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While a plethora of worktop options are available in the market, it becomes difficult for homeowners to decide which worktop material is best for their home. Although quartz worktops are one of the most popular materials among homeowners across the globe, many people also admire Neolith worktops for their kitchen renovation projects. Neolith is a […]

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silestone verde fun kitchen worktops

When it comes to quartz and Silestone, the resemblance in characteristics is just too striking, making it hard to differentiate between the two. They deserve a closer look. Quartz is one of the top surfaces, as is Silestone. Both are human-made engineered stones, representing a rock-solid surface that looks good, lasts long, and performs well. […]

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quartz vs granite

You need to consider various factors when looking for a durable and reliable quartz worktop, especially when comparing it with granite. Always look at the different aspects when deciding which countertop material is good for your home. Choosing between quartz and granite worktop is a difficult decision for homeowners, as both are highly versatile and […]

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crl river white quartz worktops 1024x434 1

CRL Quartz colours 2020

Fri, 22 May, 2020

A new decade has started with the advancement in various interior design trends. But one interior design trend that remains the favourite of many end-users is the CRK Quartz. This engineered stone emulates the luxurious appeal of marble, as well as other natural materials. Due to its high demand, the manufacturers have come up with […]

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Dover White Quartzite

Often confused as one, quartz and quartzite are two distinct materials. There are various factors to consider before you decide whether to buy either quartzite or quartz. In this article, we’ll help you understand the significant differences between these two materials and decide which one is better for your home. Quartz vs Quartzite Manufacturing of […]

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Quartzforms Mars

The striking Quartzforms worktops are created of 92% natural quartz, 7% resin and 1% coloured pigment. Quartz is known to be the most durable and robust materials on earth, even harder than granite. When quartz is combined with other minerals and unique bonding agent under high pressure and temperature conditions, Quartzforms worktops are developed to […]

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Caesarstone White Attica Quartz

The demand for high-quality quartz worktops is rising day by day. The reason behind its high demand is that it combines elegance, durability and performance. If you admire the natural beauty of stones but don’t want to deal with their flaws, then quartz is your best option. Not only that quartz worktops are highly resistant […]

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Carrara quartz

Looking for the best countertop to renovate your kitchen or bathroom design? Both marble and quartz are known for their unique characteristics that make them distinct from one another. However, you need to consider various factors before choosing the best worktop material out of these two options.

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cambria bentley quartz worktops 1 op

Quartz has become a popular choice for many homeowners who look for an alternative to granite for a strong and durable kitchen worktop. There are many different brands of quartz stones in the UK. Make sure to research the best quartz worktop in the market before making your choice.

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concret effect

The timeless concrete material has now become an integral part of many modern kitchen spaces. With its unique character, concrete kitchen worktops are stylish and polished to transform any given area. However, if you’re not ready to deal with the porous surface issues of real concrete, you may invest in solid concrete-effect quartz worktops. The […]

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