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Magna Glaskeramik Ice Nugget

Magna Glaskeramik Ice Nugget is made from sourced from low-iron glass waste and 100% recyclable. In addition, translucent qualities make it a highly versatile surface that offers sophistication and originality to every project.

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Price Group


Slab size:
  • Patinated: 2800x1250mm | 3500x1400mm
  • Matt: 2700x1200mm | 3400x1400mm
  • Polished: 2700x1200mm | 3400x1400mm
  • Tile sizes:
    300x300mm | 600x300mm | 600x400mm |600x600mm | Bespoke sizes made to order
    Available Finishes:
    Polished | Patinated | Matt

    Product Description

    Magna Glaskeramik Ice Nugget is made from sourced from low-iron glass waste and 100% recyclable. In addition, translucent qualities make it a highly versatile surface that offers sophistication and originality to every project. Featuring different finishes and sizes that bring vivacity and authenticity.

    Similarly, back-lit applications of Ice Nugget, bring out patterns and specks of crystals. With a unique translucence, this amazing 100% recyclable glass material brings an inviting palette of colours to suit a wide arrange of commercial or residential designs.

    Magna Glaskeramik Ice Nugget is available in 20mm thickness slabs and can be produced in thicknesses of 15-23mm under request. In addition, Ice Nugget is available in 3 exclusive finishes.

    First, the Magna Glaskeramik Ice Nugget Polished finish featuring high translucence and slab dimensions ranging from 2700x1200mm to Jumbo slabs of 3500x1500mm. Second, a Matt finish providing your design with a slightly opaque look. Third, the Patinated finish offering a brushed texture.

    How is Magna Glaskeramik made?

    It is the result of using 100% recycled glass and bottles which are classified and crushed with dedicated industrial machinery. The granules are mixed and Sinterized, which implies heating the mix to high temperature and pressing. In a similar way, Sinterization mimics a process in nature which takes thousands of years, into only a few days.  Equally important is to say that Magna Glaskeramik slabs allows appropriate time to cool each slab. The company also ensures these are calibrated and hand-finished individually. Correspondingly, the result is an exclusive translucent panel that can be shaped and cut to any size.

    Is it a sustainable material?

    Since the products are 100% recyclable, they can be used again for recycling purposes. In addition, the Company prides itself in its high commitment to sustainability. As matter of fact, it is one of the most important characteristics of the main interests by this brand. Coupled with environmental friendliness and sustainability of the materials used, there is a lot to like.

    How can I maintain Magna Glaskeramik Surfaces?

    You can clean daily items with a household glass cleaning spray. If you want to ensure there are no streaks, it is recommended to use microfibre cloth. Correspondingly, the surfaces are highly resistant to substances such as acetones, ethanol, petrol and most chemicals.

    Where can I use Magna Glaskeramik Ice Nugget?

    The product is suitable for a wide array of applications. Since it is unique in its pattern, and you can also use it in a contemporary palette of colours. Featuring a glassy look in several finishes and thicknesses, it can complement any design. There are brushes in several shades and versatile translucent effects for any design.

    Magna Glaskeramik is gaining popularity in commercial projects that include many type of applications such as wall cladding, reception desks, bar countertops, restaurant table tops, café countertops and many more.

    Features and benefits of using Magna Glaskeramik Ice Nugget:
    • 100% recycled glass, fully recyclable.
    • Exclusive translucent aesthetics allowing for unique brilliance effect
    • Highly versatile for a plethora of backlit applications
    • Sustainable building material is highlighted in Green-building projects according to the DGNB and the American LEED standard
    • Cradle to cradle: product can be completely re-added to the recycling cycle even after lifetime use
    Product Data

    Product Data

    TypeSintered Glass
    Price Rating4
    FinishesMatt, Patinated, Polished
    EffectBacklit applications, Crystalline, Industrial, Translucent
    Suitable forExterior, Interior
    BrandMagna Glaskeramik
    ManufacturerMAGNA Naturstein GmbH
    Technical Information

    Technical Information

  • Thickness 15-23 (mm),
  • Specific gravity: approx. 2.4 (g/cm 3 )
  • Weight per m 2 with 21 mm thickness: approx. 50.40 (kg)
  • Bending strength: 22-35 (MPa)
  • Tearing strength attachment point: approx. 3.2 (KN)
  • Elasticity module: approx. 57 (kN/mm 2 ) (average value)
  • Hardness: 5-6 (GPa) (Moh's)
  • Resistance to heat shock:no trials with visible defects
  • Heat expansion 20-100°C:7.22 (10 -6 /K)
  • Heat conductivity at 64°C: Heat conductivity at 64°C
  • Specific heat capacity Cp : 0.7 ( J/g K )
  • Water absorption: < 0.1 ( Ma. - %
  • Frost resistance : no trials with visible defects
  • Stain resistance: class 1
  • Chemical resistance: Class AA
  • Acid resistance : Class AA
  • Caustic resistance: Class A
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    Additional Information

    Additional Information

  • Unsuitable Products:
  • Acidic products based on salt, sulphur, hydrofluoric acid are not suitable, as are abrasives like metallic brushes, stone foam and powders or sands, which can attack the surface causing scratches, or high alkaline (above ph10.5) products such as oven cleaners and caustic soda.
  • Marks seen on the calibrated rear-side may be removed with gentle wire wool application.
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