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Gallery Architectural Marble: 10 Most Popular Stones 2013

Architectural Marble: 10 Most Popular Stones 2013

Sun, Dec, 2013

Architectural marble

The beauty, elegance and long lasting looks of architectural  marble have been documented throughout centuries in all civilizations and show its importance in architecture.

From the extensive use of limestone in Egyptian (pyramids of Giza) and Indian architecture (Taj Majal: combining Islamic, Persian, Ottoman Turkish and Indian architectural styles) all the way through Greeks (sculptures) and Romans (Coliseum amongst other buildings) marble has always shown its relevance in architectural work.

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is made of different marbles and limestone (

The Romans were the first civilization introducing the use of marble slabs for architectural marble applications through its use in wall cladding, building the whole city with white varieties of marble such as Bianco Carrara, Carrara Gioia and Statuario marble amongst other beautiful (and by now classic) stones.

Roman marble

Above image of an ancient Roman marble tabletop at the Natural History Museum in London (image@fotopedia)

The use of architectural marble was originally only afforded by the richest people hence present in Palaces, churches and monuments in the early days.

With the advance of technology in its quarrying and production marble has eventually become a popular stone that is present in residential buildings owned by what at the time would have been called commoners.

10 Most popular architectural marble colours in 2013

Whilst 2013 saw a return to the natural and  classic, it also combined touches of sophistication and cutting edge in terms of looks and design.

Companies such as Apple and Samsung based their designs in white, a popuar choice of colour for the trendy and futuristic types.

White has been going mainstream as a popular colour for a while now and we can’t see major changes in this trend in the short and medium term future.

This has been reflected in the stone and architectural industries throughout the use of white architectural marble across a whole range of specifications and applications.

Below is a list of the 10 most popular architectural marble colours in 2013 arranged alphabetically:

1) Arabescato Marble (Italy)

Arabescato Marble

arabescato marble bar

The Cut Bar & Grill – Arabescato Marble – Luchetti Krelle NSW

2) Afyon White marble (Turkey)

Afion white marble
Afyon white marble is popular for applications in Jacuzzis, bath surrounds, vanity tops, shelves  and sills

Afyon-sugar-marbleExternal application made in the Afyon Sugar variety of marble@pricypads

3) Bardiglio Marble (Tuscany, Italy)

bardiglio marble

Bardiglio-marble-fireplaceBardiglio architectural marble fireplace mantle from West and London

4) Bianco Carrara Marble (Tuscany, Italy)

Bianco-Carrara-marbleBianco Carrara TabletopBianco Carrara marble tabletop by rethink the sink

5) BIanco Perlino (Verreto, Italy)

Bianco Perlino Marble

Bianco perlino marble worktops
Bianco perlino marble worktops with paneling by  Cadenazzo @Archilovers

6) Blanco Macael (Andalucia, Spain)

Blanco-Macael-marbleBlanco-macael-wall-claddingBlanco Macael is popular wall cladding due to the relatively low cost of this material (image@Jorge Fenandez)

7) Botticino (Lombardia, Italy)

Botticino-marbleBotticino-marble-bathroomBathroom flooring, wall cladding, columns and shower enclosure in Botticino marble (image@Claudio Gamba)

8) Calacatta Oro (Calacatta Gold. Tuscany, Italy)

Calacatta-Oro-MarbleCalacatta-gold-marble-bathroomCalacatta Gold marble bathroom by Susan C. Scheinuk

9) Crema Marfil (valencia and Murcia, Spain)

Crema-marfil-marbleCrema-marfil-marble-tilesCrema Marfil tiles are popular in hotels due to its classic looks and low cost (Image@Catemar)

10) Imperial Brown (Marron Emperador, Vanceia and Murcia, Spain)

Imperial-brown-marbleEmperador-light-marble-bathroomBathroom cladding at the Taj Palace Hotel by Cannata Granite

The list of popular marbles is huge and we have decided to cover the ones we, at MKW Surfaces have used the most throughout the year.

Although we can’t finish our article without at least mentioning other popular architectural marble and limestone materials this year such as Moleanos and Mocca Cream (Portugal), Negro Marquina (Spain), Nero Portoro (Italy), Noir Saint Laurent (France), Rojo Alicante (Spain) and Thassos (Greece).

The list could go on forever so please contact one of our helpful team members to find out which other architectural marbles would match your project requirements via email or telephone 0203 0788912.

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