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Granite Cheap Granite: 10 Most Competitively Priced Granites

Cheap Granite: 10 Most Competitively Priced Granites

Sat, Feb, 2014 Jesus Alberto Mouzo

We all come across projects where budgets are very limited  from time to time where a unique and luxurious but cheap granite is required.

In the stone industry we regularly work on restricted budgets due to the fact that stone is usually one of the last items to be installed on a project. By the time the stone installation is due, most budgets are usually reaching or even over its original limit.

This is when finding cheap granite of good source and quality comes into play.

Price in stones vary according to:

1) Location: as an example, if a material is quarried at the top of a mountain it will be more expensive than doing so at ground level.

2) Availability: just like such as gold and silver, granite is a natural product which means it is limited and can't be man-made. The less there is left on earth, the more the stone will cost.

3) Consistency: some granite blocks are very consistent in appearance and pattern which allow for most of the quarried to be used, these will probably be amongst the cheap granite options. Others can allow usage as low as 25% of the total quarried. Such low percentage increases the final price of the stone.

With this in mind we have put together a list of cheap granite from different sources for projects of different scales, which we are confident may come handy:


 1- Nero Impala

Origin: South Africa

Other names:  Black Impala, Nero Africa, African Black, Rustenburg

Average Slab size: 3000x1600mm

[caption id="attachment_466" align="aligncenter" width="700"]cheap-granite-nero-impala-granite Black impala is a cheap granite[/caption]

cheap-granite-Nero-impala-kitchen-worktopsNero Impala Worktops ( by Candlelight Homes)

2- Regal Black

Origin: India (Kanakpura & Karnataka)

Average Slab size: 2800x1600mm

[caption id="attachment_469" align="aligncenter" width="640"]cheap-granite-regal-black Regal black is a cheap granite worktops[/caption]

cheap-granite-regal-black-granite-upstandsClose up image of Regal Black granite upstands by MKW Surfaces

3- Black Pearl

Origin: India & Thailand

Other names:  Thailand Black Pearl

Average Slab size: 3000x1800mm


cheap-granite-Black-pearl-granite-worktopBlack Pearl kitchen worktops (Image @


4 - Bianco Sardo

Origin: Italy

Other names:  Sardo White granite

Average Slab size: 3000x1800mm


cheap-granite-Bianco-sardo-granite-worktopBianco Sardo kitchen worktops (

5 - Bianco Crystal

Origin: Spain

Other names: White Cristal, Bianco Cristal, Blanco Cristal

Average Slab size: 2700x1400mm


cheap-granite-Bianco-crystal-food-counterFood counter in Bianco Crystal granite for a restaurant application (image@marmolesgraymar)


6 - Carioca Gold

Origin: Brazil (Minas Gerais, Fazenda Sao Pedra)

Other names: Oro Carioca

Average Slab size: 2700x1400mm


cheap-granite-Carioca-gold-granite-utilityUtility top in Carioca Gold granite (

7 - Ghibli

Origin: India

Other names: Gibli,Ghibly,Giallo Ghibli,Gible,Giblie India,Golden Gibli,Juparana Ghibly

Average Slab size: 2800x1400mm

cheap-granite-Ghibli is a granite from India

cheap-granite-Ghibli-granite-topsGhibli granite tops in a traditional patio (


8 - Steel Gray

Origin: India

Other names: Silver Pearl, Grey Steal

Average Slab size: 3000x1800mm


cheap-granite-Brushed-steel-gray-granite-worktopsSteel Gray granite in a brushed finish at a residence. (Image by Tom Marks for Knowles ps)


9 - Tan Brown

Origin: India

Other names:Dark Tan,Brown Tan, Braun Blue, Tan Braun

Average Slab size: 2700x1400mm


cheap-granite-tan-brownTan Brown granite worktop in 30mm thickness by MKW Surfaces

10 - Coffee Brown

Origin: India

Other names: Gujarat Brown

Average Slab size: 2700x1400mm


cheap-granite-Coffee-brown-granite-worktopsCoffee Brown granite worktops in a honed finish (image@ architecturalkitchens)

Note to readers: price grouping may vary on the above list from time to time depending on availability of materials as a natural resource.

If you have a stone in mind that exceeds your budget, please get in touch with one of our team member who will always find suitable alternatives.

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