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Diresco Premium Cobalt Grey Quartz

Diresco Premium Cobalt Grey quartz is a dark grey engineered stone with a plain and uniform surface, offering consistency and sophistication to any interior design space in which it is displayed. It brings the natural feel and looks of marble and granite without the maintenance required by natural stone.

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Price Group


Slab size:
3180 x 1550 mm
Tile sizes:
300 x 300 mm / 600 x 300 mm / 600 x 400 mm / 600 x 600 mm / Bespoke tiles made to order
Available Finishes:
Other Names:
Cobalt Grey quartz

Product Description

Diresco Premium Cobalt Grey quartz is a dark grey engineered stone with a plain and uniform surface, offering consistency and sophistication to any interior design space in which it is displayed. It brings the natural feel and looks of marble and granite without the maintenance required by natural stone.

Premium Cobalt Grey belongs to the Premium Collection from Diresco, which is a premium distributor of natural and engineered stone surfaces based in Belgium. These quartz surfaces are available in slab formats with Jumbo dimensions of 3185 x 1550 mm and thicknesses of 12mm, 20mm and 30mm which allow for a wide array of applications and design styles.

You can choose from Diresco quartz stones in slab sizes of 3180 x 1550 mm which let you create amazing minimalistic designs. In addition, you can choose from different finishes of Diresco worktops. There is Diresco polished finish which provides a highly reflective sheen and is perfect for small or dark spaces. Similarly, you can choose Premium Cobalt Grey quartz in a Velvet finish, which is a matt surface with a soft feel.

When it comes to different applications, you will also be able to select from different thicknesses in Diresco materials including 20 mm and 30 mm. Additionally, you can choose a 12 mm Diresco surface which is available in most colours from its collection.

Diresco is made from 93% of pure quartz stone, the most abundant and one of the strongest minerals on earth. The quartz granules are crushed and blended with a small number of resins and additives, providing consistency in colour.

The mix is then placed on to a pre-cast mould which is exposed to extremely high temperatures, mimicking the natural process of marble or granite in nature. On its last step, the quartz slabs are Vibro-compressed, resulting in non-porous a quartz stone that is highly resistant to stains, scratches and heat.

Substances such as coffee, orange juice and ketchup are easily handled by Diresco Premium Cobalt Grey quartz, without absorbing liquids nor staining. It is an ideal product for applications in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and other interior areas.

Diresco Stone is from Belgium and complies with all European regulations, offering a 10 years commercial and residential warranty on all its products.

Features and benefits of using Diresco Premium Cobalt Grey quartz:

  • Highly stain-resistant and liquid-impermeable
  • Highly resistant to wear and tear
  • Resistant to scratches and to accidental impact
  • UV ray suitable: Diresco quartz can be installed indoors and outdoors
  • Lightweight: Diresco materials weigh 50% less than natural granite, allowing for simple installation
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • 10-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • What is Diresco Quartz?

Diresco is the brand name of a quartz company founded in 2003 and located in Limburg Belgium. The company can produce 4000 m2 of quartz stone daily and has an extensive distribution network across the European market. Diresco quartz surfaces have been present in the United Kingdom for well over a decade, providing high-quality and reliable products to both residential and commercial segments in the market.

  • How is Diresco quartz made?

The company prides itself of working with under ecological terms when it comes to the production of quartz surfaces, using raw materials and high-quality resins. In addition, Diresco Premium Cobalt Grey quartz boasts internationally renowned certifications including NSF, GreenGuard, Intertek sustainability and it also holds ISO standards.

  • How can I maintain Diresco Premium Cobalt Grey quartz?

Diresco quartz can be maintained pristine by using any neutral cleaning products. You can even use a window cleaning spray and a microfibre cloth daily on its surfaces. Because Diresco is a non-porous material, there is no need to seal the surfaces over time. Professional worktop suppliers recommend Lithofin Easy Clean which can be available online. If deeper cleaning is needed for Polished quartz surface, you can mix White CIF Cream with warm water, resulting in a foamy paste. Let it act for one minute and then rinse with plenty of hot water.

  • Does Diresco Quartz offer a warranty on its products?

Diresco provides a 10 year, warranty for all Diresco quartz products by registering your purchase with the company within 30 days of installation. The Company warrants all their products including Diresco Premium Cobalt Grey quartz against manufacturing faults and defects.





Product Data

Product Data

Price Rating2
Thicknesses12mm, 20mm, 30mm
FinishesAnticato, Matt, Polished
Suitable forInterior
Manufacturers' Warranty10 years
Technical Information

Technical Information


  • Breton: Produced with original Breton technology and free of volatile compounds.
  • NSF: Material suitable for food contact. For more information visit NSF.
  • VOC Free: Certified by the TCNA for zero content of volatile organic compounds.
  • Certified recycled content: Several Technistone products contain high percentages of recycled content. More information is available at SCS Global Services.
  • Certified Indoor Air Quality: Product compliance is determined by using the reported emission factors calculated during laboratory testing and applying standard modelling parameters for office, classroom, and/or residential environments. More information is available at SCS Global Services.

Type of application


Diresco Quartz has a number of properties that are leading to strong growth for the product in the kitchen world right now. The scratch-resistance and impermeability make this stone ideal as a kitchen working surface. The Diresco colour range also goes perfectly with the trend toward even colours on kitchen working surfaces, such as even white, black, brown, beige, etc.


The Diresco quartz composite is being used increasingly in a variety of bathroom applications. Not only for bathroom furniture, but also for bathtub cladding, wall covering for showers and bathroom floors. For these applications, our Anticato finish is often used. This finish scores best in terms of anti-slip qualities.


Quartz composite is also becoming more popular as a tabletop. No longer restricted to the kitchen, where the same stone that has been used as the working surface is also used as a tabletop, but it is also making inroads in other surroundings, as well, such as meeting rooms, dining room tables, living room tables, etc. There are numerous shades of brown in the range that can be matched perfectly with wood or even white and black that can be combined with stainless steel or aluminium. The possibilities are endless.

Wall tiles

In addition to all of the applications shown above, Diresco Stone is also being used a wide range of other interior-finishing applications. Floors, staircases, fireplace cladding are just some of the wide array of uses that Diresco quartz offers to architects, designers and end clients. Its hardness gives the product top scores for wear-resistance. Our Belgian Blue, for example, which is a variation on Belgian bluestone, is much harder and scratch-resistant than real bluestone, which is why it is used a lot for floors, staircase and fireplace cladding.



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Additional Information

Additional Information

Performance Characteristics

  • Resistance to abrasion, heat and impact
  • Colourfast
  • Corrosion and acid resistance
  • Dimension stability
  • Frost resistance
  • Waterproof. Virtually Zero porosity
  • High mechanical resistance and flexibility

10 Year Fabrication/Residential Warranty

Diresco provides a ten year, material-based, warranty for all Diresco quartz slabs from the date of purchase. Should a manufacturing defect occur during the warranty period, Diresco will repair or replace the defective Diresco quartz surface. The defect must pertain to the material itself. Any damage to the material caused by a lack of proper maintenance or an error in fabrication will not be considered.

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Date of Installation
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