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Neolith 10 Best Neolith Colours in 2017

10 Best Neolith Colours in 2017

Fri, Nov, 2017 Jesus Alberto Mouzo
A home is more than just bricks and cement, that's why, it is worth your time and investment. Such a significant investment comes into fruition when you adopt a durable product like Neolith that has become a timeless solution for the homeowners. Its aesthetic composition makes this product unique and desired by all. Neolith is produced using the latest engineering technology. It is composed of natural properties that add hardness, strength, chemical balance, and imbibe the elegance seen on marbles. All of these elements are formed out of rich supplements taken from granite- quartz, porcelain- glass and other natural oxides that together result in perfection for interior and exterior areas. Neolith decorates and projects the most spectacular designs in civil construction. The manufacturer guarantees not only superior quality but also abundance in colour options from contemporary, rustic, urban to modern. Here are the 10 best Neolith colours in 2017 to reinvent your living space:


Elegance is seen in discreet details, Neolith Estatuario comes in bright white with striking veins that sketch a virtuous painting seen throughout the slabs.
Neolith Estatuario


Blending deep white with extravagance, Neolith Calacatta has become one of the top colour choices among homeowners. Like its namesake Calacatta marble, the Neolith Calacatta imbibes impeccable elements that create a surface matching even the most demanding décors.
Neolith Calacatta

Arctic White

Neolith Arctic White is part of the Colorful collection. It distributes its white tone evenly while creating a perfect balance and adding intense light.
Neolith Arctic White

Basalt Black

Neolith Basalt Black is inspired by basalt rock in subtle details of rustic or traditional style.
Neolith Basalt Black

Basalt Grey

With Neolith Basalt Grey, you will discover a world of possibility with its immaculate grey that is so distinct. It belongs to the Fusion collection that makes your design complete with a delicate aesthetic touch.
Neolith Basalt Grey

Iron Grey

As a robust and resistant surface, Neolith Iron Grey comes in greyish tones of the purest minerals, also suitable for narrow spaces like aisle and large areas like lobby, pool surrounds, entrances, etc.
Neolith Iron Grey

Iron Moss

It can be a significant object that builds visual impact and impresses your guests. Neolith Iron Moss introduces an aged greenish brown tone that exceeds the visual performance brilliantly.
Neolith Iron Moss

Aspen Grey

A sense of cosiness and the architectural advantage is found in this dark grey matte. Neolith Aspen Grey fuses micro particles that are dispersed forming an incredible and rare effect.
Neolith Aspen Grey

Nero Marquina

Proposing a vision of naturally sculptured marble, Neolith Nero Marquina is engineered with white veining on a black backdrop to enchant everyone.
Neolith Nero Marquina

Zaha Stone

With personality and exclusivity, Neolith Zaha Stone constitutes a classic combination of white veining on industrial grey background that pays tribute to the late architect Zaha Hadid.
Neolith Zaha Stone

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