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Mandale Derbyshire Fossil Limestone

A stone from Sheldon,with a lot of history and character, presenting fossils and minerals and earthy colours.

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Price Group


Slab size:
Average size small slab: 2400x1200mm | Average size large slab: 3000x1500mm | Average m2 per slab: 4.5
Tile sizes:
300x300x10mm | 305x305x10mm | 600x400x10mm | 300x300x20mm | 600x600x10mm | 600x600x20mm
Available Finishes:
Polished | Honed | Flamed (lead times may apply) | Riven (lead times may apply) | Satinato (lead times may apply) | Sawn (lead times may apply) | Bush Hammered (lead times may apply) | Anticato (lead times may apply)
Other Names:
Derbyshire Fossil Limestone , Derbyshire Limestone , Mandale Fossil , Mandale Limestone

Product Description

Mandale Derbyshire Fossil is a natural stone with a brown-to-taupe coloured background and fossil intrusions, being amongst the earliest life forms on planet Earth 350 million of years ago, displaying calciferous markings in lighter browns and beige with detailed spots through its surface, providing a distinctive look to this local and hard wearing stone.

This versatile carboniferous Limestone stone is frequently used cause an organic effect without having to incur in high costs on a project, working well as match and mix element in combination with whites, beiges, browns, taupe and greens, by bringing the beauty of natural stone to interior or exterior areas including kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, utility rooms and terraces, balconies and patio floorings.

Mandale Derbyshire Fossil is quarried in the region of Sheldon, Bakewell, Derbyshire within the Peak District National Park from where it is exported to Europe and the rest of the world, destined to different applications such as flooring, external walls, worktops and cladding.

This stone is available in slabs of 20mm and 30mm thicknesses. Other finishes include Aged, Bush hammered, Sandblasted and Tumbled.

Tiles are available for floorings; a matt finish will provide a softer look on this hard wearing natural stone.

Use of a neutral PH cleaner such as Lithofin Power Clean, for regular maintenance will protect the surfaces and ensure that no chemical damage takes places to both the stone the surface sealant that has been applied to the stone during its installation process.

Product Data

Product Data

ColourBrown, Grey, Taupe
Price Rating1
Thicknesses20mm, 30mm
Suitable forExterior, Interior
Technical Information

Technical Information

• Density
The density of the stone is 2650 kg/m3. This would classify the material as a ‘high density limestone’.
• Water Absorption
The percentage water absorption is 0.27%. The maximum water absorption limit for a ‘high density limestone’ is 3%.
• Porosity and Saturation Coefficient
The porosity of the stone is 0.80. The saturation coefficient is 0.96.
A saturation coefficient of less than 0.80 suggests that a stone may be susceptible to frost attack. However, this is normally only relevant to high porosity, whereas the value for this stone is low. • Flexural Strength
The flexural strength of the material is 12.4 Mpa. This figure provides a calculation for the minimum breaking load of a particular shape and thickness of a slab.
• Modulus of Rupture
The modulus of rupture of an oven dried sample is 11.3 Mpa. The modulus of rupture of a saturated sample is 10.0 Mpa.
The standard specification for limestone dimension stone gives a minimum modulus of rupture of 6.9 Mpa for ‘high den sity limestone’.
• Freeze-Thaw Loss
The percentage freeze-thaw loss is 0.1%.
The test result suggests a frost resistant stone.
• Salt Crystallization Weight Change
The percentage loss in weight is –0.19%. The result would classify the stone as limestone durability class A.
• Slip Resistance
The result for the dry slip resistance is 48. The result for the wet slip resistance is 28.
Wet or dry values 35 to 65 are considered to be Low potential for slip.
Wet or dry values 25 to 35 are considered to be Moderate potential for slip.
• Surface Roughness
The result for the surface roughness is 7.3um. This indicates that in certain circumstances a figure below 10 is considered to have a high potential for slip.
• Abrasion Resistance
The result for the abrasion resistance is 16-mm. A result of this value showed the stone to be suitable for intensive use, for example shopping malls. The result would suggest the stone is suitable for areas where traffic will be approximately equal to a total of 500,000,000 visitors during the service life of the floor.


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