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Silestone What is Silestone Suede?

What is Silestone Suede?

Tue, May, 2018 Jesus Alberto Mouzo

With the increasing demand for more honed and natural looks in kitchens, bathrooms and other interior areas, Silestone, a popular quartz surface brand manufactured by the Cosentino Group, includes the option of having Suede texture across several of its popular colours and designs. The Suede texture adds a smooth, velvety feel to the quartz surfaces with unique design aesthetics which make them look great in contemporary kitchens and bathrooms since the matt look brings out the best of patterns and veins on its materials. The Suede texture is quite different from the Polished or the Volcano finish, which are also offered by the Company. While the Polished finish offers a glossier surface, the Volcano finish is much more textured and grainier than the Suede.

How does the Silestone Suede finish feel?

The Suede texture offered by Silestone adds a softer appearance to the quartz surfaces while keeping the reflection to a minimum. The beautiful surfaces become very smooth to touch but maintain the same technical capabilities for which Silestone is so popular throughout the world. Just like all the other products from the brand, the Suede textured surfaces too, are highly versatile and resistant to scratches and stains. All required to maintain a Silestone Suede quartz worktop on a daily is a household window cleaning spray and a paper cloth.

Which Silestone products are available with the suede finish?

The texture is currently offered with several popular white, grey, and black colours, such as Blanco Zeus Extreme, Negro Tao, Vortium and Cemento Spa, and the entire Nebula series from the brand which you can find at Silestone Quartz Collections. This new offering from the brand is highly recommended for kitchen worktops as well as for its use as splashbacks, upstands and window sills.

The above chart shows the range of 53 Silestone Suede colours available for 2018.

silestone suede colours 2018

Silestone Suede textured quartz surfaces have minimum maintenance and cleaning requirements and do not require any sealant or wax to improve their appearance. Further to this, they are highly resistant to grease marks fingerprints which is usually a concern when purchasing matt worktops, making them a great choice for every busy kitchen.

Are the Suede finished surfaces from Silestone safe for food preparation?

Silestone Suede surfaces come with a built-in antimicrobial protection which prevents the growth of mould, bacteria, and mildew; making them a great option for any area in contact with water and other liquids. The surfaces are certified by the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) and Greenguard to ensure complete safety. Silestone Suede is approved to be installed in both residential and commercial premises which includes hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools and universities. The products complies with all regulations in terms of cooking and food preparation areas.Rest assured that the surfaces are completely safe for food preparation and a great choice for every kitchen.

Where to buy Silestone Suede?

In the UK, there are now several reputed stone surface providers who are approved by Cosentino and offer this great texture from Silestone.

Homeowners confused with all the different surface materials can also consult these surface providers to pick the best product for their needs and budget. Furthermore, some of the providers also offer template and installation services to ensure maximum convenience and a smooth turnaround of you project. Make sure you choose a reliable and authorised store or reseller to get a genuine Silestone worktops product rather than a cheaper imitation which may lack some of the great performance characteristics mentioned above.

With the Suede texture, Silestone has again raised the bar for the stone industry and highlighted its dedication towards offering distinctive and innovative products. Homeowners looking for a unique surface for their home which is beautiful, soft to touch, and one that comes with high-end technical capabilities should surely consider the Suede texture from the brand.

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