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Unistone 6 Most Popular Marble-Effect Unistone Worktops in 2020

6 Most Popular Marble-Effect Unistone Worktops in 2020

Mon, Sep, 2020 Jesus Alberto Mouzo

Do you love the luxurious aesthetics and elegance of marble? Who doesn’t? But the thing that makes busy homeowners stay away from this gorgeous worktop stone is the amount of effort it requires for maintenance.

If you love marble but cannot deal with the flaws and maintenance required for this porous material, Unistone worktop can be a good option for you. This engineered stone is made from the combination of around 90% natural quartz and 10% of polymer resins, binders and other materials.

Why Consider Unistone Worktops?

Unistone worktops are manufactured by Brachot-Hermant using advanced Breton technology. At the time of its manufacturing, the quartz and polymer are blended and vacuumed to suck out all the air. Later, the pressure is applied to the given mixture with some vibrations. Finally, the material is heated to create a stable, compact, heat-resistance and non-porous material.

Its unbeatable durability and strength make it a famous human-made stone. Besides, these slabs are high bacteria- and heat-resistant, as well as certified as volatile free countertops by Green Guard and NSF.

That’s why these are quite popular among designers and homeowners alike. Another best thing about the Unistone kitchen worktop is that it even mimics the aesthetics of natural marble. It means that with Unistone marble-effect worktops, you can achieve the luxury touch of marble without having to deal with flaws of the natural stone.

6 Popular Marble-Effect Unistone Worktops in 2020

Unistone worktops come in a wide range of hues and patterns, including marble-effect. While there are many popular marble-effect worktop designs in the Unistone worktop collection, here are the six most popular shades to consider for a stylish kitchen makeover in 2020:

  • Unistone Carrara Misterio

Unistone Carrara Misterio is an elegant quartz stone boasting white background and beautiful grey veining pattern. The Misterio quartz beautifully brings the authenticity of natural Italian Bianco Carrara marble into a modern kitchen.

Unistone Carrara Misterio e1513933057949

  • Unistone Valley White

This is another stunning worktop surface with a white backdrop and grey veins all over its surface. Unistone Valley White countertop can add a sophisticated touch to any contemporary interior. Another good thing about this marble-like stone is that it’s easy to maintain and clean.

unistone valley white kitchen worktops

  • Unistone Statuario

Unistone Statuario is also a popular Unistone kitchen worktop with white backdrop and grey veining effect of natural marble. This human-made stone has been designed to evoke the beauty of Italian Statuario marble while sprucing up any kitchen interior effortlessly.

Unistone Statuario e1513934824114

  • Unistone Bianco Carrara

Unistone Bianco Carrara is an opaque white quartz worktop with the natural artistry of stunning Italian marble. Made from up to 93% of pure crystalline natural quartz and resins, the worktop offers uniformity in colour and lasting performance. This gorgeous Unistone countertop is perfect for providing an overall sense of luxury and comfort to any architectural design.

unistone bianco carrara kitchen worktops

  • Unistone Carrara Venatino

Unistone Carrara Venatino is another quartz stone with a striking white backdrop and magnificent grey veins to bring original aesthetics of timeless Italian Bianco Venatino marble into any interior where it’s installed.

unistone carrara venatino kitchen worktops

  • Unistone Olympus White

Unistone Olympus White also has a white background with bold light grey veins running throughout its surface. In the honed finish, this particular quartz stone gives impeccable visual appeal to both traditional and contemporary interiors. Besides the stunning appearance of the classic Greek Olympus Marble, this marble-effect worktop offers superior performance to the area where it is placed. It is also highly resistant to heat, stains and scratches. That makes it a perfect material for various applications, such as countertops, walls and flooring.

unistone olympus white worktops


The new Unistone worktops collection 2020 presents you with some of the popular designs that many homeowners adore in the UK. You may choose your desired colour to achieve the interior of your dreams with a stunning marble-effect quartz worktop.

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