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Compac Worktops The 10 Best Selling Compac Quartz Worktop Materials in the UK in 2017

The 10 Best Selling Compac Quartz Worktop Materials in the UK in 2017

Fri, Aug, 2017 Jesus Alberto Mouzo
Compac quartz products are beloved by designers, homeowners and property developers alike, who adore the fact that while Compac derives inspiration from natural stones- such as the Calacatta marble- which is reinterpreted by Compac with their Unique Calacatta quartz, with a natural look and feel, it also manages to stay strong in all of the segments where natural stone worktops fail.

Here are summarized the top 10 Compac Quartz worktop materials of 2017:

Compac Glaciar

Compac Glaciar is a symbol of eternal peace and tranquillity. Glaciar is a match made in heaven for winter lovers who like the serenity of this magical colour. This snowy white quartz stone contains very faint white speckles that are reminiscent of the glaciers of Antarctica. This surface has a pure texture and offers an impeccable range of designer options that are only limited by your creativity. Further to this, Compac Glaciar undergoes the same amount of technological testing in which all Compac quartz surfaces are known for. Glaciar is resistant to scratching and staining without ever needing a sealing or coating that is primarily the case with natural stones. As royal as a Compac Glaciar looks, it offers a great value in return, while remaining light on your budget and imparting grace to any architectural design.
Compac Glaciar

Compac Carrara

Inspired from the original Italian Carrara marble, Compac Carrara quartz showcases a white background and grey-beige veining. To imitate the real beauty of Carrara marble, the makers use a biological resin to bind together grains of quartz under extreme temperature and pressure, into an adaptable surface that is suitable for flooring, wall cladding, and kitchen worktops. What makes Compac Carrara sustainable is the inclusion of polymer resins that add specific benefits during the entire process of fabrication and installation. This feature also gives rise to another advantage of Compac surfaces that is the lack of porosity. For a homeowner or for use at a food preparation area, this factors in greatly, because Compac Carrara is anti-bacterial and remains non-toxic. Furthermore, it is environmentally safe. Due to the blend of natural and polymer resins, patterns are consistent all over the slabs, but they may not be identical due to the use of other elements, which results in natural chemical combination, thus giving rise to a beautiful veining and texture.
Compac Carrara

Compac Luna

Reminding you of the moon, with its natural grace and innocence, Compac Luna is a white quartz stone but with greyish speckles on its surface. This neutral coloured stone opens up the possibility of a whole palette of design applications for incredible home and office interiors. Composing of up to 95 percent quartz and the remaining resins, Compac Luna also brings the same amount of tensile strength and resistance as all of the other Compac quartz products. It also stays affordable for homeowners while continuously delivering a very high value.
Compac Luna

Compac Alaska

Compac Alaska is a pearly white Compac quartz surface that brings an unseen pattern reminding you of the Alaskan landscape from where it derives grace, originality, immense resistance, and purity to any setting it is displayed at. This stone has been the best seller in the market for over 30 years and comes in various thicknesses with a three-decade warranty when purchased from MKW Surfaces and registering your installation at the manufacturers’ website. Compac Alaska has a beautiful organic pattern when seen on large pieces and it belongs to Price Group 2 which entails great value and friendly prices for a product that will last for decades to come.
Compac Alaska

Compac Ice Zement

Compac Ice Zement is a fairly new addition to the New York collection that optimises your style with organic touch and plain off-white to grey stone. It is made out of approximately 97% pure quartz and 3% resin that build unique patterns into its natural looking surface. You can combine Ice Zement quartz with vivid, darker or neutral other colours including furniture and other objects placed on any interior space. Projected to deliver the utmost quality, it is recommended for much-used areas, as it adds extra poise to your bathroom and kitchen with anti-bacterial protection and an extremely high resistance to scratches, stains and accidental impact.
Compac Ice Zement

Compac Absolute Blanc

Pure and brilliant white, Absolute Blanc reflects light with aesthetics on your kitchen worktops and to the rest of the room in which it is displayed. The technology used at Compac produces the finest out of quartz, which is one of the hardest stones found on earth. In addition, the white tone remains eternally unaltered, once you keep with its very low maintenance requirements. It is a neutral option to combine with colourful, darker or other neutral shades in your kitchen. The pearly white, Absolute Blanc is a sensory stimulating material created by Compac. It is quartz composite, which is highly resistant to heat, cold, scratching, staining, and more. It is an elegant product of extremely high quality, with the most attractive appearance and perfect finish with unlimited interior design options. Perfectly applicable to interior settings, this material is available in Glace and polished finishing. You may use it in bathrooms, cladding, flooring, and kitchen.
Compac Absolute Blanc

Compac Ceniza

Highly resistant to scratches, abrasions, impact and extreme weather variations, the Compac Ceniza is an extremely high-quality material. Compac Ceniza has a diverse appeal that accelerates the possible applications of this marble inspired surface. Moreover, with creative new homogeneous colours in a wide range of formats and decorative pieces, Ceniza serves a multipurpose use as a quartz kitchen worktop, to name a couple of its diverse uses. Ceniza also inherits a great deal of strength, rigidity and resistance. It has a very minimal absorption rate, facilitates easier cleaning and low maintenance that renders it useful and a warranted choice for bathrooms as claddings and as worktops in kitchens. Compac Ceniza provides an ash tone and it belongs to Price Group 1 within the range which offers not only good aesthetics but also an excellent investment value for a product that comes with an available warranty of over 30 years, making it very popular amongst interior designers and property developers that require a good surface whilst keeping costs low.
Compac Ceniza

Compac Gray Zement

Grey is a colour that brings so much inspiration into decoration. Despite its formal grace, it is entirely possible to create a welcoming, modern, and luxurious style to achieve a clean and balanced environment. Thanks to the richness of nature and the abundance of higher technology in the world of interior design, you can find the most stylish surface in grey to compose your design ideas. Here is a rich collection that makes the grey colour perfect for worktops, whether in a kitchen, living room or elsewhere. Grey Zement comes in an extravagant grey background made out of precious material for modern and traditional taste. The colour is maintained for a lifetime due to high technology composition and the exquisite Glacé finish to continue the smooth touch for centuries to come. It improves your property value and gives you the most incredible surface experience.
Compac Gray Zement

Compac Unique Calacatta

Unique Calacatta contains approximately 96% pure quartz and 4% resins that provide a natural colour and unique patterns of golden greyish veins in a clean white background. It is greatly recommended because it is non-toxic and protects from bacterial attack when used in kitchen worktops, walls, etc. Moreover, it is anti-mould which makes it ideal to apply in humid ambiences such as bathrooms, pool surrounds, flooring and many others. It is an extremely sturdy and resistant product with the compositions that harden the abrasion of time, cold and hot weather and can be applied in flooring, kitchen worktop, façade and several others, including areas with the heavy foot traffic of people. The variety of the slab shapes is suitable for all projects with affordable prices in comparison to other options. If you are looking for a product with massive measurements with different thickness, then no need to look further. Compac Unique Calacatta comes in Giant slabs with dimensions 3200x1600mm. The aesthetic and technical properties continue to exist regardless of the size and time usage. While the natural colour finishes the job with a spectacular look. Compac Unique Calacatta can be applied all over your home or office without restrictions and matches with any material you have in a space such as wooden, stainless and plastic. Its texture gives the final exclusive touch to the styles of all Compac quartz worktops.
Compac Unique Calacatta

Compac Dim Functional

The Compac Dim Functional is a single piece of quartz that is perfect for combining with any material and design. It comes primarily in two finishes- polished and Glacé. It comes in the varying sizes of 60x60 cm, 60x40 cm, 60x30 cm, 30x30 cm, 305x140 cm and thicknesses varying from half an inch to one and a quarter inch. It maintains the consistency of colour, eternally avoids fading or altering any other kind of change on the hues which make it ideal for curtain wall system. It is a product of extraordinary performance but light at the same time and powerful strength which is 5 times more resistant than granite. It’s a lifetime product. Therefore, it can be used for wall cladding and kitchen worktops but it will not damage.
Compac Dim Functional
The dimensional stability provides excellent consistency in size and thickness, minimising the need for corrections and facilitating installation. The Compac Functional Range is non-porous and does not need to be sealed. The low coefficient of thermal expansion and the material resists strongly to an impact of cold and heat. It would discourage anyone to see stain marks on their newly purchased surface, but with Compac you do not have to worry any further because it is completely stain-proof.


Compac quartz is one of the bestselling quartz ranges when it comes to worktop materials in the United Kingdom in 2017. These modern technological marvels are taking the British markets by storm due to their higher resistance against heating, cooling, scratching, abrasion, heavy impact, humidity, lack of water absorption and staining, to name a few of its superior performance qualities.

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