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Unistone Carrara Misterio

Unistone Carrara Misterio is quartz stone with an elegant white backdrop and graceful array of accentuated grey veins that brings the original aesthetics and natural feel of the desirable Bianco Carrara marble from Italy.

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Price Group


Slab size:
Standard slab size: 3000x1400mm | Jumbo slab: 3300x1650mm
Tile sizes:
Tile sizes: 300x300mm | 600x400mm | 600x600mm | Bespoke sizes available
Available Finishes:
Polished | Velluto (Velvet) | Letano (Softly brushed)
Other Names:
Unistone Carrara Mistery quartz

Product Description

Unistone Carrara Misterio is quartz stone with an elegant white backdrop. It also offers a graceful array of accentuated grey veins that brings the original aesthetics and natural feel of the desirable Bianco Carrara marble. You can use this stone in interior areas and applications.

Carrara Misterio is made from 93 per cent pure crystalline natural quartz materials and resins. In addition, it provides you with lasting performance and uniformity in colour across its surface as well as to an overall sense of comfort and luxury to any design.

Different to the natural marble from northern Italy, Unistone Carrara Misterio a is made under industrial conditions. Similarly, whilst it is a  product that remains natural in terms of its looks, it does not have the inherent risks of staining. At the same time, you can use Carrara Misterio as kitchen worktops, bar counters and flooring. Additionally, you can use the stone to clad furniture, as bathroom walls and vanity tops.

If you are looking for a practical stone with little maintenance needs, this product is ideal. You would only need a household cleaning spray and a cloth to maintain it as day one. The distributor in the UK offers 10 years warranty upon registration of your installation.

Unistone Carrara Misterio comes in thicknesses of  20 mm and 30 mm. If you wonder how big Unistone slabs are, these come in standard dimensions of 3000x1400mm. It provides you with real value by covering large areas with very little occurrence in terms of joints. Also, it is ideal for use as vanity top, workbench and wall cladding . Coupled with versatility for both modern and traditional styled properties. If that was not enough,  you can source Jumbo slabs with dimensions 3300x1650mm. These are one of the largest quartz sheets, across the whole range of man-made materials.

In a similar way, Unistone quartz range comes in exclusive colours. And with ever new and trendy patterns, it is at the vanguard of the design industry. Again, Unistone is at the forefront when it comes developing new materials for interior design and decoration. The products are practical, versatile and bring value to any area in which they are applied.

Likewise, Unistone is environmentally friendly as it lacks volatile combustion in its minerals. The Company’s materials  are certified by various international organizations such as the NSF and Greenguard. Correspondingly, it makes it suitable for areas with children, hospitals and laboratories.  Also, it is also suitable places such as food preparation facilities and commercial establishments such as kitchens, restaurants, bars and hotels.

Features and benefits of using Unistone Carrara Misterio quartz:

  • Crack Resistant
  • Heat and Burn Resistant
  • Very Low Maintenance Requirements
  • Mould and Mildew Resistant
  • High Flexural Strength
  • Colour Consistency
  • Immunity to Freeze and Thaw
  • Highly Resistant to Scratches
  • Highly Resistant Staining
  • Resistant to Household Chemicals, Acids and Solvents
  • Wide range of colours that are easy to combine with any design style
  • Highly resistant to chips on accidental impact
Product Data

Product Data

Price Rating2
Thicknesses20mm, 30mm
FinishesBrushed, Polished, Textured
EffectMarble Effect
Technical Information

Technical Information

  • Specification Test Method Result
  • Water Absorption (% by weight) ASTM C97/C97M-09:2009 <=0.05 % EN 14617-1:2013 <=0.06 %
  • Apparent Density ASTM C97/C97M-09:2009 2.2 - 2.4 gr/cm3 EN 14617-1:2013
  • Flexural Strength ASTM C880/C880M-09:2009 > 40 MPa EN 14617-2:2008
  • Dimension Stability EN 14617-12:2012 Class A
  • Electrical Stability EN 14617-13:2013 Volume resistance (Rv) = 0.9 x 1014 Volume resistivity (pv) = 4.88 x 1014
  • Impact Resistance ASTM D1709:2015 >=3.0J EN 14617-9:2005
  • Compressive Strength ASTM C170/C170M-09:2009 >=155 MPa EN 14617-15:2005
  • Mohs Scale of Hardness EN101 6.0 - 7.0
  • Resistance to Deep Abrasion ASTM C1243:2009 Volume of chord: V <= 195 mm3 EN 14617-4:2012
  • Freeze - Thaw Resistance ASTM C1026:2013 No defects after 15 freeze-thaw cycles EN 14617-5:2012 No defects after 25 freeze-thaw cycles
  • Slip Resistance at Honed 400 DIN 51130:2004 R9-R10
  • Microbial Resistance ASTM D 6329:2005 Ranking 3: Resistant to Mold Growth
  • Chemical Resistance to Acids EN 14617-10:2012 Class C4
  • Thermal shock resistance EN 14617-6:2012 No visual defects after 20 cycles
  • Determination of resistance to immersion in boiling water AS 2924.2-7: 1998 (Equi. to ISO 4586.2-7: 1997) Effect on surface (rating): 5 (no visible change)
  • Determination of resistance to dry heat AS 2924.2-8: 1998 (Equiv. to ISO 4586.2-8: 1997) Effect on surface (rating): 5 (no visible change)
  • Determination of resistance to staining (Procedure A) AS 2924.2-15: 1998 (Equiv. to ISO 4586.2-15: 1997) Effect on surface (rating): 5 (no visible change)
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    Additional Information

    Additional Information

  • NSF Certification for food safety (ANSI 051)
  • GreenGuard Certification ( free of volatile organic compounds)
  • Different and unique designs that offer distinction to any home
  • Resistant to corrosive chemicals such as common cleaning solvents and acids
  • GreenGuard Certification for food preparation and areas with Children and schools
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