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Cambria quartz 7 Fantastic Backsplash Materials to suit your Grey Kitchen

7 Fantastic Backsplash Materials to suit your Grey Kitchen

Mon, Nov, 2019 Jesus Alberto Mouzo

A grey kitchen can be hard to decorate considering the neutral colour décor in place. However, choosing the right backsplash material can do wonders for a grey kitchen and elevate the visual appeal of the space with ease.

Grey kitchens come with certain design limitations. While they offer a uniform look to the kitchen, they may look a bit dull and lifeless at times. Adding too much colour to a grey backdrop can also make the colours stick out like a sore thumb. Then what is the best way to decorate grey colour themed kitchens? A subtle yet efficient way to do that is by choosing the kitchen backsplash. Here are some backsplash materials that can add oomph to grey themed kitchen spaces with ease and minimal clutter.

Stone, Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

Tiles are the safest choice when it comes to decorating the backsplashes of grey themed spaces with materials such as Carrara marble kitchen worktops. With literally thousands of colours, patterns and designs to choose from, tiles offer a great range of design options to make a kitchen space pop out despite its grey colour theme. Some of the more popular tile choices for kitchen backsplashes include:

Silestone Tiles: Cosentino offers a wide range of vintage and exotic feel tiles to act as to the kitchen backsplash. Silestone splashbacks are available in different thicknesses, colours and patterns. If you wanted a splashback made from Silestone, we would recommend ordering a minimum 4 square meters of material ensuring cost-effectiveness for you project

Noir Kitchen Splashback
Silestone Eternal Noir Kitchen Splashback

 Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles: Brands such as Neolith, Dekton, Laminam and Techlam offer ultra large format tiles. These are available in different thicknesses and finishes and can cover an area of up to 2 square meters without the need of seams or joints. In addition, Sintered Stone tiles can be used both externally and internally. Similarly, offers an improved aesthetic look when compared to other types of standard tiles. Nevertheless, these add visual appeal to a grey kitchen with ease and can be hand-painted to suit personal tastes.

Calacatta Gold Splashback
Neolith Calacatta Gold Splashback, in a fireplace surround with matching material

Geometric Tiles made from Marble: Popular in recent years, these tiles follow several geometric patterns like rectangles, squares, triangles, diamonds, etc. to enhance materials such as grey Calacatta quartz worktops. These shapes can be arranged in varying patterns and come in shades of different colours to create unique and striking backsplash designs. A recent addition to this list is the hexagonal wall tile, which has been gaining popularity in many homes owing to its uniqueness. The most popular natural stone materials are Carrara marble tiles, Statuario marble tiles and Calacatta Marble tiles.

Carrara marble
Carrara marble splashback and matching kitchen worktops


Glass provides a chic and modern kitchen backsplash design idea for Carrara Marble Worktops. Available in different colours and shades, a glass backsplash can elevate your kitchen décor by several notches. You can also choose to add patterned glass or painted glass for the backsplash. Alternatively, adding a solid back glass backsplash will work great against a grey worktop and kitchen surface. Adding an extra layer of glass over an existing backsplash can also be a good idea, as it offers both visual appeal and protection from damages. If you are looking for a glass material that will provide an exotic look, see our Magna Glaskeramik Glass Collection, which can be backlit and transformed into any colour.

Silver Glass Splashback
Silver Glass Splashback with metallic finish in a modern kitchen


Not actually a favourite among homeowners, chalkboard can surprisingly serve as a visually appealing backsplash for an otherwise grey themed kitchen. Easy to install and customize as you please, chalkboard allows you to transform an entire backsplash into your area for notes, recipes, cooking instructions and what not! Give it a try.


While copper sinks and faucets are common in kitchens, not many would be accustomed to seeing a copper backsplash. Let us tell you though, that copper will provide a great looking backsplash for grey Carrara marble kitchen worktops. Easy to clean, long-lasting, antimicrobial and so much more, a copper backsplash may be just what you need to make your kitchen stand out. If you are worried about corrosion, tear and wear of natural Copper, you could try materials such as Dekton Trilium, Neolith Iron Copper or Neolith Iron Corten. These are highly resistant to staining, scratches and don’t fade with the passage of time.

Dekton Trilium Splashbacks offer the look of oxidized metal without the inherent issues see on the natural material


If you have a small kitchen, adding a mirrored backsplash may be a good idea to create the visual sense of additional space. An antique mirrored backsplash can also reflect natural light into the room and can be a great option in kitchens that have natural light restricted to small windows or skylights. However, be informed that mirrored backsplashes can get dirty quickly and need to be cleaned regularly when not made in an Antique Finish.

Mirrored Glass Splashback
Mirrored Glass Splashback

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel backsplashes can add an industrial and modern look to a grey themed kitchen with Calacatta quartz worktops. Easy to clean and durable, stainless steel works best for kitchens with modern décor. If you don’t prefer the look of a plain stainless-steel backsplash, opt for stainless steel tiles, which lend a more sophisticated look to the kitchen.




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