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CRL Quartz Meet the New 2019 Colours from CRL Quartz

Meet the New 2019 Colours from CRL Quartz

Thu, Apr, 2019 Jesus Alberto Mouzo

With the elegant and charming CRL quartz worktop range, as a homeowner, you can easily bring the aesthetic of marble and granite into your home without the hazzle of cleaning and maintaining any natural stone surfaces.

The good news is that more new colours are added to this chic quartz stone range in 2019.

The latest CRL worktop collection includes stunning colours. The colours are inspired in natural materials such as marble, concrete and limestone. In contrast with the natural materials, CRL Quartz surfaces do not require sealants. In addition, the stones can be cleaned easily with soapy water.

The new CRL Quartz designs look magnificent and include CRL Grey Shimmer, CRL Silver Shimmer, CRL Pacific Grey, CRL Calacatta, CRL Pearl Grey and CRL Antonella.

All these high-end surfaces are meant to offer striking natural stone-like and marble-effect in your kitchen or bathroom. The materials are made under industrial conditions, resulting in non-porous slabs which means that in the first place, sealants are not required. Second, the non-absorbent qualities of any CRL Quartz colour ensure you can clean the surfaces with regular household cleaners. Thirdly, CRL Surfaces are highly resistant to scratches and to high temperatures.

When it comes to the 2019 CRL Quartz colours, they all provide a stylish look, without having to compromise on the practicality in modern kitchens. 

Without further ado, here are the latest colours from CRL Quartz worktop range to spruce up your kitchen decor in 2019:

CRL Grey Shimmer: Boasting a dusty sparkle on the surface, CRL Grey Shimmer adds the glamorous touch to a kitchen or bathroom countertop. The best thing is that there is no need to put any effort into upkeeping the immense glamour of this kitchen worktop, all thanks to its ease of maintenance and high durability.

CRL Grey Shimmer

CRL Silver Shimmer: The CRL Silver Shimmer stands true to its name. This stone is naturally patterned throughout with large and small flecks, accompanying the silver shimmers all over the surface. This worktop material is meant to shine under various lighting conditions. Moreover, it is hard, durable and high-end for modern-day kitchens, as well as accent walls and vanity.

CRL Silver Shimmer

CRL Pacific Grey: CRL Pacific Grey boasts an elegantly arranged pattern of dark and light flecks all over. This high-end material beautifully evokes the aesthetics of natural stones such as granite. But it doesn’t bear any of the issues related to the natural stone. It is hard wearing, highly durable and easy to maintain.

CRL Pacific Grey

CRL Calacatta: Featuring clean white and striking veining throughout the surface, CRL Calacatta is a beautiful quartz stone that mimics marble. It is perfect for creating that stunning marble-like effect on kitchen islands, backsplashes, floors and showers. Unlike marble, there is no need to put so much effort into cleaning and maintaining this quartz worktop. CRL Calacatta worktops and splashbacks easily achieve the look of the famous Italian marble, without compromising on practicality.

CRL Calacatta

CRL Pearl Grey: Featuring stunning pebble-like appearance in some trendy shades of grey, CRL Pearl Grey is ideal for traditional to any kitchen. It is durable, stain-resistant and low-maintenance like all CRL quartz surfaces. This colour will also stand the test of time while adding stunning charm to your interior.

CRL Pearl Grey

CRL Antonella: It is another stunning quartz surface that allows you to make multiple design combinations. CRL quartz Antonella has certain warmth that creates a feeling of calm and brings symmetry to any kitchen decor.

CRL quartz Antonella

It can also blend well with both traditional and contemporary kitchen styles or industrial settings that need high-performance countertop. In addition to its realistic marble look, the stone offers a practical surface that is easy to clean.

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