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Compac Logo

Compac Quartz pdf

It is composed of approximately 95% pure Quartz. The Spanish surface brand, Compac; creates fine, durable, and versatile engineered materials. Built under strict quality standards, Compac surfaces are not just visually appealing, but they are also non-porous and luxuriant. Their high resistance and great flexibility make them ideal for high traffic applications including kitchen worktops, bathroom floorings, wall claddings, and vanity tops.

Compac Engineered Marble pdf

Compac marble has a smooth look that lends it a high amount of finesse. Its durable nature has made it immensely popular amongst architects. These marble composite products are created with an industrial vacuum, thus lending it exceptional resistance. An ideal product for reception desks, vanity tops, floors, and walls, Compac marble colours are available in an exhaustive range of shades, finishes, and sizes.


Silestone pdf

A leading manufacturer of Quartz surfaces, Silestone has cast an indelible impact across the world. One of the greatest properties of its surfaces is bacteriostatic protection and exclusive Silestone N-Boost. Coupled with a cost-effective and eco-friendly character, it turns Silestone by Cosentino, an extremely attractive product. The excellent craftsmanship and innovative designs of Silestone makes it perfect for worktops, bar counters, and other work surfaces.

Diresco Quartz Logo

Diresco pdf

Original from Belgium, Diresco quartz is largely renowned for its outstanding mechanical strength. Being scratch-resistant, waterproof, colour-fast, and size-retaining, it can be successfully used under the most demanding conditions. Available in 40 different colours and 3 variable finishes, Diresco meets all NFS and European standards. Irrespective of where it is used, Diresco enhances the versatility and aesthetic value of your workspace.

TechniStone LOGO

Technistone pdf

Composed of crystallised granules that give it a compact shape, Technistone surfaces are built in Czech Republic and operate through a vast network in Europe and America. Their smoothness, durability, and resilience equip Technistone quartz to suit a wide variety of demanding applications. Offering designs across 50 colour palettes and slabs with 20 mm and 30 mm thickness, Technistone surfaces give your kitchen and bathroom a unique touch.

1810 spot colour logo

1810 Taps & Sinks pdf

Made of the most innovative and contemporary designs, taps, sinks, and accessories of 1810 are the perfect blend of taste and style. Primarily composed of natural quartz, the technological supremacy of 1810 surfaces have turned them into an architectural delight. The simple manufacturing process of these surfaces produces stones that are both durable and hygienic. – These are taps & Sinks, not surfaces Please re-write.


HI-MACS by LG pdf

Hi-MACS by LG is an extraordinary solid surface material which is constituted of acrylic, minerals, and natural pigments. Its performance and functionality are further bolstered by its hygienic and visually seamless surface. Described as the ‘solid surface for the new generation’, HI-MACS is flexible, versatile, and available in translucent. Available in an extensive range of colours, it can be three-dimensionally moulded, thereby widening its scope limitlessly!


NEOLITH by The Size

Created by a fusion of raw clay, feldspar, and silica, Neolith produces cutting-edge sintered stone surfaces which can be used for a plethora of exterior and interior functions. Neolith is resilient, highly resistant, and has an extensive colour range. Its superior mechanical properties exceed every industry specification. Available in large-sized formats, these surfaces can be used to cover wide swathes of worktops, floors, and counters without placing any joints in visible or precarious positions.

Samsung Radianzpdf

Samsung Radianz Quartz is the perfect solution for all your decorative problems. These surfaces are scratch-resistant, impact-proof, non-porous, antibacterial, and heat-tolerant. Backed by a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty and a Class A fire rating, Radianz can be employed for both, residential and commercial purposes. It offers a wide array of colour options and a timeless panel uniformity, which further produces unlimited design possibilities.


Concetto by CaesarStone

Having been developed to tackle the vagaries of heat, and cold, Concetto surfaces are both, a truly luxurious collection of gemstones. They are tough, sturdy, and visually striking which makes them a preferred alternative for excusive designs of high-end worktops, countertops, claddings, and bar countertops. Concetto is currently available in a carefully selected range of colours, design, and texture options.


Dekton by Cosentino

Essentially a product of industrial metamorphosis, Dekton consists of a range of revolutionary and innovative products which have been specifically designed to provide low porosity, high resistance, and lasting durability. Dekton slabs are available in a dimension of 3200 x 1440 mm and 3170 x 1420 mm. When coupled with its lightweight form, Dekton’s size allows you to extend your reach and decorate even the most inaccessible of areas. Dekton by Cosentino is an ultracompact surface made utilizing the latest sintered stones technology, providing vivid and realistic designs.


Quartzforms – Made in Germany

EManufactured using Bretonstone system technology, Quartzforms quartz surface consists of 94% pure quartz, 6% resins, and a plethora of other minerals and raw products. These German-built surfaces are chemical resistant, moisture resilient, and have an inherently superior quality. They can be used to decorate living rooms, kitchens, and bathroom floorings as they are easy to clean and leave no residue.

Natural Stone

Natural Stone

When compared to their counterparts, natural stones such as marble, granite, limestone and travertine are available in a varied colour spectrum. When used for creating residential designs, natural stones offer a mix of strength, beauty, and elegance. In addition, natural stone is also highly popular in commercial spaces due to its durability and visual appeal. They have fibrous appearance which further supplements in grey, black, white, cream, gold, and reddish hues. The mechanical properties of natural stones make them an ideal fit for different kinds of living spaces!


QSensa by Cosentino

Created by Cosentino, Sensa Granite is treated with an invisible process that incorporates itself into the stone. Composed of a massive range of naturally produced minerals, these surfaces are known far and wide for their durability and exotic looks. Sensa is maintenance practically maintenance free, unique in terms of aesthetics, and it also comes with a lasting 15-year transferable warranty. Its surface is safeguarded by a protective treatment that is carefully applied to each slab, thus increasing its durability.


CAMBRIA® Natural Stone Surfaces

The superior performance and unmatched beauty of Cambria Quartz, a US based brand, helps it renders world-class service while being environmentally friendly. Its stone surfaces have a luxurious lustre which provide an exceptionally high finish. They evoke the grandeur of both, natural marble and granite by creating large, seamless surfaces with dimensions of 3360 x 1660 mm. They can be credibly used to build kitchen islands, wall claddings, and worktops.



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