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Quartz Silestone Blanco Zeus, Blanco Zeus Suede – MKW Surfaces

Silestone Blanco Zeus, Blanco Zeus Suede – MKW Surfaces

Tue, Oct, 2016 Jesus Alberto Mouzo

Silestone Blanco Zeus

Silestone Blanco Zeus is a Spanish quartz stone, material of the week

 Silestone Blanco Zeus Extreme Ambient
Silestone Blanco Zeus Extreme

Silestone Blanco quartz

Stone name: Silestone Blanco Zeus

Texture: Plain

Main colour: White

Average slab size: 3040×1380. Also available in Jumbo Size measuring 3250x1570mm

Tiles: Available. Please ask for lead times

Applications: Interior. Please ask one of our team members

Classification: Engineered quartz/Technical quartz

Composition: 85-95% quartz and minerals, 5%-15% pigments and additives

Bending strenght: 29-70 MPa

Compression strenght: 112-248 MPa

Absorption: 0,04%-0.20%

History: Silestone colors total over 60 in the UK and Blanco Zeus is one of their most popular materials.

Silestone is a brand name of the Cosentino Group, a Spanish multinational corporation with over 25 years experience within the sector.

Cosentino is a family-owned business and the biggest quartz manufacturer in the world with a distribution base in over 50 countries.

Silestone Blanco Zeus Extreme Ambient

Image of Silestone Blanco Zeus kitchen quartz worktops 20mm thickness. ([email protected]) Silestone Blanco Zeus is a natural quartz surface for interior applications with a special treatment offering different finishes and sheet sizes as well as quartz tiles to match tops.

Silestone Blanco Zeus tiles are available in the following sizes (subject to availability):

  • Silestone Blanco Zeus tiles 300x300mm
  • Silestone Blanco Zeus tiles 400x400mm
  • Silestone Blanco Zeus tiles 600x300mm
  • Silestone Blanco Zeus tiles 600x400mm
  • Silestone Blanco Zeus tiles 600x600mm

Silestone Blanco Zeus Quartz for Kitchen Worktops
Silestone Blanco Zeus quartz 20mm kitchen worktops by MKW Surfaces for a London apartment

Although technical quartz isn’t a new product it continues to add fans due to its versatility (design, colours and finishes) and low maintenance.

Silestone Blanco Zeus quartz comes in Suede (matt) and Volcano (bush hammered) finishes.

Kitchen worktops and full height splashbacks with a flush-fit hob and undermount sink by MKW Surfaces for a London Apartment

Silestone Blanco Zeus quartz Suede offers a soft touch and an exotic feel which normally compliments the look of industrial designs for both residential and commercial applications.

Silestone Blanco Zeus Vanity Tops
Image of Silestone Blanco Zeus vanity tops in a Suede finish surface by Silestone

Both Silestone Suede and Silestone Volcano finishes require more care and attention than a Silestone polished finish due to the fact that dirt and grease are easier to get in between its textured pattern.

For the end user it means being more thorough when cleaning on a daily basis. This makes it generally more suitable to professionals rather than families.

Silestone Blanco Zeus Kitchen Worktops
Image of Silestone worktops in 20mm thickness by MKW Surfaces for a loft apartment in Fulham, London

Silestone is a natural quartz surface created for decorating kitchens and bathrooms using a special treatment that offers beautiful and varied colors, textures and extraordinary high performance.

Silestone Blanco Zeus Extreme on a kitchen island in London installed by

Silestone-integrity-sinkSilestone Blanco Zeus Integrity Sinks are available to match any worktops

Blanco Zeus Extreme kitchen Island with 50mm Profile

Blanco Zeus Extreme kitchen Island with 50mm Profile

The above images of an Blanco Zeus Extreme kitchen island with 50mm thick edging by MKW Surfaces in Ealing, London

Blanco Zeus Extreme kitchen Island with 50mm Profile

Quartz tends to be more expensive than some granites and marbles for flooring applications but represents value for money in the long term as it doesn’t need the resealing or re-polishing required by natural stones

Silestone Banco Zeus Worktops

Silestone Blanco Zeus Extreme kitchen worktops in contrast with Silestone Negro Tao quartz

Please contact us for assistance on Tel. 0203 0788912 or via [email protected]

MKW Surfaces thanks Cosentino for all images on this post.

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