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Neolith Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc combines the real beauty of Brazilian quartzite and the exclusive looks of the French Alps, to bring a unique product to interior and exterior applications in design and architecture.

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Price Group


Slab size:
3200x1500mm (6mm) | 3600x1200 mm (12mm)
Tile sizes:
1500x1500mm |1500x750mm |750x750mm
Available Finishes:
Shiny Silk

Product Description

Neolith Mont Blanc is inspired in the looks of Chamonix in the French Alps. In addition, the leading manufacturer of sintered stone created this product in recognition to the popular quartzite stone from Brazil. The stone offers an off-white background and fine veins in black, resembling materials such as White Macaubas quartzite.

The makers of Neolith Mont Blanc, have total control in the production of the veining on the material. This allows you to choose from a varied range of patterns, designs and finishes. Similarly, the brand offers this colour with a new finish, Shine Silk. The Shine Silk finish provides you with a material where the real texture and veins can be felt.

Furthermore, you can choose Neolith Mont Blanc in 6mm thickness which is perfect for cladding of walls and furniture. And also in 12mm, which is the most popular thickness for worktops and work surfaces.

If you are worried about stains or etching, you can get to know that Neolith is non-porous and it is also suitable for UV rays. This means you can use Neolith indoors and outdoors. Kitchen worktops, vanity tops and table surfaces are very popular in interiors. For exteriors, ,Neolith is very popular in decoration of landscapes, BBQ worktops and other external areas.

For your complete peace of mind, Neolith offers a 10 year manufacturers’ warranty across their whole range of products. Please contact our team to know more about it.

Features and benefits of using Neolith Mont Blanc:

– RESISTANT TO UV RAYS: Since the colour is 100% natural, it does not deteriorate when exposed to the sun or extreme temperatures.
– LIGHT: The 3 mm board is only 7 kg/m² and the 12 mm board, 30 kg/m². This makes it easy to work with on any type of application including cladding and wall panelling.
– RESISTANT TO HIGH TEMPERATURES: Neolith does not burn when in contact with fire. Neither it lets off smoke or toxic substances. It results in a safe material for both residential and commercial premises.
– SCRATCH RESISTANT: Neolith Surfaces are highly resistant to scratching and abrasion due to the hardness of the material.
– RESISTANT TO ICE AND FREEZING: Neolith is resistant to extreme cold and weather conditions, making it suitable for exterior applications. Some of these include patio benches, barbecues, etc. Also, items such table tops and external flooring are popular made from Neolith.
– EASY TO CLEAN: Neolith is resistant to chemical cleaning agents. And although soapy water will maintain its surfaces pristine, other household products can also be used on it.
– 100% RECYCLABLE: Up to 52% of any Neolith slab is comprised of recycled raw materials.
– WATERPROOF: Waterproof and liquid-resistant. With an absorption level near zero, Neolith is extremely resistant to staining and it does not etch.
– 100% NATURAL: Unlike other man-made materials, Neolith is Resin-free. It does not release any harmful substance into the environment.
– HYGIENIC: Neolith does not release harmful substances, making it completely suitable for contact with food and healthcare environments where both adults and children are in contact with the surfaces.

Product Data

Product Data

TypeSintered porcelain
Price Rating3
Thicknesses12mm, 6mm
Suitable forExterior, Interior
ManufacturerThe Size
Manufacturers' Warranty10 years
Technical Information

Technical Information

LightweightThe thickness of the slabs makes it a very light product and thus facilitates transportation and handling and reduces the load factor on cladding. 7kg/m2 for the 3mm option.
WaterproofNeolith sintering process confers the slabs less than 0,08% porosity. It does not absorb any water and it is resistant to stains, making it ideal for humid places.
UV ResistanceBeing 100% natural, its colors do not fade away when being exposed to sun light or other extreme weather conditions.
Resistant to High temperaturesResistant to High temperatures: It does not burn in contact with fire nor does it emit smoke or toxic substances when being subjected to high temperatures.
Resistance to wear and tearIts hard surface makes it resistant to scratches and abrasion when being exposed to extreme weather conditions (such as sand storms or other similar aggressions).
Bending resistanceIt has a high share rate, making it resistant to heavy loads and pressure as well as suitable for some curved applications.
Environmental-friendlyComposed entirely of natural material, completely recyclable. Up to 52% of recycled content. Greenguard, CE, NSF1 certifications. Its use in buildings grants LEED points to the project.
Easy To CleanResistant to any kind of chemical cleaning agent such as bleach or ammonia. When used in exterior cladding, this characteristic proves of high-added-value in areas with high pollution levels and risk of graffiti criminality.
Hygienic:Given its practically nul-porosity, it does not trigger any bacteria or fungus which may lead to allergies or illnesses.


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Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer's Warranty: Very few products are capable of remaining unalterable with the passing of time and also maintaining their resistance, durability and appearance properties intact.

TheSize offers a 10-year warranty on its Neolith slabs in the following thicknesses: 3+3+3, 3+3, 5+3, 6+3, 5+5, 10 and 12 mm in Satin, Silk, Polished and Riverwashed finishes used for kitchen countertops.

TheSize does not offer a warranty for 3, 5 and 6 mm thick slabs (with or without mesh) used for the same purpose.

10 years
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