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Silestone Daria

Thu, Feb, 2015

Silestone Daria

Silestone Daria is made by Cosentino, the largest quartz manufacturer worldwide.

Silestone Daria Ambient

Image of Silestone Helix Kitchen worktops. (

Stone name: Silestone Daria

Texture: Veined

Main colour: Beige/cream

Average slab size: 3040x1380mm

Tiles: Available

Applications: Interior

Classification: Engineered quartz/technical quartz

Composition: 85-95% quartz and minerals, 5%-15% pigments and additives

Bending strength: 29-70 MPa

Compression strength: 112-248 MPa

Absorption: 0,04%-0.20%



History: Daria was launched in 2013 as part of the Silestone Nebula Series.

Silestone has over 25 years experience in the sector with headquarters in Spain.

Despite its size, Cosentino is still a family owned business which counts with distribution bases in over 50 countries.



Silestone Daria Tiles


Silestone Daria is composed in its majority by natural quartz and can be combined with any material for interior applications.

Silestone Daria Quartz tiles are available in the following sizes (subject to availability):

  • Silestone Daria tiles 300x300mm
  • Silestone Daria tiles 400x400mm
  • Silestone Daria tiles 600x300mm
  • Silestone Daria tiles 600x400mm
  • Silestone Daria tiles 600x600mm


Silestone Daria WorktopsSilestone Daria mix & match worktops (Image@Cosentinonews)


Quartz is a product that gained traction in the 90’s becoming probably the most popular of all materials for surfaces that require toughness and stain-free properties.

Silestone Daria in Suede (matt with texture) and Volcano (bush hammered) finishes.

Silestone Helix Suede Kitchen WorktopsSuede is a slightly textured version of Silestone Daria which increases anti-slip resistance of the material, the above image is of Helix, from the Nebula Series.


Both Silestone Suede and Silestone Suede or Volcano finishes need more attention than a polished finish due to the pores on the surfaces and require periodical cleaning.


Silestone Daria Like Tigris SandSilestone Daria kitchen worktops is similar to ‘Tigris Sand’ (above image), with improved natural looks.


Silestone Integrity Sink SketchSilestone manufactures built in sinks to match ay of their worktops.

Please ask our team about Silestone Daria integrity sinks availability and prices

Silestone Daria Quartz Anne MahonDaria quartz compliments classic environments as shown above by Architect Anne Mahon

Quartz is a fantastic product for floorings since it doesn’t require sealing, resealing nor polishing, compared to natural stones such as marbles and granites.

Silestone Daria Stone Surfaces INCSilestone Daria in 30mm thickness by Stone Surfaces inc

Silestone Helix Island by Silestone USAIsland symmetrically placed in a kitchen by Kips by Decorator House


Silestone Daria is material for classic and modern environments as it can compliment both settings.

Please contact us on 0203 0788912 or via email to receive samples or assistance with this material

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