead time of 3-4 weeks may apply.

The Cosentino Group processes and supplies the Sensa® granites in Cosentino Latina, the only manufacturing plant outside Spain and that is situated in the Brazilian city of Vitoria. Cosentino Latina operates one of the largest granite factories in Brazil, featuring cutting-edge equipment and technological and environmental processes.

All Sensa is NFS and Green guard certified.

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