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WORKTOPS Grey Worktops are Not for Formalism. They are for Life!

Grey Worktops are Not for Formalism. They are for Life!

Fri, Jun, 2017 Jesus Alberto Mouzo
Grey is a colour that brings so many ideas and inspiration into decoration. Despite its formal grace, it is entirely possible to create a welcoming, modern and luxurious feel with great style in order to achieve balance in clean and sumptuous environment. Thanks to the richness of different minerals in nature and the availability of the latest technology in the world of interior design and architecture, you now can find the most stylish surface in different hues of grey to compose your design ideas. Here is a rich collection of the latest stone materials that makes grey the perfect colour to be used on kitchen worktops, vanity tops and other type of applications whether in a kitchen, living room, hall or elsewhere.

Caesarstone Bianco Drift

Caesarstone Bianco Drift 6131 quartz is the perfect choice to achieve a clean and balanced environment, providing the lead to any decorative element in your room, bedroom, kitchen, living room and several others. Caesarstone was the first Company to use quartz in their surfaces in 1987. Since then it has remained one of the leaders in quartz slabs globally. They have bases in over 45 countries and produce an immaculate product of the highest quality with great performance attributes. Caesarstone comes in slabs with dimensions 3060x1440mm and thicknesses start from 13mm, 20mm and 30mm. Bianco Drift can also be applied to any space that requires the natural luminosity and potentiates the effects and looks of natural marble surfaces.
Caesarstone Bianco Drift

Compac Grey Zement

Zement is one of the latest ranges from Compac, The Surfaces Company. Born over 40 years ago with the introduction of Technological marble surfaces in the 70’s, Compac is amongst the 3 largest quartz produces in the world through their Compac quartz range. Compac is one of the leading Companies when it comes to brining new and original colours into the marketplace through their Research & Development activities. Compac Gray Zement comes in an extravagant mid grey background made out of precious pure quartz minerals mixed with pigments that suits both modern and traditional tastes. The colour is maintained for a lifetime due to its high technology and unique composition and its exquisite Glacé finish offers a silky touch to continue the smooth feel of the material for decades to come. Compac quartz products improve your property value by offering materials at reasonable prices and give you the most incredible surface experience for a lifetime with an available warranty of over 30 years upon product registration through the manufacturers’ website. Compac quartz slabs come in dimensions 3050x1400mm and 3200x1600mm in some of its colours and offers thicknesses of 12mm, 20mm and 30mm.
Compac Grey Zement

Dekton Kelya

Dekton Kelya is a technological piece of art, mainly composed of raw materials, including glass, porcelain, and pure quartz crystals in its exclusive formula. As a result, it produces a potent material with inherent resistance to scratching, heat, UV rays, ice, abrasions, and humidity. The impeccable light grey colour outstands when being combined with another vivid colour or with neutral and/or ultra brilliant features in any interior or exterior space. Its impeccable pale grey background calls attention due to its luminosity that will captivate admirers and onlookers alike. Its endless design and application options are expanded with Dekton Kelya which can be used in kitchens and bathrooms as well as in gardens, terraces, patios and balconies, transforming every space into something special, precious, and cosy.
Dekton Kelya

Neolith Zaha Stone

Neolith is a piece of the utmost revolutionary creation with an industrial grey tone that evokes the unique beauty of natural marble types such as Bardiglio, Fiori Di Pesco and other Italian materials. The Size, which is the Company which makes Neolith, has  named this material as a tribute for the highly admired Late Zaha Hadid, who was an entity in the architectural world leaving us with some of the most fabulous buildings and monuments which include the Riverside museum, Glasgow (2011), the London aquatics centre, Stratford (2012) and the Guangzhou opera house, Guangzhou (2010) amongst other important establishments. Neolith Zaha Stone has a grey backdrop that is also inspired in the natural beauty of landscapes in the Land of Persia. The white veins that encompass each slab, sketch majesty and offer touch of purity to any surrounding. It is a wise choice for the living room as it adds convenience and visual impact simultaneously. In interiors, it can be applied in hallways, ladders, floors, worktops, flooring and areas with high traffic. Neolith is also suitable for outdoor applications including facades and wall cladding, garden an patio benches, BBQ worktops and external steps as it does not get affected by UV rays or extreme weather conditions. Neolith slabs come in formats with dimensions of 3200x1500mm with new dimensions of 3250x1650mm which allow for even larger seamless surfaces from 2017.

Neolith Zaha Stone

Silestone Gris Expo

Discover a new world of surfaces and renew your design project with the sophistication of Silestone Gris Expo quartz. It is a fabulous detailed surface in a dramatic mid-to-dark grey background that incorporates all the surroundings with its exclusive and elegant features. Silestone, the largest quartz manufacturer in the world, brings a revolutionary product that endures the passage of time, as well as heat, cold and scratches. Silestone has recently come up with N-Boost, a new formula that works at a molecular rather than granular level on their quartz surfaces, making them even more impervious to water absorption and an exclusive anti-bacterial treatment which is unique to this brand of quartz materials. Silestone Gris Expo is the perfect material for those who require beauty and superior performance with a leading branded product that comes at an affordable price making this one of the most popular colours with end clients, architects and property developers. Silestone is available in standard slab sizes of 3040x1380mm and a Jumbo slab size with dimensions of 3250x1590mm. The Collection also offers the possibility of endless designs and applications due to their different finishing and offerings with Polished, Suede and Volcano. Thicknesses start at 12mm, 20mm and 30mm. Further to the mentioned features, Silestone offers Integrated Sinks Uno and Duo which complement any kitchen worktop from a chosen colour within their ranges.
Silestone Gris Expo

Silestone Serena

Silestone Eternal Serena is part of the latest Eternal Range of quartz launched in 2017 by Cosentino, which is a collection of fine material that evoke the beauty of some of the most popular natural stone and marble types including Eternal Statuario, Eternal Calacatta and Eternal Marquina quartz in the newly launched range. Silestone Eternal Serena brings the unique looks of Pietra Serena marble from Italy with a distinction. Silestone will never require sealing and it is easily maintained with soapy water and a cloth.
Silestone Serena
Eternal Serena is soft and lightweight, with an elegant grey backdrop and dainty veins that draw attention and inspiration to this unique material. Designed with fine proprieties, it rejuvenates your home with a vivid feeling and touch of nature. It is convenient for worktops, desk, wall cladding, façade, flooring and many other interior applications. An available manufacturers’ warranty of 25 years will provide peace of mind to those who require a tough material that will last a lifetime.

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