Silestone is a leading manufacturer of Quartz with its base in Spain and an expansive dealership across the globe, including several bases in the United Kingdom. It is famous for its quick and efficient logistical base and its practice of constant innovation. It has revolutionized the stone industry in various ways by launching novel and improved products with excellent finesse and craftsmanship. One of these innovative products is the Silestone Quartz. That is why Silestone kitchen worktops, Silestone quartz worktops, and other variants of Silestone worktops and vanity tops are quite popular with buyers, be it individuals or trade professionals. Quartz is a stone well known for its semi- precious nature and appearance and is thus, quite popular amongst buyers who want create a look of elegance and sophistication. Silestone kitchen worktops, Silestone quartz worktops, Silestone vanity tops and other Silestone work surfaces are in a lot of demand in the market primarily because of excellent craftsmanship and innovative designs. They are usually put to use in houses, buildings, commercial projects and other architectural activities.
Technical Information
  • Silestone Calacatta Gold
    Silestone Calacatta Gold
  • Statuario
  • Charcoal Soapstone
    Charcoal Soapstone
  • Marquina
  • Silestone Eco Grey Moss Quartz
    Eco Grey Moss
  • Iconic White
    Iconic White
  • Classic White
    Classic White
  • Silestone  Eco Iron Ore Quartz
    Eco Iron Ore
  • Silestone  Eco Luna Quartz
    Eco Luna
  • Silestone  Eco Starlight Quartz
    Eco Starlight
  • Eco Riverbed
  • Silestone Marengo Quartz
  • Silestone  Eco Terra Quartz
    Eco Terra
  • siletone Ariel Quartz
  • Silestone Blanco Orion Quartz
    Blanco Orion
  • Silestone Bianco Rivers Quartz
    Bianco Rivers
  • Silestone Montblanc Quartz
  • Silestone Phoenix Quartz
  • Silestone Bamboo Quartz
  • Silestone  Bering Quartz
  • Silestone Lyra Quartz
  • Silestone Lagoon Quartz
  • Silestone Rougui Quartz
  • Silestone Dinux Quartz
  • Silestone Haiku Quartz
  • Silestone Daria Quartz
  • Silestone Pulsar Quartz
  • Silestone Helix Quartz
  • Silestone Vortium Quartz
  • Silestone Atlantis Quartz
  • Silestone Calypso Quartz
  • Silestone Niebla Quartz
  • Silestone Noka Quartz
  • Silestone Orion White Quartz
    Orion White
  • Silestone Arden Blue Quartz
    Arden Blue
  • Silestone Siridium Quartz
  • Steel Silestone Quartz1
  • Silestone White Storm Quartz
    White Storm
  • Silestone Tigris Sand Quartz
    Tigris Sand
  • Silestone Unsui Quartz
  • Silestone Doradus Quartz
  • Silestone Negro Anubis Quartz
    Negro Anubis
  • Silestone Negro Stellar  Quartz
    Negro Stellar
  • Silestone Negro Tao Quartz
    Negro Tao
  • Silestone Blanco City Quartz
    Blanco City
  • Silestone Mountain Mist Quartz
    Mountain Mist
  • Silestone  Brazilian Brown Quartz
    Brazilian Brown
  • Silestone Merope Quartz
  • Silestone Alpina White Quartz
    Alpina White-SV
  • Silestone Altair Quartz
  • Silestone Aluminio Nube  Quartz
    Aluminio Nube
  • Silestone Carbono Quartz
  • Silestone Cemento Spa Quartz
    Cemento Spa
  • Silestone Cygnus Quartz
  • Silestone Gris Amazon Quartz
    Gris Amazon
  • Silestone Gris Expo Quartz
    Gris Expo
  • Silestone Kensho Quartz
  • Silestone Zirconium Quartz
  • Silestone Bianco River Quartz
    Bianco River
  • Chrome
  • Silestone Crema Stellar Quartz
    Crema Stellar
  • Silestone Blanco Capri  Quartz
    Blanco Capri
  • Silestone Blanco Maple Quartz
    Blanco Maple
  • Silestone Blanco Norte Quartz
    Blanco Norte
  • Silestone Blanco Stellar Quartz
    Blanco Stellar
  • Silestone Blanco Dune Quartz
    Blanco Dune
  • Silestone White Platinum Quartz
    White Platinum
  • Silestone Yukon Quartz
  • Silestone Blanco Zeus Extreme Quartz
    Blanco Zeus Extreme
  • Silestone Amarillo Palmira Quartz
    Amarillo Palmira
  • Silestone Negro Tebas Quartz
    Negro Tebas
  • Silestone Crema Minerva Quartz
    Crema Minerva
  • Silestone Ivory Coast Quartz
    Ivory Coast
  • Silestone  Eco Polar Cap Quartz
    Eco Polar Cap-D
  • Silestone Eco White Diamond Quartz
    Eco White Diamond-D
  • Silestone Giallo Nova  Quartz
    Giallo Nova-D
  • Silestone Kimbler Quartz
  • Silestone Pacific Quartz
  • Silestone Azul Enjoy Quartz
    Azul Enjoy-D
  • Silestone Azul Ugarit  Quartz
    Azul Ugarit-D
  • Silestone Verde Ugarit Quartz
    Verde Ugarit-D
  • Silestone Naranja Cool Quartz
    Naranja Cool-D
  • Silestone Magenta energy Quartz
    Magenta energy-D-J
  • Silestone Amarillo Monsul Quartz
    Amarillo Monsul-D
  • Silestone Crema Urban Quartz
    Crema Urban-D
  • Silestone Verde Fun Quartz
    Verde Fun-D
  •  Silestone Acqua Fraccaroli Pop Up Quartz
    Acqua Fraccaroli-D
  • Silestone Arctic Quartz
  • Silestone Beige Daphne Quartz
    Beige Daphne-D
  • Silestone Black Canyon Quartz
    Black Canyon-J-D
  • Silestone Eco Cream Stone Quartz
    Eco Cream Stone-D
  • Silestone Dreis Quartz
  • Silestone Rojo Eros Quartz
    Eros Stellar (Rojo Eros)-D
  • Silestone Eco Forest Snow Quartz
    Eco Forest Snow-D
  • Silestone Gedatsu Quartz
  • Silestone Giallo Quarry Quartz
    Giallo Quarry-D
  •  Silestone Hudson Quartz
  • Silestone Istmo Quartz
  • Silestone Kona Beige Quartz
    Kona Beige-D
  • Silestone Marron Jupiter Quartz
    Marron Jupiter-D
  • Silestone Mediterranean Quartz
  •  Samsung Radianz Mont Blanc Quartz
    Mont Blanc-D
  • Silestone Quasar Quartz
  • Silestone Eco Red Pine Quartz
    Eco Red Pine-D
  • Silestone Rosso Monza Quartz
    Rosso Monza-D
  • Silestone Seleno Quartz
  • Silestone Sienna Ridge Quartz
    Sienna Ridge-D
  • Silestone Sierra Madre Quartz
    Sierra Madre-D
  • Silestone Steel Quartz
  • Silestone Toffee Quartz
  • Silestone Eco Ironbank Pop Up Quartz Worktop
    Eco Ironbark
  • Silestone Eco Ironbank Quartz
    Eco Ironbank
  • Silestone Eco Coral Clay Quartz
    Eco Coral Clay

Along with providing the usual luxurious appeal of Quartz, they also appeal to the occasional quirky customer who desires an unconventional look in stonework because Silestone Worktops and Silestone vanity tops are engineered keeping in mind the need for original and attractive designs. Silestone quartz worktops are manufactured in a way that they display high resistance to scratches, stains, breakages etc. and thus, are conveniently suited to kitchens, dressing rooms and other such spaces. MKW Surfaces is a supplier of Silestone Quartz worktops, vanity tops etc. in London, United Kingdom and provides exciting deals and offers at unbeatable prices to ensure customer satisfaction in the most value-for-money ways possible. MKW Surfaces deals in and works with the most quality- keen dealers around the world of which Silestone quartz definitely reigns amongst the top in the stone industry. Our stock comprises a vast variety of such stones in all colours, sizes, textures and types so as to satisfy each and every functional and aesthetic requirement of specific customers or buyers.

MKW Surfaces ensures that the installation of the stone is carried out properly, catering to the unique aesthetic choice of each customer or trade professional, such that the stones are tailored to the kind of spaces they need to be installed in.