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Silestone I’ve Got 100 Problems But Silestone Ain’t One

I’ve Got 100 Problems But Silestone Ain’t One

Fri, Jul, 2017 Jesus Alberto Mouzo

Silestone is the discovery of the century when it comes to quartz stone in kitchens, bathrooms, flooring and walls, making your daily cleaning routine easier. Obviously, you do not want to invest on something only because it is low in maintenance or simply because it looks good. Silestone worktops is much more than that. Its popularity and high recommendation from interior designers as well as building companies and architects alike, proves that the surface is a precious product with unrivalled characteristics and superior performance.

It is as important to decorate your home and office, as living in a luxurious surrounding and working in stylish space. Here is a wise selection that makes Silestone the best material which will liberate you from any concerns that may arise when it comes to choosing the right type of surface for your interior project.

Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold

Eternal Calacatta Gold quartz is pure elegance with a natural touch that is inspired by the natural marble stone type know as Calacatta Oro marble. It offers all the benefits and beauty of the famous Italian marble with a difference: Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold won’t ever require sealing, it is impervious to staining, etching and scratching, and all require to upkeep its surface pristine is soapy water and a kitchen cloth. It also offers great value for money and just like any other Silestone quartz surface, it comes with an available manufacturers’ warranty of 25 years upon product registration on its website.

Calacatta Gold from Silestone’s Eternal range of quartz is the ideal option to create the perfect décor with innovation and elegance. It comes in a pure white background colour with thick veins in a random array that are nicely-distributed throughout each slab. With uniformity, Calacatta Gold optimises and increases the value of any property.

Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold

Silestone Serena

Its greyish background, ranging in between light and mid hues, combined with an elegant array of soft veining, brings a perfect balance that offers unique radiance to implement into any room with lightness and sophistication. This quartz stone is the best reinterpretation of the Italian Pietra Serena stone to date, surpassing its natural counterpart when it comes to ease of maintenance, use and anti-staining properties.

You can pick among two finishes of Silestone Eternal Serena quartz, including Suede with its silky texture which will suit traditional and industrial designs and Polished, to provide a deep sheen with incredible aesthetic effects to modern and contemporary settings, always preserving the high quality inherent of this grey quartz stone for a lifetime.

Silestone Serena


Silestone Iconic White

Iconic White quartz is extravagant.  A completely pure white quartz stone which is ideal to add a feeling of freshness in classic style to any space, including the kitchen, bathroom, staircase, fireplace surround, furniture, living room and any other interior area. Iconic White from Silestone’s Custom Series offers extreme elegance with ease of combination, endless options when it comes to design and ease of maintenance in terms of its upkeep. Further improved by the latest N-Boost technology, Iconic White is brighter and more impervious to water absorption than ever, thanks to its improved formula which works at a molecular rather than a granular level within the stone.

If you want to cause a great impression to friends, family and onlookers, Iconic White is the smartest pick for splashbacks, floorings, kitchen worktops and several other type of applications.

Silestone Iconic White

Silestone Snowy Ibiza

The subtle greyish veins of Snowy Ibiza quartz offer creativity while its elegant off-white backdrop adds notable features for traditional and modern décor. The durability of this stone is supreme and can withstand heat, cold and accidental impact. Snowy Ibiza from Silestone also delivers authenticity in its usage that can vary in size, thickness and finish. Available in a Jumbo slab format with dimensions of 3250x1590mm and thicknesses of 12mm, 20mm and 30mm joints and seams are a thing of the past!

Silestone Snowy Ibiza

Silestone Lyra

With Lyra from Silestone, the end user of the material has the privilege of owning one the most technological stone created for interior surfaces and appreciate the null porosity of the material. The Breton manufacturing process of the final product, by mixing pure quartz with other materials occurs with absolute perfection generating quality Silestone surfaces with durability.

Silestone Lyra is a constellation of striking grey veining distributed uniformly on each slab with an opaque white background that will suit modern and traditional design settings alike.

Silestone Lyra

Other advantages of Lyra include zero porosity and the absence of micro faults that can cause tension and/or weak points in other types of stone. All these features are what make Silestone Lyra different to the rest in the stone industry.

Other tips for Silestone applications

Silestone is the most flexible material for residential and commercial buildings, due to the ultra sizes available, options in thickness and versatility in colour, finish and design.

This great product is recommended for wall cladding applications of various sizes too. It expands the decor possibilities in unimaginable manners. You can give your bathroom, wet room or sauna an exclusive update with Silestone. Every natural aspect makes it ideal to combine with wooden furniture and a stainless steel stove, fridge or oven.

Finishes are available to meet with each and every taste and preference of homeowners and commercial property decorators, who will use their expertise to bring out the exact style for each kind of style to preserve your stone for a lifetime so that it glows for an eternity.

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