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Silestone is a brand from spanish manufacturer Cosentino and leader in surfaces for bathrooms and kitchens.
Born in 1990, Silestone produces quartz surfaces under the Breton guidelines amongst other products such as granites and Dekton, a non-porous surface made out of glass, quartz and porcelain.
Silestone is present across the 6 continents with a worldwide presence in over 50 countries and a strong network of dealers across the globe.
Silestone has won prestigious awards such as the Golden Lion Award at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity by showcasing the world of the kitchen and Silestone® quartz surfaces.
Silestone surfaces carry all required product certifications expected from a leading manufacturer:


The Greenguard certificate shows that Silestone complies in not generating substances that are harmful to the environment. It also recommends its surfaces in closed areas.
Silestone has also been awarded the “Greenguard Children & Schools Certificate”, confirming safety in its products for schools and universities.

ISO 14001

The ISO 14001 standard certifies performance and constant environmental improvement of its processes in terms of production such as efficient use of raw materials and control of emissions amongst other processes.


LGA QUALITEST GMBH certifies the safety, good condition and quality of everyday products, in accordance with European and international requirements, meeting development and microbiological regulations.


The NSF CERTIFICATE, guarantees that Silestone products are safe for direct contact with all kinds of food.

Silestone Collections:

Silestone counts with 23 different ‘Series’ amongst its collection:

Custom Series:
  • Silestone White Storm
Nebula Alpha Series:
  • Silestone Phoenix
  • Silestone Calypso
  • Silestone Ariel
  • Silestone Blanco Orion
Ocean Series:
  • Silestone Pacific
  • Silestone Artic
  • Silestone Hudson
  • Silestone Mediterranean
  • Silestone Atlantis
  • Silestone Bering
Nebula Series:
Nebula Code Series:
Stonium Series:
  • Silestone Vortium
  • Silestone Dinux
  • Silestone Siridum
Galactic Series:
  • Silestone Quasar
  • Silestone Kimbler
  • Silestone Giallo Nova
  • Silestone Seleno
Platinum Series:
    • Silestone Carbono
    • Silestone Chrome
    • Silestone Steel
    • Silestone Zirconium
    • Silestone White Platinum
    Basiq Series:
    • Silestone Amarillo Monsul
    • Silestone Noka
    • Silestone Rougui
    • Silestone Blanco City
    • Silestone Crema Urban
    • Silestone Marengo
    • Silestone Niebla
    • Silestone Toffee
    Life! Series:
    • Silestone Naranja Cool
    • Silestone Magenta Energy
    • Silestone Verde Fun
    • Silestone Rosso Monza
    Zen Series:
    • Silestone Haiku
    • Silestone Unsui
    • Silestone Gedatsu
    • Silestone Negro Tao
    • Silestone Kensho
    • Rivers Series:

    • Silestone Bianco Rivers
    • Silestone Yukon
    • Silestone Tigris Sand
    • Silestone Gris Amazon
    Mythology Series:
    • Silestone Blanco Zeus Extreme
    • Silestone Blanco Norte
    • Silestone Crema MInerva
    • Silestone Gris Expo
      Silestone Cemento Spa
    • Silestone Negro Anubis
    • Silestone Negro Tebas
    Stone Series:
    • Silestone Arden Blue
    • Silestone Mont Blanc
    • Silestone Blanco Capri
    • Silestone Beige Daphne
    • Silestone Marron Jupiter
    • Mesopotamia Series:
    • Silestone Amarillo Palmira
    • Silestone Kona Beige
    • Silestone Verde Ugarit
    Stellar Series:
    • Silestone Blanco Stellar
    • Silestone Crema Stellar
    • Silestone Eros Stellar
    • Silestone Negro Stellar
    Tropical Forest Series:
    • Silestone Blanco Maple
    • Silestone Brazilian Brown
    • Silestone Bamboo
    Mountain Series:
    • Silestone Sierra Madre
    • Silestone Mountain Mist
    • Silestone Sienna Ridge
    • Silestone Giallo Quarry
    • Silestone Alpina White
    Cielo Series:
    • Silestone Aluminio Nube

    Please call our team on 0203 0788912 or email us and we’ll be happy to assist with your Silestone enquiry.

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