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Accessories for Stone

Accessories for Stone

Accessories for stone surfaces are essential, as they help in making daily tasks easier, they can complete a particular look or make your room extremely functional. Browse below from a range of accessories for your natural or engineered stone which include standard sinks, stone sinks, edge details, hand wash basins and shower trays amongst others.

accesories for stone

Accessories for stone

SINKS: a sink, also known as a hand basin, wash basin, or wash bowl, is one of the most important accessories to be fitted to a stone surface such as as kitchen worktop as it eliminates all the waste and other items that may remain in a surface. This ensures the stone remains clean, hygienic and that its original lustre remains intact for long periods. It it believed that sinks originated in the USA during the 18th century as a ‘ washstand’ which was inspired in British Tradition of having a table top with a whole in the middle which was initially used to rest bowls avoiding movement. Since then, sinks have evolved constantly to become an essential accessory in any room in contact with liquids or foods.

TAPS: a tap, also known as Faucet (USA), is a valve created with aims of controlling the flow of liquid or gas. When it comes to stone, taps were originated in Rotherham UK in 1845 by brass traders which started using a rubber to stop the flow whilst being screwed. Taps come in different sizes, shapes and models and are an essential accessory in any kitchen, bathroom, utility room and any other area in contact with water.

EDGE DETAILS:Stone surfaces come with an unlimited number of colours and pattern and they also come in several different finishes such as polished, honed, leather and other others. Choosing the correct edge details for the selected stone worktops helps in completing a specific look or to follow a particular type of design. Intricate edge details such as a Waterfall can also work as a focal point in a given space, enhancing look of a piece or object such as a kitchen island or a bathroom worktop in a traditional setting. Simple edge details such as a polished bevel can help in completing an integral minimalistic look in any design.

SINK DRAINERS sink drainers made out of stone are made to discharge waste and liquid as a main function. When it comes to aesthetics, stone drainers are unique, luxurious and bring an exclusive blend of worktop and sink into single unit made out of the very same material.

WASHBASINS: Washbasins are bowl shaped parts to complete the external part of a plumbing installation. Washbasins are made of different materials such as ceramic, porcelain and steel. Stone washbasins are without a doubt a great accessory in any WC or bathroom that seeks seamless integration of worktop with the function of washing hands or dishes. Some sinks will come with soap dispensers which can also be made to order.

Enjoy a Wide Selection of High-Quality Accessories

MKW Surfaces is a one of the premier sources of stone solutions in the UK. With many decades of combined experience under our belt as a worktop supplier and stone surface supplier, we look forward to more years of providing help and delivering satisfaction to our clients. Whilst designing your dream space, it is important to consider every detail and item in the room. Therefore, it is important to accessorize the surfaces with the right type of appliances, edge profile and other items such as bespoke sinks, among others.

Wide array of options
Our inventory is extensive, with natural stone, sintered stone, glass, solid surfaces and engineered stone solutions to provide for just about everything our clients need. We source our materials from all over the world. We do that because of our commitment to provide you with the finest stone solutions possible.

Accessories and add-ons
That’s not all we offer, though. Our unique understanding of the market makes s responsive to your needs. That’s why we offer accessories alongside our stone products. Your project may require that special item to make it original and unique to you. We offer bespoke pieces and surfaces that can be used in both interior and exterior spaces.

That way, you won’t have to go anywhere else. MKW Surfaces is your one-stop-shop for everything you need.

Affiliation and network
Our network includes some of the largest buyers of stone in and outside of the country. We work alongside renowned brands and quarries across the world. This level of consumer trust drives us to keep striving for excellence in what we do. Our commitment to deliver the best involves more than just products and accessories. It also means providing you with the highest customer service quality possible.

Value and cost
The way to get the best value for your money is to look for products that are suitable for your requirements and fit your budget. That’s why we provide only high-quality materials you can count on. By partnering with us for your residential or commercial needs, we can make sure you get materials that are worth every bit of the cost. Experience long-lasting durability while you enjoy the style and elegance of the stone solutions we offer.

If you’re looking for a worktop supplier and reliable stone supplier for superior stones and accessories at great prices, then you’ve come to the right place. Want more options? Ask us. Call us today at MKW Surfaces.

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