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Caesarstone What are the Latest Kitchen Design Trends for 2019?

What are the Latest Kitchen Design Trends for 2019?

Wed, Jan, 2019 Jesus Alberto Mouzo

For home cooks or professional chefs, the kitchen is the centre of their routine life. It is a place where both aesthetics and function are essential. Therefore, it is important to decorate your kitchen with the latest kitchen trends for the ultimate life-enhancing cooking experience. Whereas in the past the kitchen was a secluded part in the house, it has now become part of our daily lives.

In this article, we will not cover every aspect of kitchen designing and remodeling but only focus on the latest kitchen worktop trends 2019 so that you can decorate your cooking area with the latest materials and make your dream kitchen a reality. In addition to having great aesthetics, all these ranges of materials are made with the latest technologies. Similarly, the brands below are global players with proven experience in stone extraction and manufacturing. Top surface brands come with available warranties for their materials. You can register with the manufacturers within completion of your worktop installation. Make sure you choose an approved fabricator of these brands as they will offer these as an add-on service with your purchase.

Here are some of the new-age kitchen worktop trends to consider when remodeling your kitchen in 2019:

Caesarstone Metropolitan Collection: This complete kitchen worktop collection rethinks the ruggedness of concrete while incorporating its textural effects and oxidised accents. Featuring urban look of concrete, along with refined and experimental expression, this collection consists of nine Caesarstone styles influenced by tough and unpolished textures that are common in industrial setup. This organic countertop material is embedded with engaging visual appeal, which makes each design inspiring for kitchens with its striking hospitality. Besides great aesthetics Caesarstone is renowned for making high-quality quartz products. The Company offers an available 25 years manufacturer warranty on any of its products by registering on their website within 30 days of your worktop installation.

Caesarstone Metropolitan Collection

Silestone Loft Series: This brand-new elegant series comes in a wide range of colours that offer a refreshing and contemporary take on the typical industrial appearance of cement and concrete. The aesthetics of cement are not just the part of exterior walls and building structures nowadays, with such creative silestone worktops designs. In addition, these rugged elements are brought into our homes while offering high-end aesthetics.

The Loft Series launched with two beautiful colours: Silestone Silver Lake and Silestone Brooklyn. Not only that you will find these new colours from the Loft Series functional but also easy to clean. All the new Silestone designs come with the exclusive N-Boost treatment. If you wonder what it is, you are in the right place. N-Boost acts at a molecular rather than the traditional granular level of the material. This ensures the quartz surface remains ultracompact and repels any type of liquids. In a similar way, the exclusive anti-bacterial treatment of Silestone will provide you with peace of mind when thinking of hygiene.

Furthermore, these materials are highly resistant to impacts, stains, and scratching.

Silestone Loft Series

Dekton Industrial Collection: Unlike conventional industrial products, Dekton Industrial series is immensely smooth to touch and is resistant to scratches. It can also sustain exposure to UV rays, stains, impact and temperature shock. This ultra-compact and ultra-durable material is ideal for various indoor and outdoor applications. It comes in the shape of large format slabs that measure 56 x 126 inches. Its seamless possibilities make it a preferred countertop material for both residential and commercial projects.

The Industrial Collection is inspired in traditional building products that are used on urban life. It comprises nine designs that offer amazing aesthetic value and performance.

The most popular colours from Dekton Industrial Collection so far are Dekton Orix and Dekton Nilium. In addition, we are sure that there will be waves made from some of the recently introduced designs such as Dekton Kreta and Dekton Soke. If you are looking to have matching material throughout different rooms in your house, Dekton is a wise choice. You can choose it in thicknesses starting at 8mm, 12mm, 20mm, and 30mm. This means you can use the material as worktops, splashbacks, furniture coverings and in many more applications. And if you wish to have the same floors and wall as the worktops, you can choose one of the many formats of Dekton tiles too.

Dekton Industrial Collection

Neolith Classtone: It is a high performance, slim and large format sintered porcelain. If you are looking for a material with high-end mechanical and physical properties that meet various industry specifications, Neolith is ideal. It is available in a wide range of finishes and colours, making it ideal for numerous interior and exterior applications, including kitchen worktops, facades, cladding, flooring, and more. It is a 100 per cent recyclable product with slight colour variations from batch to batch.

Neolith Classtone is a collection of 10 stunning surfaces, reminiscent of natural marble. If you are looking to decorate with marble but are worried about its maintenance, look no further. Not only that the Classtone designs are practical and easy to clean but they also offer incredible aesthetics. The most popular colours from Classtone are Neolith Estatuario, Neolith Calacatta and Neolith Bianco Carrara. You can choose the slabs with opposite veining to create book-matched designs. Similarly, you may choose a vein, depending on the area in which you plan to have it installed. The possibilities are endless.

Neolith Classtone

Neolith combines advanced technology with the finest raw materials and contains colours made from natural pigments that can easily last for decades without any fading or degrading. You can use it for making shop fittings, furniture, and multiple coloured display cladding. Therefore, it offers infinite variants for creating a holistic appearance for fittings, work surfaces, furnishings, flooring, and walls.

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