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Laminam Trending Laminam Worktop Colours in 2020

Trending Laminam Worktop Colours in 2020

Mon, Jun, 2020 Jesus Alberto Mouzo

Laminam ceramic countertops are trendy, stylish and functional for modern home designs. Each year, the manufacturers of this beautiful worktop material come up with new styles and colour options for homeowners. So, if you are looking forward to creating a gorgeous kitchen with aesthetics and practicality, you should consider Laminam.

In 2020, Laminam has become one of the popular choices among designers and homeowners looking for a stylish kitchen within a budget. Here are the 10 most striking colour options from Laminam worktops collection to help you upgrade the appearance of your kitchen:

1) Laminam Seta Gris: Combining the natural appeal of Italian stones, Laminam Seta Gris can instantly uplift any dull interior. Plus, it offers a silky finish to complete the interior with sensorial luxury vibes.

laminam seta gris

2) Laminam Statuarietto: This resembles the classic Italian style of natural stones. It boasts a white background with an ample grey veining effect all over its surface. It’s a great indoor and outdoor slab to add a touch of marble into your living space without spending too much money.

laminam statuarietto wall cladding

3) Laminam Seta Liquorice: The gorgeous Laminam Seta Liquorice blends the beauty of nature into your high-tech kitchen space. It also has a smooth silky finish to add a luxe vibe to any given interior.

laminam seta liquorice kitchen worktops

4) Laminam Calacatta Oro Venato: Another stylish and luxurious kitchen worktop is the Laminam Calacatta Oro Venato. Its white ceramic surface boasts a greyish gold veining effect that improves the look of any given space. It also has a stunning countertop surface for adding value to your property while preserving its glorious looks for years to come.

laminam calacatta oro venato wall

5) Laminam Legno Venezia Sabbia: This mid-beige thin worktop slab is ideal for areas that are in close contact with water. It adds the natural appeal of wood to a given space without requiring too much effort for cleaning and maintenance. It is even highly resistant to impact, stains and scratches. This means it is ideal for busy homeowners who need low-maintenance worktops for their kitchen.

laminam legno venezia sabbia kitchen worktops

6) Laminam Ossido: This unique style is perfect for bringing an oxidized appeal to your indoor and outdoor kitchen designs. This sturdy material is suitable for cooking and preparing food. Moreover, the material is highly resistant to scratches, impact and stains.

laminam ossido bruno worktops

7) Laminam Bianco Statuario Venato: This ceramic slab boasts a white backdrop with a rich grey veining pattern on its surface. Its design is perfect for both indoor and outdoor areas in your house. If you want to add glorious appeal to your home without spending too much time and effort on cleaning and maintenance, this worktop is a great option.

laminam bianco statuario venato bedroom

8) Laminam Perla: It features a light grey background with stunning darker mid-grey veining. The material resembles marble to a great extent but doesn’t bear any issues associated with the natural stone. So, if you love the aesthetics of marble but don’t want to deal with its issues, Laminam Perla is a great solution.

laminam perla

9) Laminam Bianco Assoluto: This worktop material offers you purest white surface, which will bring striking light within your interior. Just like other worktops, it is easy to clean and hygienic as well due to its non-porous surface.

laminam bianco assoluto lucidato worktops

10) Laminam Neve: This white ceramic worktop brings natural feel into your home. It is perfect for adding the glory of natural mountains and glaciers to your kitchen.

laminam neve lucidato worktops

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