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Slate Worktops 5 Tips to Take Care of Your Slate Worktops in any Kitchen

5 Tips to Take Care of Your Slate Worktops in any Kitchen

Sun, Nov, 2018 Jesus Alberto Mouzo
Are you thinking of remodelling your kitchen and purchasing a new worktop but unsure which style to pick? With so many options available, selecting the perfect surface material that best fits your family and kitchen needs can be a daunting task indeed. How about considering slate? It is attractive, durable, a trending material, and above all does not harbour bacteria. Black Slate Riven finish Slate is a beautiful fine grained rock with a matte texture that makes for a very versatile worktop. As with most plain black surfaces, maintenance is higher than on polished ones. Available in beautiful hues such as black, charcoal, brown, grey and some with hints of greenish blue, slate slabs can lend high aesthetic appeal to any kitchen design and interior space, be it modern or classic. If you want your slate kitchen worktops to remain beautiful and pristine for many years to come, please keep in mind these few maintenance tips.

1. Cleaning slate:

A great plus of a slate surface is that it is not conducive to build-up of bacteria. Another great benefit of Slate worktops is that liquids can’t penetrate the surface which may bring potential risks of staining pretty much negligible. As a result, cleaning up slate is easy, requiring just a mild detergent and a light sponge. Avoid wiping the worktop with anything acidic substance such as lemon or white vinegar because these products can etch and cause discoloration.

2. Periodic sealing:

Slate is a porous stone that does not absorb much water, but it still needs periodic sealing. This not only ensures its longevity but prevents any liquid from hitting its core. If you notice that water droplets stop making any beads on the surface, it’s a sign that your slate countertop needs resealing.

3. Use coasters & trivets:

Another feature of a slate kitchen worktop is that it doesn’t chip or scratch easily. It also stands up very well to heat. As a precautionary measure, it’s best to use trivets under hot pans and coasters for juice glasses so that any accidental staining and scratching doesn’t mar its beautiful surface.

4. Prone to breaking:

Slate is a brittle, natural stone thus it pays to be a little cautious when working around it. While the countertops can endure the general wear and tear of a kitchen setting, too much pressure or force is a big no-no. A crack caused by dropping a heavy pot/pan on a slate kitchen worktop is almost impossible to repair.

5. Dusting:

When it comes to dusting your slate counter top, use a microfibre cloth daily to prevent grime from depositing on its surface. Never use abrasive or steel wool cleaners to wipe stains as it can lead to scratches on the counter top. If any scratches do occur, they can usually be sanded away. The only potential negative of slate kitchen worktops is that the corners are brittle and sharp. Thus it is advised that you could get these rounded and smoothened. With so many pros, it comes as no big surprise that slate is becoming a popular choice for kitchen worktops. If you decide to choose a slate worktops, all you would have to do is to incorporate the above simple cleaning tips and enjoy working in a beautiful kitchen.

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Jesus Alberto Mouzo
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