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Bardiglio Nuvolato marble

Bardiglio Nuvolato marble is a natural stone from Italy, highly appreciated for its elegant, luxurious, and bright properties. It looks acutely perfect in combination with a wide array of different materials such as wood, metal and concrete.

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Price Group


Slab size:
Average slab dimensions: 2400x1200mm to 3000x1900mm (5.5 m2)
Tile sizes:
Tile formats: 300x300mm | 400x300mm | 400x400mm | 600x400mm | 600x600mm | Bespoke sizes made to order
Available Finishes:
Polished | Honed
Other Names:
nuvolato marble, bardiglio marble, Marmo Bardiglio Nuvolato Apuano, Gris Sky Marble, Lorano's Grey Marble, Bardiglio Nuvolato Marble,Bardiglio Nuvolato Lorano Carrara, Grey Sky Marble, Bardiglio Apuano Nuvolato Marble, Loranos Gray Marble

Product Description

Bardiglio Nuvolato marble is a natural stone from Italy, highly appreciated for its elegant, luxurious, and bright properties. It looks acutely perfect in combination with a wide array of different materials such as wood, metal and concrete.

With this natural stone, wood or stainless items are a delightful and classic combo for any indoor and outdoor ambience. Or you can also mix-and-match it with contemporary elements such as furniture, walls and floors.

Bardiglio Nuvolato marble can make any interior and/or exterior space look even more special and sophisticated whilst being able to keep its original simplicity and timeless looks. In addition, this stone is totally natural and extremely durable. It can withstand heavy traffic, and it can also be repolished every few years to regain its original sheen.

Marble is a rock that has been formed over millions of years with different minerals that have metamorphosed from Limestone to become a unique natural stone with durable characteristics and a luxurious appeal.

Marble has been formed from sedimentary rocks that have suffered a natural crystallization of the original minerals, resulting in interlocking stone rocks that vary in appearance according to the different minerals that compose it; which can be silica, sand, clay and iron oxides among others. These natural impurities allow for an endless variation of stone types which have made marble the most famous natural stone in the world.

Marble has been used since ancient times in the construction of monuments (Taj Mahal in India, Marble Arch in London, etc), statues (David by Michelangelo and paving amongst establishments of kings and emperors. More recently and with the advance of new technology and quarrying systems, marble has become more affordable and is present in the most beautiful homes as well as in hotels, restaurants and other spaces that dazzle onlookers.

Marble has also gained popularity due to its luxurious appeal, timeless looks, durability and value it provides to any property in which it is applied. Bardiglio Nuvolato Marble is a 100% natural product that varies in size, pattern and dimensions; making each piece unique. Slabs dimensions vary from block to block and cover an approximate area of 5.5m2.

Bardiglio Nuvolato marble comes in standard thicknesses of 20mm and 30mm but can be sourced in thicker sheets and block formats. Additionally, we offer Nuvolato from Naturamia’s range with an available warranty with product registration.

Features and benefits of Bardiglio Nuvolato marble:

  • High resistance to heat and freezing
  • 100% natural
  • Non-toxic
  • Each piece is unique
  • Low liquid absorption
  • Extreme durability
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • A wide array of colours, patterns and finishes
Product Data

Product Data

Type Marble
Colour Grey
Price Rating 3
Thicknesses 20mm, 30mm
Finishes Anticato, Bush Hammered, Flamed, Honed, Leather, Polished, Satinato
Effect Veins
Suitable for Interior / Exterior
Country Italy
Technical Information

Technical Information

  • Water Absorption:0.12 By weight % - 0.27 By volume %
  • Compressive Strength: 111.5 - 118.1 MPa
  • Density:2690 - 2700 kg/m³
  • Flexural Strength: 10.0 - 12.80 MPa
  • Bending resistance 230 Kg/cm²
  • Resistance to abrasion 0,33 mm
  • Thermal expansion rate:0,0037 mm/m °C
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Additional Information

Additional Information

  • Massa Unit Volume: 2700 kg/m3
  • Breaking Load Compression: 126 MPa
  • Compression breaking load after freezing: 120 MPa
  • Tensile indirectly by bending: 12.8 MPa
  • Abrasion rate (referred to Granite St. Fedelino): 0.28
  • Impact resistance: minimum fall height: 76 cm
  • Linear thermal expansion coefficient: 4.1 x 10-5 0C-1
  • Knoop microhardness: 1109 MPa
  • 10 years when purchased from the Naturamia by Levantina Range
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