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Silestone Gris Amazon Quartz

Price Group


Slab size:
Tile sizes:
300x300mm, 600x300mm, 600x400mm, 600x600mm

Product Description

Silestone Amazon is a brown base engineered quartz stone with a delicate flow of veins that evoke the natural beauty of different rivers in the most stunning landscapes regions across the globe.

Silestone Amazon Gris has an organic appeal and belongs to the Rivers Series from Silestone which inspired in the natural flow of water to well know rivers and water reserves, bringing a piece of nature to interior and architectural spaces in residential homes, apartments and to commercial establishments such as hotels, bars and restaurants.

Amazon quartz from Silestone isn’t limited to kitchen worktop, countertop and table top applications: from start to finish, Silestone is a material suitable for covering any kind of surface in healthcare spaces, from laboratories, to consultation rooms and from operating rooms to public areas. Different finishes, colours and textures offer each area its own identity. It can be used in small health centres or in large hospital complexes; we have the capacity to create pieces ranging from conventional sizes, suitable for domestic spaces, to large pieces without joints for large-scale surfaces. Silestone® guarantees a long lifetime, due to its resistance to abrasion, humidity and chemical attacks; as well as the finest mechanical properties With intrinsic natural and elegant appeal, Silestone materials bring the reflection of nature and the elegant simplicity of the rawest beauty and the neutral essence of an elegant piece.

Silestone Amazon comes in a polished finish with its beautiful, consistent sheen; Suede finish which is a texture that is smooth to the touch as well as having a consistent, intense, and uniform colour and Volcano which is a rustic texture, rough to the touch while also being smooth. It is the result of research into how to create a rugged surface that is both attractive and pleasant to the touch for use in kitchens and bathrooms

Product Data

Product Data

Suitable forInteriors
Type of applicationBar countertop, Bathroom coverings, Bathroom worktop, Countertop, Floorings, Kitchen worktop, Shower tray, Splashbacks, staircases
SeriesRivers Series
Price Rating3
Thicknesses12mm, 20mm, 30mm
FinishesPolished, Suede, Volcano
Manufacturers' Warranty25 Years
Technical Information

Technical Information

Performance Characteristics

  • Non-porous (it does not require sealing)
  • Ant-bacterial
  • Highly resistant to stain, scratches, mould
  • Hard and resilient
  • Minimum number of joints
  • Wide range of colours available
Additional Information

Additional Information


GreenGuard: This certificate proves that Silestone does not generate any substance that is harmful to the environment. Silestone has also been awarded the 'Children & Schools' Certificate which confirms maximum maximum safety in applications at schools and Universities.

NFS Certificate: The NSF certificate confirms that Silestone is deemed a safe material for direct contact with foods.

LGA Certificate: LGS Qualitest GHMB is an independent organization that tests the safety, good condition and quality of everyday products. Cosentino has received the highest 'Hygiene Tested Certificate ' from LGA for its Silestone worktops in compliance to European Regulations.

ISO 14001: This is the Environmental Management System Certification high certifies the excellent performance and environmental improvement of Cosentino's processes. It highlights the efficient use of raw materials, waste management programmers, treatment systems and recycling of industrial water, disposal of chemical substances and Control of Environment Hazards.

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