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Dekton Stunning Designs Released by Dekton in 2020

Stunning Designs Released by Dekton in 2020

Fri, Apr, 2020 Jesus Alberto Mouzo

Developed by the exclusive Technology of Sintered Particles (TSP), Dekton ultra-compact surfaces by Cosentino are becoming popular in the world of design and architecture. This worktop material is manufactured from a combination of many raw materials including quartz, porcelain and glass. The resulting surface results in a non-porous work surface with high levels of performance with superior technical characteristics like:

  • Practically zero porosity
  • High UV resistance
  • High resistance to heat and fire
  • Resistance to scratches
  • Resistance to thawing and freezing
  • High stain resistance
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Excellent colour stability
  • Exceptional dimensional stability
  • It avoids the proliferation of bacteria

Besides all these fantastic characteristics, the ultra-compact Dekton kitchen worktops also come in various colours and patterns, including the aesthetics of natural stone. Highlighting the purity and beauty of natural stones, Dekton now presents new gorgeous designs to enhance the elegance of modern living spaces.

Dekton Kitchen Worktop

Here are the new colours that boast unmatched beauty and delicate harmony of natural materials:

1. Dekton Aura: Dekton Aura stands out from other ultra-compact surfaces, as it boasts a remarkably attractive design. With Aura, Cosentino Dekton displays limitless symmetrical patterns on a single slab. It evokes the beauty of Calacatta marble without bearing any flaws of natural stone, such as staining, etching, etc. It is easy to maintain and doesn’t require sealing to protect the surface and hence, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

2. Dekton Bergen: Dekton Bergen resembles the famous Bianco Eclipse Quartzite found in Brazil. It displays an off-white backdrop with stunning dark grey veins, arranged in random patterns for creating the natural effects quartzite with ultimate sheen. It belongs to the Dekton worktops Stonika Xgloss Collection that’s not just known for its exceptional performance but also the use of organic textures and colours.

Dekton Bergen

Dekton Bergen

3. Dekton Olimpo: Another stunning Dekton surface from Stonika Xgloss Collection is the Dekton Olimpo. This white sintered stone kitchen worktop is influenced by the beauty of Classic marbles found in Greece. Since it doesn’t bear any flaws of natural marble-like staining, etching, etc., this worktop product makes an ideal surface for kitchen and bathroom worktops without any need to apply sealants. The precise technology-based manufacturing process makes this highly polished worktop material resistant to staining and scratches. Therefore, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Meanwhile, Olimpo provides versatility, as it boasts different ranges of slabs in distinct thicknesses of 4mm, 8mm, 12mm and 20mm.

Dekton Olimpo

4. Dekton Portum: Belonging to Natural Collection, Dekton Portum is another fantastic sintered stone worktop that’s suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and flooring. In contrast with the aesthetics of natural stone, Portum is highly resistant to stains, scratches and etching even when exposed to coloured food substances. With a gorgeous white background with randomly spread veins on its surface, this worktop material shows a natural look of marble and quartzite. This worktop is likely to bring unique aesthetic charm to both classic and modern interior designs. Moreover, it’s resistant to UV rays so that it can be installed outside the house for an outdoor kitchen or to enhance other outdoor areas around your home.

Dekton Portum

5. Dekton Khalo: Dekton Khalo provides shades of neutral colours and velvety matte finish to any interior space. It boasts earthy backdrop with randomly spread minerals and speckles all over its surface to bring natural aesthetics to an indoor environment. This Dekton worktop belongs to Natural Collection, which is made by blending porcelain, glass, quartz and other raw material to create an ultra-compact surface. It is inspired in the popular Patagonia granite from Brazil, but the Dekton model offers superior performance whilst requiring practically no maintenance. The sintered ultra-compact surface is highly resistant to scratches, freeze, heat, and staining. Besides, this worktop is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Dekton Khalo

6. Dekton Fiord: Fiord from the popular XGloss range by Dekton is a highly polished worktop surface with a combination of raw materials that undergo extreme temperatures and pressures to form an ultra-compact surface with superior strength. It boasts a white background with a combination of veining patterns evoking aesthetics of natural quartzite like White Macaubas or Calacatta Brazil without any need for high maintenance like natural stones.

Dekton Fiord

7. Dekton Ventus: Dekton Ventus is a grey coloured sintered material that offers innovation and aesthetic appeal to any residential or commercial property.  It is inspired in classic minimalism and clean lines, whilst offering unparalleled performance in both interior and exterior areas.

This material is ideal for those who like to add a spectrum of greyish tones into their kitchen interior. Furthermore, this worktop material has a high resistance to UV rays that ensures it won’t degrade over time.

Dekton Ventus

It is also low coefficient of thermal expansion that gives thermal shocks whenever exposed to high freezing or heat conditions.

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