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Silestone Supercharge Your Worktops with a Silestone Integrity Top and sink

Supercharge Your Worktops with a Silestone Integrity Top and sink

Thu, Apr, 2018 Jesus Alberto Mouzo
Silestone Integrity Top and sink can easily become the centre-points of any kitchen. As a matter of fact, we spend over 50% of our time in the kitchen nearby the sink, as all the important tasks such as cutting, washing, and food preparation are carried out in and around the sink area. Needless to say, your kitchen sink should be as practical and durable as your kitchen worktops, guaranteeing a fully functional piece of equipment, that will help you save time and effort on daily tasks carried out in this important are of any house. Silestone, a popular stone and ultra compact surface material manufacturer, has launched an exclusive range of kitchen sinks within its already popular Integrity range. If you are looking for a beautiful and long-lasting kitchen sink, and one that seamlessly integrates with your work surfaces, there are several reasons that make the new Silestone Integrity Top sink an ideal choice for any kitchen. The Integrity Top is an above-counter sink with an easy-installation design that offers pure amalgamation with the Silestone worktop. 1. Silestone Integrity Top and sink come with all the characteristics of Cosentino Silestone is an engineered quartz material with over than 95% natural quartz content. As a result, the material is extremely strong and resilient. Apart from this, it is also resistant to stains and scratches and it can take moderate to hot temperatures, making it the number one choice in kitchen worktop installations in the UK and in many other countries around Europe. All these characteristics which make Silestone a popular choice for interior worktops that are completed by the Integrity Top Sinktoo. This ensures that the kitchen sinks are as beautiful, functional, and as long-lasting as the Silestone worktops.

Silestone Blanco Zeus Integrity Top Sink

2. Easy installation Silestone Integrity Top and sink comes in a single piece and it is simple to install. You do not need any special tools for their installation and it can be easily managed by any trained and/or competent tradesman. Combined with a matching Silestone worktop, you can create a beautiful kitchen with the help of these high-performance sinks offered by the leading brand. The sinks also come with all the relevant pipes and connectors, ensuring a qualified plumber can connect it to the water supply in a matter of seconds. The idea behind all Integrity Sinks is to offer a single piece that offers an end result of extraordinary visual harmony which is especially interesting when working in minimalistic and modern interiors. 3. Available in multiple colours and sizes In order to help you create homogeneous designs in your kitchen, the initial range of Integrity Top and sink models are available in three different colours that have been selected due to their proven success, neutrality and timeless appeal- Blanco Zeus Extreme, Negro Tebas, and Cemento Spa. The sinks are also available in other Silestone colours upon special request. If you are looking for other Silestone sink colours to match your existing design, you can check the Silestone Integrity sink range too as it comes in designs of single and double bowl options.

Silestone Integrity top Cemento Spa

Apart from the colours, the sinks are also available in many sizes and designs like Integrity ONE, Integrity DUE (L), Integrity DUE (S), Integrity XL, and Integrity Top. With zero joints and a single piece design, Integrity sinks are a perfect choice for every modern kitchen. 4. 25-year warranty For enhanced convenience and peace of mind, just like the rest of the products from the range of Integrity Quartz worktops, all Integrity Sinks also come with a 25-year available manufacturers’ warranty. Silestone is one of the few international brands that offer a certified warranty in writing upon registration of your installation on their website. This is another point that clearly suggests the reliability of the Silestone brand and the products it offers. Needless to say, any sink and worktop from Silestone would deliver long-lasting results regardless of their colour, thickness or finish. If you already have a Silestone worktop or any other kitchen worktop and are looking for a sink to match it, Silestone sinks can be an amazing choice. Combined with all these benefits, you will surely be making a smart decision by investing in Silestone. Make sure you choose a reliable stone supplier when buying worktops and integrity tops for best results. Ref: Accessories for Stone

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