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The original Quartz stone manufacturer, Caesarstonewas founded in 1987 and has its Head Office in Kibbutz, Israel. It is a publicly traded company that is involved in the manufacture and sale of engineered stone surfaces used primarily for kitchen countertops, vanity tops, kitchen flooring and bathroom flooring. It is one of the most trusted and expansive manufacturers of engineered stones and its products are sold in 42 countries around the globe. It became a public traded company in 2012 and has been listed in Nasdaq Global Select Market as having a 13% share in the world’s market for engineered quartz surfaces.

Quartz is a stone famed for its semi- precious and delicate nature and thus, is much coveted as stone that provides a look of class and opulence. Caesarstone Quartz work surfaces, Caesarstone Quartz worktops etc. are made with superior and remarkable craftsmanship that make them popular choices amongst customers and other dealers of engineered stones. Caesarstone prices are also reasonable which ensures that a luxurious look can be achieved in homes, offices, commercial buildings etc. at a reasonable cost. Caesarstone worktops and Caesarstone surfaces, along with floor and bathroom tiles come in an array of colours and textures, which are made to add glamour to any room or setting.

Technical Information

  • Caesarstone 4004 Raw Concrete Quartz
    4004 Raw Concrete
  • Caesarstone 5100 Vanilla Noir Quartz
    5100 Vanilla Noir
  • Caesarstone  5111 Statuario Nuvo Quartz
    5111 Statuario Nuvo
  • Caesarstone  5133 Symphony Grey Quartz
    5133 Symphony Grey
  • Caesarstone 5134 Urban Safari Quartz
    5134 Urban Safari
  • Caesarstone 2220 Ivory Quartz
    2220 Ivory
  • Caesarstone 2242 Ivory Shimmer Quartz
    2242 Ivory Shimmer
  • Caesarstone 2350 Latte Quartz
    2350 Latte
  • Caesarstone 2370 Cashmere Quartz
    2370 Cashmere
  • Caesarstone 3100 Jet Black Quartz
    3100 Jet Black
  • Caesarstone 3141 Osprey Quartz
    3141 Osprey
  • Caesarstone 3200 Bondi Quartz
    3200 Bondi
  • Caesarstone 4030 Oyster Quartz
    4030 Oyster
  • Caesarstone 4120 Raven Quartz
    4120 Raven
  • Caesarstone 4141 Misty Carrara Quartz
    4141 Misty Carrara
  • Caesarstone 4330 Ginger Quartz
    4330 Ginger
  • Caesarstone 4350 Mink Quartz
    4350 Mink
  • Caesarstone 6100 Black Noir (Obsidian Black) Quartz
    6100 Black Noir (Obsidian Black)
  • Caesarstone 6600 Nougat Quartz
    6600 Nougat
  • Caesarstone 7100 Ebony Reflections Quartz
    7100 Ebony Reflections
  • Caesarstone 7141 White Reflections Quartz
    7141 White Reflections
  • Caesarstone 9350 Caramel Quartz
    9350 Caramel

MKW Surfaces is an approved supplier of Caesarstone Quartz work surfaces, Caesarstone Quartz worktops, Caesarstone tiles and Caesarstone Quartz vanity tops in London, United Kingdom. With enticing Caesarstone costs and prices, we offer lucrative deals for trade professionals and customers.

MKW Surfaces deals in and works with the most quality- oriented dealers around the world of which Caesarstone is one of the leading brands for excellently crafted and engineered stones. Our stock boasts of a mind- boggling variety, which caters to the functional and aesthetic choice of each customer or buyer.

MKW Surfaces ensures that the installation of the stone is done properly by professionals so as to satisfy all customers and provides them with a plethora of options in terms of size, colour, texture, design and type of marble. The installation is done catering to the unique aesthetic choice of each customer or trade professional.

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