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Limestone & Travertine Material of the Week: Limestone

Material of the Week: Limestone

Sat, Oct, 2013

Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed largely by calcite at the bottom of the sea from marine organisms which were gradually eroded by water during a period of thousands to millions of years.

There are many different types and colors depending on which era these were formed: Jurassic limestone is usually yellowish and soft. Carboniferous is harder and greyish (made out of coral remains) and the Cretaceous type is usually really white and chalky (made from the skeletons and fossils) to name a few.

Venus Bianca
Venus Bianca (Honed) Limestone
Stone name: Venus Bianca
Origin: Iran

Texture: Grains

Applications: Interiors, floors and walls

Popular Limestone applications and buildings: Limestone is a preferred material by architects and interior designers especially in Europe and the US due to its versatility, ease of use and competitively priced bracket.

There are many buildings and landmarks across the world made out of limestone

Giza Pyramid Limestone
Gyza Pyramid – Egypt (image by Berthold Werner)

The limestone from Tura, found deep underground was one of the finest and whitest materials in Egypt used for tombs, walls and floors in the pyramids.

Tura Limestone quarry
Image (1930) from a Tura limestone quarry

There are many places in the UK made with limestone. Most of the material was formed in the Jurassic period and quarried in the Isle of Portland in the county of Dorset.

Portland Stone has been widely used in the United Kingdom in many public establishments:

St Paul's Cathedral
St Paul’s Cathedral – Image@St

Another major public building with Portland Stone as a protagonist is Buckingham Palace in London:

Buckinhgam Palace - Portland Stone
Buckingham Palace in Portland Stone – Image by David Iliff
There are literally hundreds of different types of Limestone. We will aim to cover a few on this post.

Travertino Chiaro Tumbled
Travertino Chiaro Tumbled

Tumbled limestone undergoes a process by which the stone will look worn and weathered whilst retaining its toughness

Travertino Chiaro
Travertino Chiaro tumbled tiles installed by MKW Surfaces at a London residence in a 30×30 format. These tiles can be used outdoors.

LImestone Bathroom Paris
The Merlot apartment Paris is a fine example of a refurbishment where the stone adds romance to this property near the Eiffel Tower.

The owners chose pale limestone tiles for the walls and bath panels.  They also had a built a marble sink and a vanity top made out of Pierre de Calisa.

French honed country limestone
French honed country limestone was chosen for the Butterfly House in Melbourne, Australia. Project by Kate Walker Design. Image by RT Edgar

Travertino Classico
Travertino Classico close up from our MKW Surfaces catalogue

travertino classico slab
Image of a Travertino Classico slab measuring 3050x1320mm

Travertino Classico flooring Texas
Travertino Classico tiles installed at the River Oaks Estate in texas, USA. Tom Wilson’s designed home.

Limestone flooring
Limestone floor tiles with Soapstone worktops at the Texas Estate.









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