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Marble 10 Most Popular Natural Stones in 2016

10 Most Popular Natural Stones in 2016

Mon, Nov, 2016 Jesus Alberto Mouzo
The housing and the interior designing industry is one of the main industries when it comes to the economy. With an increasingly number of people looking to make their homes unique and one of a kind, the type of interiors and the type of stones that are used are vastly different depending on the design style and performance requirements of each property. The natural stone industry is growing in line with this trend, with more and more people opting to give their homes a regal look with different types of marbles and granite and similar types of natural stone. If you are looking to give your home a more regal look, there are many stones that you can choose from. In case you are wondering what the best ones are, here is a comprehensive list to help you out:

Bianco Carrara

Bianco Carrara marble is normally fairly distinguishable due to its veining lining within its off-white marble surface which are distinctive grey lines that provides this stone with its timeless and unique looks. The veining is not too large but is quite fine; it is more dramatic compared to the other tiles. Bianco Carrara

Bianco Eclipse quartzite

When you are talking about going for the classic white marble look to adorn your kitchen worktops and surfaces, but are not keen on taking much care when it comes to acid spillages such as lemon and oranges you can look into the possibility of having the worktops instead. Unlike marble, it isn’t made out of calcium which makes it highly resistant to these types of food and liquids. Further to this, Bianco Eclipse quartzite worktops bring a unique glassy finish that will make an ideal surface for areas that require sophisticated yet timeless materials. Bianco Eclipse quartzite

White Macaubas quartzite

This is another quartzite that comes in translucent white or grey base. White Macaubas quartzite is originally quarried in Brazil and has become an extremely popular material for those seeking for distinctive surfaces that are highly resistant to accidental impact. White Macaubas is one of the hardest quartzite and also one of the hardest minerals on earth only beaten in strength by Diamond and Ruby. White Macaubas quartzite

Calacatta Oro

Calacatta Oro marble is one of the most luxurious and renowned type of marble thanks to its Milky Way designs and its distinctive grey and gold veining that makes it a favourite in parctically property be it residential or commercial. It is one of the sought-after materials due to its sophisticated looks and timeless appeal. Calacatta Oro

Absolute Black granite

This is a classic material when opting for granite when it comes to worktop applications that is used in kitchens because it is easy to clean and is extremely smooth. Like with any black plain surface, marks or grease and lime scale may be slightly more noticeable than for example on a white or beige surface which requires a little bit more maintenance in terms of regular cleaning to maintain is lustre at all times. Calacatta Absolute Black granite

Pietra Grey marble

This is a gorgeous import from Italy that is the opposite of the marbles that we usually see. It is made of a charcoal grey colour and has thick white veining on it. Reference: Pietra Grey marble Pietra Grey marble

Super white quartzite

This is one of the best quartzite stones in the world because it has a lovely blend of grey and white veining pattern and while it might look like marble, it is far more durable, making it extremely popular in the UK in recent years. Reference: Super white quartzite Super white quartzite This is one of the best quartzite stones in the world because it has a lovely blend of grey and white veining pattern and while it might look like marble, it is far more durable, making it extremely popular in the UK in recent years.

Calacatta Brazil quartzite

While it might look like marble, it actually isn’t. Calacatta Brazil quartzite brings similar looks and feels to natural marble but it is actually a better option for those who are looking for resistance in their kitchen worktops. With its similarities and grey veins running through, it can mistaken for a marble. Calacatta Brazil quartzite

Crema Marfil marble

This is the colour given to the cream tiles originally quarried in Spain that has become one of the most popular stones worldwide over recent years due to its neutral appeal and earthy tones. Its lovely colour makes it suitable for any room, but bewares of using it for a kitchen worktop application as it may stain, etch and/or scratch. Crema Marfil bathroom is a classic looking material more suitable for floorings and cladding and other areas of the house such as bathrooms, living rooms and offices rather than kitchen worktops. Crema Marfil marble

Nero Marquina

This is another classic marble that comes from Spain and is very popular because of its genuine and timeless black background and beautiful white veining that perfectly contrast its surface making it a sophisticated material that can be purchased at very reasonable prices. It is very popular in bathrooms, fireplace surrounds and floorings! Nero Marquina With these stones being the top ten stones of 2016 and probably the most popular marble in 2017, you can pick your favourite and customise your home!

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