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HI MACS by LG is described its manufacturer  as “the solid surface of the New Generation”. It is an environmentally-friendly product created using a combination of acrylic resin, natural minerals and pigments and is produced in the form of non-porous, smooth sheets. HI-MACS comes in many colours and has virtually unlimited uses. It has a distinct advantage over natural products in certain circumstances due to its flexibility, hygienic properties, ease of care and repairability and because it can be used to create surfaces with seamless joints. It also comes with a 15 year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

It can be moulded to suit: HI MACS by LG can simply and easily be three-dimensionally moulded, by heating the material and then moulding it. It is therefore incredibly versatile, in terms of shape and form, compared with more conventional materials.

An extensive range of colours: HI MACS by LG is available in more than 113 shades and in many different material compositions.

Its translucency: Specific visual “focal points” can be created using the translucent qualities of HI-MACS®. Integral patterns and structures in particular take on new life when they are backlit.

Visual seamlessness: HI-MACS® joints are seamless in their appearance. Moulded components, such as sinks and bowls, can be integrated within a work surface without any joint being visible. This seamless joining process has a further benefit, in terms of hygiene, in that dirt cannot become lodged in the joints.

Simple to work with: HI-MACS® can be worked in the same way as hardwood. The material can be sawn, milled and planed using conventional joinery tools.

Eco-friendly features: HI-MACS® is an eco-friendly material through and though and has also been accredited with the ISO14001 Environmental Management Certificate.Its composition from ecologically-sound raw materials. Aluminium hydroxide is a by-product in the production of aluminium. It is fabricated with minimal wastage.It can be disposed of in normal domestic waste.

Other arguments in favour of HI-MACS®: Boundless applications; infinite opportunities for customised design; superior, laboratory-tested source material; advanced manufacturing methods that meet the most, exacting environmental standards; easy to care for; resistant to almost all household chemicals; exceptionally good price-performance ratio.

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