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Design The 13 Most Popular Materials for Bathroom Coverings in 2018 [Interiors]

The 13 Most Popular Materials for Bathroom Coverings in 2018 [Interiors]

Mon, Dec, 2017 Jesus Alberto Mouzo
Finding the perfect stone for bathroom is one of the hardest choices when planning for an entire home renovation. Bathroom tiles must meet certain characteristics like they should not be water absorbent, must not stain easily, must support a finishing that offers maximum grip and still upkeeps its beautiful, elegant look. So, here are the 13 most popular options for bathroom coverings in 2018:

1. Bianco Carrara marble

It is common knowledge that the Bianco Carrara marble increases the eminence of any home, especially, the flooring. When this stone is applied as a bathroom covering, it provides movement in the appearance of the floor. This prestigious stone dates back to the 17th century when the Carrara marble quarry production was led by Italian families who ruled in the regions of Massa and Carrara. A marble statue called Michelangelo's David, is still to this day is an absolute perfection of Fine Art. It was formed with the carvings from Carrara in 1501 and 1504 that represented a masterpiece of Renaissance by Michelangelo. Bianco Carrara marble was used to sculpt monuments in the memory of King Edward VII in Birmingham, England. It comes with a striking veined texture and a deep essence of pure white background that adds sophistication and exclusivity as bathroom coverings, utility rooms, reception desks, staircases, hallways, wall cladding, furniture, pillars, façades, among several others. Scores of designing firms continue to feel inspired by this natural stone and transcribe its beauty onto the engineered marble as well. What is truly striking are the identical hues and veining seen on Carrara marble.
Bianco Carrara marble honed

2. Compac Unique Calacatta

Calacatta contains approximately 96% pure quartz and 4% resins that provide a natural colour and unique patterns of golden veins on a clean white background. It is greatly recommended for residential indoor use because it is non-toxic and is also anti-bacterial. It does not catch mould even when used as bathroom covering. It is an extremely sturdy and resistant product with the compositions that stand the abrasion of time, cold and hot weathers. There is something magical about the construction of all Compac surfaces which result in high tensile strength, durability and superior performance while offer to the end-users an equal luxurious appeal and the 'look & feel' of a trustworthy grand architectural material. It blends with a mystique combination of striking grey veins with golden tints across a pearly white background spreading throughout the slab. Compac Unique Calacatta is the best-selling stone from Compac made commercially available in a mixture of Gold, Grey & White tonality. The reason for this fame and success is its anti-stain property & low-maintenance attributes.
Compac Unique Calacatta

3. Dekton Entzo

Inspired from Calacatta gold, Dekton created Entzo in a radiating landscape. Its colour never subsides and lasts for an eternity. Your space will look spacious and tidy with this sophisticated surface, while the white background with grey and gold marble-like features continues to amaze its spectators gleaming like gold under brightly lit atmosphere. It is made from sintered particle technology composed of many natural particles seen in marbles like Calacatta Oro, Paonazzo, and Colorado. It is highly resistant to scratching, heating, cooling, water absorption, and ideal for kitchen worktops.  This stone brings versatility to any interior or exterior design that uses matching materials unique in colour, texture and finishes.
Dekton Entzo

4. Compac Ice Zement

Compac Ice Zement is a gold new addition to the New York collection that optimises your style with organic touch and plain off-white to grey stone. It is made out of approximately 97% pure quartz and 3% resin that build unique natural patterns. You can combine Zement with vivid, darker or neutral other colours including furniture and other objects. Projected to deliver the utmost quality, it is recommended for much-used areas, as it adds extra poise to your bathroom and kitchen, with anti-bacterial protection.
Compac Ice Zement

5. Caesarstone Statuario Maximus

Caesarstone has a new stone in its Supernatural Ultra collection known as Statuario Maximus. It is inspired from the glaring beauty of marble and it has grey veins etched across the soft white background with extra veining delicately planted on the surface. Caesarstone Statuario Maximus displays a soft grey vein with elegant golden hints that will mesmerize users of the surfaces, protecting them from bacteria, staining and scratches with a versatile material that is highly resistant to impact.
Caesarstone Statuario Maximus

6. Unistone Calacatta Toscane

Unistone represents a new-era of an extremely hard surfaces consisting of approximately 90% natural quartz. Unistone quartz surfaces are made using the Breton technology with a unique license to produce in Vietnam and distribute their great materials in the UK. This surface is anti-bacterial, acid-resistant, scratch and smudge resistant. Unistone Calacatta Toscane Velluto has a white pearly backdrop. It is reminiscent of the natural Calacatta Tuscan marble from Italy that amplifies any interior area.
Unistone Calacatta Toscane

7. Neolith Calacatta

Neolith is eco-friendly, does not stain, versatile, highly durable, competitively priced and carries decades of warranty when purchased from an authorised and trusted supplier such as MKW Surfaces in London, UK. It carries all these features and some more. The Calacatta model is a part of the Classtone collection that has attracted the greatest attention from the media and it has also been the beneficiary of important international awards for exquisite product design such as the Red Dot Product Design Awards and the Muuuz International Awards 2015. Neolith was the product of choice in 2017 without any doubts and will continue to grow in popularity in 2018 with products that look different and perform incredibly well in both indoors and outdoors applications, making design continuity a reality.
Neolith Calacatta
The Neolith Calacatta finds its inspiration from Carrara boards seen in the market. This model boasts an elegant and well-distributed design with uniform grey veins all along the board which optimises its use irrespective of its area of application or the slab size. Neolith Calacatta’s greyish mesh comes with subtle hints of gold that lie on a bright white background, providing light and vitality to any space of its implementation.

8. Compac Absolute Blanc Glace finish

Pure white Absolute Blanc Glace quartz reflects light with impeccable aesthetics. In addition, the white tone remains eternally unaltered, with an almost non-existent maintenance regime. It is a neutral option to combine with colourful, dark or other neutral shades in your kitchen or bathroom. The pearly white, Absolute Blanc is a sensory stimulating material created by Compac. Compac Absolute Blanc Glace finish provides a silky surface at touch on a matt finish which has an increased slip resistance when compared to a polished finish that also provides a radiant surface without overpowering with shine. It is a quartz composite, which is highly resistant to heat, cold, scratching and staining. This elegant product maintains high quality with the most attractive appearance. Perfectly applicable to interior settings, this material is available in Glace and polished finishing. You may use it in bathrooms, cladding, flooring, and kitchen.
Compac Absolute Blanc Glace finish

9. Neolith Carrara

Neolith Carrara is inspired by the real Bianco Carrara marble stone from Italy. The designers have collated dozens of natural marbles and exactly pinpointed the qualities and characteristics they want to replicate in this Neolith marvel. It comprises natural aesthetic elements and it is unique in beauty. It is available in Decor Polished and Silk finish with a classic white backdrop and delicate grey veining. Different to natural marble, Neolith Carrara won’t etch, stain or scratch in applications such as food preparation areas, bathrooms and halls. The Size who makes Neolith, has also come up with a book match version of Neolith Carrara which allows users to create unique pattern designs on their projects including wall cladding and kitchen splashbacks as well as in worktops and floorings. Neolith Carrara can be used both indoors and outdoors as it is a material that is not affected by UV lights nor will fade in colour with the passage of time.
Neolith Carrara
  1. Carrara Marble

Carrara Marble is the most popular stone in the world. It has been used since ancient Rome, in sculpture and building. Due to its diversity and hygienic properties, Carrara Marble worktop is highly requested for bathroom and kitchen. It is one of the finest surfaces and is available in tiles and slabs to match with every corner of your bathroom & kitchen. The subtle sparkle of Carrara makes it convenient with high resistance. It values your property because it is extremely durable which can withstand any sort of external pressure and a sudden change of weight.
Carrara Marble
7 Easy tips to take care of Carrara Marble Kitchen Worktops

11. Statuario marble

Statuario is a natural marble that has given inspiration to many designers over many centuries. It is quarried in the north of Italy alongside the Bianco Carrara and Calacatta Oro types and exported to the UK and Europe after an extensive finish processing at the plants in Italy. It comprises marble with a snow white background with thick grey veins and subtle hints of veining running across the slabs, Statuario marble makes a perfect bathroom covering.
Statuario marble

12. Calacatta Oro marble

Calacatta Oro marble is a crème de la crème, in terms of natural beauty. Calacatta marble is available only in the region of Carrara, in Northern Italy. Calacatta Oro marble is rare and its purest white background has thick and bold grey-golden veins that make it popular among many homeowners. It has become a classic with Emperors and Kings in the past and thanks to the technological advances in quarrying and transport of stone materials, Calacatta can now be a reality in every homeowner’s kitchen and bathroom.
Calacatta Oro marble

13. Neolith Estatuario

Neolith has conquered the market space with its revolutionary designs, composition, colour variations, durability, and strength to name a few of its outrageously wide spanning attributes. It is a 100 percent sintered stone, what that means is that it is composed of three natural elements- granite minerals, glass minerals and silica and natural oxides. Neolith Estatuario: This model stands out due to its faithful interpretation of Carrara marble. It imparts a blend of thick and subtle veins crossing a pure white background. Neolith Estatuario is a Best Selling material in the UK in 2017 and will continue being adapted by both users and Specifyers in 2018 and the foreseeable future thanks to being a unique product that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
Neolith Estatuario

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