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Compac Worktops Meetings, Family Gatherings, & Friends’ Visits all Take Place in the Kitchen. We’re Providing You With Some Ideas to Keep it Elegant & Simple

Meetings, Family Gatherings, & Friends’ Visits all Take Place in the Kitchen. We’re Providing You With Some Ideas to Keep it Elegant & Simple

Fri, Jun, 2017 Maria Kairuz

The kitchen is not only the space where food preparation takes place. It can also create the most precious moments with family, friends and acquaintances, or become a relaxing place when you are by yourself. Its décor offers a unique touch of difference that can turn the time around into a pleasant and cosy area in any home. Moreover, everything in a kitchen reflects part of your likes and personality.

Finding inspiration with original materials and areas with stone surfaces, can transform your space like no other appliance and it is a brilliant alternative when combined with any other objects including the furnishings you may have at home.

Although the options are vast and so are the suppliers in the market, it is very important to know which type of surface will suit your home and needs best. With children around, you would definitely want to buy an anti-bacterial, low-maintenance and easy to clean material that will resist stains due to spillages yet provide the beauty of natural stone.

If you have already carried out some research, you must have certainly have heard of several brands of high designed stone that employs industrial technology  such as Silestone, Dekton, Compac, and Caesarstone amongst others. Every advantage of these materials is superior for kitchen usage whether in a traditional, contemporary or sophisticated setting. We are providing you with some inspiring ideas to keep it elegant and simple, both in terms of looks and performance.

Compac Absolute Blanc

Pure white Absolute Blanc by Compac quartz, is a material that reflects light with great aesthetics on your kitchen worktops.  Compac, The Surfaces Company was the very first to introduce pure brilliant white quartz surfaces into the market in the 90’s with the collaboration of the renowned designer Karim Rashid. Since its inception, Compac Absolute Blanc has become one of the most popular quartz materials worldwide and it will be here to stay for many years to come.

The technology used at Compac produces the finest out of pure natural quartz, which is one of the hardest and abundant stone types found on earth. In addition, the brilliant white tone remains eternally unaltered, requiring minimal maintenance. It is a neutral hue is ideal to combine it with colourful, darker or other neutral shades in the kitchen, bathroom, living room and any other interior area in both residential and commercial properties. Compac Absolute slab sizes are 3050x1400mm with a new Giant slab being introduced in 2017 which carries dimensions of 3200x1600mm which will satisfy the needs of the largest kitchen islands and surfaces without the need of joints and seams.

Neolith Calacatta

Silestone Classic White

The newly launched Silestone White Classic quartz with an elegant White hue, introduces exquisite aesthetics to an already a very clean looking surface. It is available in a polished finish with its exclusive N-Boost technology to provide minimal liquid absorption, offering an extra silky touch to your surfaces. Classic White quartz by Silestone has a mid white hue which will provide a timeless look to any environment in which it is installed. Its resistance is nothing other than excellent as it can withstand heat and ice with a flawless composition of pure quartz and other raw material that make Silestone’s properties as radiant as crystals. Silestone Classic White comes in Jumbo slabs with dimensions of 3250x1590mm and thicknesses of 12mm, 20mm and 30mm which will make it ideal for practically any interior application.

Silestone Classic White

Silestone Lagoon

White always creates the sensation of more space in rooms and Silestone Lagoon is no exception to the incredible brightness a surface can bring to any surrounding. Part of Nebula which is tyeh Series of products that offer the unique beauty of natural stone with very low maintenance requirements and the additional benefit of surfaces that will never require sealing, Silestone Lagoon resembles the original white marble with grey veins such as Bianco Carrara from Italy, on a surface that calls attention whilst creating a peaceful feeling in your kitchen or bathroom. Each slab is exclusive to make your design project according to your expectations and its comes in a standard format of 3040x1380mm which will suit for flooring, walls, countertops and several other appliances.  A Jumbo size of 3250x1590mm is also available for larger spaces, with available finishes in polished and a silky Suede finish with matching integrated sinks to complement worktop and vanity top applications.

Silestone Lagoon

Dekton Zenith

Dekton utilises the SPT technology in an absolutely innovative way and procedures from the most advanced technological industries. Dekton Zenith is the result of evolution in a new era of stone that starts from a technological and industrial leap, capable of generating a newly processed material and a leading product like Zenith.  Zenith has a sumptuous and simple white hue which combines perfectly with any other colour and design style as well as being suitable for both interior and exterior applications including kitchen worktop, flooring, cladding and patio benches, external tiles and steps.

Dekton Zenith

Dekton New Trilium

The fashionable New Trilium from Dekton innovates with a supreme rustic aspect inspired by the industrialised look of oxidised steel. New Trilium is a reworked formula from the original Dekton Trilium material that has improved looks and contains a rich composition of volcanic shades of grey, brown and deep black. The high-quality of the material assures an absolute performance in your kitchen as well as in external worktops due to its ability to withstand UV rays and extreme weather conditions without being degraded with the passage of time. It is also an ideal material to be used in wet areas, including spas, saunas and swimming pools.

Dekton Kitchen - Trilium

Dekton Halo Xgloss

The crystalline white colour of Dekton Halo comes in an unmatchable polished finish produced with the new and unique Xgloss technology that sparkles throughout this piece of art. Its spectacular white backdrop is an advanced update for any kitchen and surrounding to compose your style with simplicity and yet elegance in an ultra compact and ultra large slab size with dimensions of 3170x1420mm and thicknesses in 8mm, 12mm, 20mm and 30mm.

Dekton Halo Xgloss

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