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Caesarstone Concetto 8531 Blue Agate

Blue Agate by Concetto is a semi-precious stone surface with cross-cut mineral in stunning blue, white and grey tones.

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Blue Agate

Product Description

Caesarstone Concetto 8531 Blue Agate is natural stone with translucent blue and turquoise crystals and circular pattern that offers a stylish, stunning looks that are both conventional and contemporary at the same time.

Caesarstone Concetto 8531 Blue Agate is a natural rock that is defined by its fine grain and bright colours. It comes in various colours and is related to the group of volcanic and metamorphic stones.

Semi-precious Blue Agate radiates tranquillity only found on deep ocean blues and brings the ultimate luxurious surface to any home or establishment including exclusive hotels, restaurants and boutiques.
Its turquoise hues allow for endless designs, matching dark and light surroundings and allows for a versatile array of design and unique environments.

Caesarstone Concetto 8531 Blue Agate is the perfect material to create amazing interior spaces, focal points and is also suitable backlit applications such as cladding, counters and areas that require an impressive material with indulgent and sumptuous appeal.

With slabs dimensions at 3020x1415mm, Concetto 8531 Blue Agate brings the ultimate seamless surface to the architectural world.

Concetto slabs have been individually inspected for imperfections on the front and underside of all sheets, resulting in not only incredibly beautiful surfaces but also timeless work of art.

Its natural characteristic brings thicknesses, varying in between 230-260mm with an approximate weigh of 280kg/618lbs per slab.

Caesarstone Concetto is an amazing range of impressive materials that are cherry-picked and hand-made from a selection of unique semi-precious stones with 150 million years in the making.
A blend of the most beautiful materials in the planet, craft and state-of-the-art engineering that offers the natural beauty of gemstones that offers supreme luxury to worktops, cladding and floorings in commercial and residential spaces.

Concetto stones are engineered to make them highly resistant to heat, scratches and stains whilst maintaining their original translucency, shading and patterns that makes these unique.

Concetto is a luxurious range of semi-precious stone types, hand-picked by Caesarstone with careful attention in order to transform any space in which these truly amazing surfaces are displayed.
From the delicate, barely visible patterns seen on the exclusive white crystals in Puro quartz to powerful looks of Tiger Eye, these materials won’t stop dazzling friends, family and onlookers alike.

Concetto products require very little upkeep and are easy to maintain with a mild detergent and soapy water, ensuring the surfaces look pristine at all times. Further to this, Caesarstone is committed to the environment and safety standards when carrying out production, ensuring every slab is inspected, achieving the highest degree of global standards.

All Caesarstone products come with a manufacturers’ warranty for peace of mind of the user, ensuring a high level of customer support every time required.

The Concetto range of luxurious stones is available in 15 elegant colours, with unique brilliance that will enhance kitchens, bathrooms and any other area in which an incredible looking and long-lasting material is required to create an exhilarating ambience.

Caesarstone Concetto is available in slabs with dimensions 3020×1415 with a thickness of 25mm.

Product Data

Product Data

Type Gemstone
Colour Blue, Translucent
Price Rating 6
Thicknesses 25mm
Finishes Polished
Suitable for Exteriors, Interiors
Brand Concetto by Caesarstone
Manufacturers' Warranty 10 years
Country Israel
Technical Information

Technical Information

Characteristics Results Results
Mohs Hardness Scratch Test 6 -8 1
Density ASTM C 97 1820-2,539
Taber Abrasion ASTM C-501 35-90 2
Stain Resistance ANSI Z 55 - 57 3
Ball Impact Resistance NEMA LD 3.33 58-89 cm
25"" - 35""
Flexural strength ASTM C 880 98.45-155kg/cm²
1400 - 2200 PSI 4
Scale of 1 to 10 where is diamond (hardest)
Abrasion index at 1000 cycles. A higher index represents less wear
The maximum rating is 64
Flexural Strength of: Marble=1000PSI average Granite=1200PSI average
Mass by unit of volume: 2566 kg/m3
Imperfections may present
Cracks, pits, voids, blemishes
Slab-to-slab colour match
Colour inconsistency within the slab
Irregular spots
Inconsistent gloss levels
Thickness tolerance ± 1 mm (1/32”)
Warping: up to 2 mm (1/16”) entire length and width when slab horizontal and fully supported


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Additional Information

Additional Information


    Caesarstone’s quality control is second to none as they check each slab individually before declaring it flawless. Caesarstone is also committed to the highest safety and eco standards, and take great pride in becoming the first quartz manufacturer to achieve the ISO 14001 international standard for environmental management and performance. All its products meet the stringent American Greenguard standards and we are proud to have NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) accreditation which means our surfaces are safe enough for use in labs, healthcare facilities and food preparation environments.


Performance Characteristics

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Unique and impressive looks
  • Highly resistant to stain, scratches, mould
  • Hard and resilient
  • Extremely low porosity
  • Minimum number of joints
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Wide range of colours available
10 Years
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