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Quartzite What You Need to Know About Taj Mahal Quartzite

What You Need to Know About Taj Mahal Quartzite

Fri, Jun, 2020 Jesus Alberto Mouzo

With the increasing popularity of quartzite, no wonder many homeowners in the UK are inclining towards Taj Mahal quartzite worktops for their kitchen. The name of this natural stone is taken from India’s incredible monument, Taj Mahal, as its colours are reminiscent of the beauty of the Indian historic monument.

But there is a slight confusion about this natural stone, as many people mistake it for granite. Although its name is the Taj Mahal, this stone is not quarried in India. Rather, this quartzite slab comes from Brazil like many quartzite pieces. Here, we have discussed all the important things that one should know about Taj Mahal quartzite:

Colours of Taj Mahal quartzite

One major reason why Taj Mahal quartzite is popular for kitchen or bathroom countertops is that it brilliantly mimics the look of marble while boasting durability and hardness of granite. The slabs of this natural stone feature swirls and broad waves of colour, along with striking striations. These patterns are quite similar to natural marble.

Like many other natural stones, even Taj Mahal quartzite has several colour variations due to different geographical regions. This quartzite stone is often available in warm colours, such as white with beige or creamy tan marbling effect or sometimes in slight taupe shades. The overall appeal of this stone is light in colour, which works well in neutral and warm tone kitchens.

The Beauty of Marble and Strength of Granite

Taj Mahal quartzite holds a close resemblance to elegant pearly marbles but has the durability of granite. So, if you wish to add the essence of marble in your kitchen without worrying about scratches, Taj Mahal quartzite is a great option.

Taj Mahal begins as sandstone under the earth's crust and gradually becomes quartzite under extremely high pressure and temperature conditions, giving incredible durability to this natural stone.


Easy Maintenance

Sick of walking carefully and getting rid of scratches on your marble worktops, Taj Mahal quartzite is a great option to solve all your woes. Despite being looking similar to natural marble worktop, quartzite is much durable. This also means that it can easily resist any damage, as well as easy to maintain.

You only need to treat quartzite once like granite sealing within a few years. After that, you can easily wipe off any spills or messes quickly without putting much effort in cleaning or maintenance. All you need is a soapy water mixture to clean its surface to be shiny again.

Heat Resistant

Since quartzite is processed under high-temperature conditions naturally, it can easily withstand high temperatures. This means it won’t suffer any damages from hot utensils like pans, coffee mugs, etc. With quartzite, you can enjoy all the advantages of granite, along with the beauty and grace of marble.


Taj Mahal quartzite lies in the high-end category of natural worktops. But due to its lasting and durable characteristics, it’s worth investing your money on this natural stone. The reason why it's costly is that this quartzite is rarer compared to granite and its quarrying process is also complex than granite slabs. Along with installation, the Taj Mahal worktop is priced between £75 and £85 per square foot.

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