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Marble Arabescato Vagli Marble: Material of the Week

Arabescato Vagli Marble: Material of the Week

Sun, Nov, 2013

Arabescato Vagli marble: material of the week from Italy


ARABESCATO VAGLI MARBLEArabescato Vagli marble (sawn) close up


Technical characteristics:

Stone name:  Arabescato Vagli

Pseudonyme: Arabescato, Carrara, Bianco Carrara

Texture: Veined

Main colour: White

Average slab size: 2700x1600mm

Tiles: Available. Please ask for lead times

Applications: Interior/exterior.

Technical data:

Classification: Marble

Slab variation: Limited

Compression tensile strength: 1472 kg/cm2

Tensile strength after freeze-thaw cycles: 1352 kg/cm2

Unitary modulus of bending tensile strength: 102 kg/cm2

Heat expansion coefficient: 0,0041 mm/m°C

Water imbibition coefficient: 0,005400

Impact strength: 41 cm

Frictional wear: 0,44 mm

Mass by unit of volume: 2714 kg/m3


History: Arabescato Vagli belongs to the Carrara group and is an ancient stone sourced in the region of Tuscany, Italy. A significant amount of this material is quarried in the Apuan Alps, mounts Sagro, Maggiore and Spallone.

Gioia Calagio is the specific area where the “Gioia pit” is located producing varieties of Arabescato marble and Bardiglio.


The Romans had a ritual in which a spirit would protect the pits in this area (also known as “tutelary deity”) from birth (familiar spirit).

The largest Roman quarrying site discovered (at the time) was 1 kilometer away at Fossacava.

The region maintains a significant portion of its original  features throughout its villages with an extensive use of marble in windows, pathways, sculptures and doorways.

Cristo De Cavatore Arabescato vagli Marble

The Cristo dei Cavatori sculpture (“Christ of the quarrymen”) located at the Piazza Palestro in Colonna is made of Arabescato Vagli marble


Arabescato Vagli marble - chiesa di San Bartolomeo

The Chiesa di San Bartolomeo is another example of some of the original doorways made out of Arabescato Vagli


The white base on this marble (and most of others)  comes from the removal of impurities in the limestone (its original form) during its recrystallization by pressure and heat processes throughout thousands of years.

The blocks are cut into slices resulting in a variety of slab sizes albeit with similar dimensions between these.


Arabescato Vagli marble slabImage of slab in this beautifully patterned marble

Historic Building: Palace of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles was built in 1682 and occupies an area of 67 square kilometers Its architecture is a mix of french baroque and contemporary architecture.

There is considerable  use of different marbles, our favorite room is the Hall of Mirrors (Galerie des Glasses) making use of Arabescato marble to provide a light colored base and a contrasting tone in architraves, columns and sculpture bases and boxes:

Chateau de Versailles - Galerie des GlacesImage by Miravellya @wikipedia commons

Hall of Mirrors_Palace_of_VersaillesWall corners in Arabescato Vagli marble at the Palace of Versailles

Below are some examples of the use of this material in modern interior applications:Vanity top in 40mm Arabescato Vagli marbleVanity top with 40mm thickness edge and floor tiles in Arabescato Vagli marble (

Kitchen worktops in 30mm Arabescato Vagli marbleKitchen worktops in 20mm Arabescato marble with an open view to patio (image@Mihaly Slocombe architects)


Vanity top in Arabescato Vagli marble

Vanity tops in 30mm Arabescato Vagli marble with ogee edge detail. (Image@ KSA Kitchens)

Bath surround, bath panels, vanity tops in Arabescato 20mm marble

Modern bathroom with bath top and surround in 60mm mitered edges, vanity top, wall panel and floor panels  in 20mm thickness MN Buld


Fireplace surround in Arabescato Vagli marble

Fireplace surround and base in 20mm Arabescato marble @ Dave Lane Construction

MKW Surfaces, Nov 2013

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