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Technistone 10 Best Technistone Quartz Colours for Worktops in 2018

10 Best Technistone Quartz Colours for Worktops in 2018

Mon, Jan, 2018 Jesus Alberto Mouzo

Technistone is a factory-manufactured composite surface which is commonly used for kitchen worktops, stairs, window tills, vanities, table tops and even floors. It is made from natural quartz worktops and a host of fragments to create diverse textures and pigments. The surface is available in many colours making it difficult for most homeowners to pick the best for their countertop.

We have made a list of 10 best options for 2018 to make selection easier.

  1. Technistone Brilliant White

The fine mirror surface of Technistone Brilliant White makes it an exceptional choice for kitchens. The surface is waterproof, stain resistance, scratch resistant and highly resistant to bacteria as well. It is highly recommended for kitchens which receive a lot of natural sunlight.

Technistone Brilliant White
  1. Technistone Starlight White

The Technistone Starlight White surface has a white background with beautiful mirror structure throughout the surface. If you have a small kitchen and want to create an illusion of a bigger space, Starlight White from Technistone can be a great choice.

Technistone Starlight White
  1. Technistone Noble Pro Storm

Pro Storm from the Noble collection is a white and grey quartz surface ideal for kitchen worktops as well as bathrooms and bar tops. Highly durable, Technistone Noble Pro Storm can easily blend with any classy or contemporary decor to further enhance the beauty and functionality of your kitchen.

Technistone Noble Pro Storm
  1. Technistone Brilliant Arabesco

From Technistone’s Starlight collection, Arabesco has a white reflective background with designs in contrasting colour to create a unique look. When used as worktops, Technistone Brilliant Arabesco reflects the surrounding lights to make your kitchen look bright and beautiful.

Technistone Brilliant Arabesco
  1. Technistone Noble Carrara

Inspired by the world-popular Italian Carrara marble, Technistone Noble Carrara perfectly resembles the luxury of this classic marble. The standard veins of Carrara marble have been made wider and stronger on Noble Carrara to expand the visual appeal further.

Technistone Noble Carrara
  1. Technistone Noble Olympos Mist

If you are looking for a unique colour, Technistone Noble Olympos Mist in brown and beige can be a great choice. You can use it as the main surface or use it for accenting surfaces in white or brown to create a luxurious decor.

Technistone Noble Olympos Mist
  1. Technistone Noble Areti White

Inspired by Bianco Carrara, Technistone Noble Areti White has the same stylish white background with uneven veins in grey. Available in multiple finishes and thicknesses, Areti White can be a great choice for minimalist kitchens with a lot of open spaces.

Technistone Noble Areti White
  1. Technistone Noble Cloudy Onyx

The Technistone Noble Cloudy Onyx in beige and brown has an organic feel to it which effortlessly resembles natural stone. The random veins throughout the stone look appealing and can easily make your worktop the focal point of the kitchen.

Technistone Noble Cloudy Onyx
  1. Technistone Noble Concrete Grey

The industrial design of Technistone Noble Concrete Grey surface makes it a preferred option for homeowners looking for a contemporary decor. The warm grey colour of the surface with small fragments throughout looks simple yet unique and trendy.

Technistone Noble Concrete Grey
  1. Technistone Noble Supreme White

The Technistone Noble Supreme White quartz surface has small and delicate grey veins on top of the pure white background which create an amazing 3D effect. If you are looking to experiment with the worktop, Noble Supreme White is surely the way to go.

Technistone Noble Supreme White

Harder than marble and granite, Technistone is an excellent option for kitchen worktops. With so many colour options available, homeowners shouldn’t find it difficult to find one which suits their taste and budget.

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