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Silestone Pulsar quartz

Silestone Pulsar quartz

Silestone Pulsar quartz

Silestone Pulsar quartz made by the Cosentino Group through the Silestone division. Cosentino is a worldwide leader in engineered stones with an industrial park of over 1.000.000 m2.

Silestone Pulsar
Silestone Pulsar


Stone name: Silestone Pulsar

Texture: Veined

Main colour: Cream

Average slab size: 3040x1380mm

Also available in Jumbo Size measuring 3250x1570mm. Ask availability.

Tiles: Available.

Applications: Interior

Classification: Engineered quartz/technical quartz

Composition: 85-95% quartz and minerals, 5%-15% pigments and additives



Image of Silestone Pulsar kitchen worktops. (

Frost-Thaw ResistanceDIN EN 14617-5, Published 06-2005, Composite stone test methods – Part 5: Determination of frost-thaw resistance in Germany according to EN 14617-5:2005KMf25= (RMf/Rf) Ø = 1,08
Pressure ResistanceDIN EN 14617-15, Composite stone test methods – Part 15: Determination of the pressure resistance in Germany according to EN 14617-15:2005pressure [MPa] = Ø 150,03
Bending and Tensile StrengthDIN EN 14617-2, Publication 05-2004, Composite stone test methods – Part 2: Determination of the bending and tensile strength in Germany according to EN 14617-2:2004Rf Ø= 43,6
Rtf [MPa] average value=max. 75,9 standard deviation=5,0
Shock ResistanceDIN EN 14617-9, Publication 06-2005, Composite stone test methods – Part 9: Determination of the shock resistance in Germany according to EN 14617-9:2005Tile: 12x200x200mm
Ø Value = 80,25 cm
Resistance to Thermal FatigueDIN EN 14617-6, Publication 06-2005, Composite stone test methods – Part 6: Determination of the resistance to thermal fatigue in Germany according to EN 14617-6:2005Biegefestigkeit nach Frost [MPa]bending resistance after frost [MPa]
Ø = 42,6
Water AbsorptionDIN EN 14617-1, Composite stone test methods – Part 1: Determination of the water absorption in Germany according to EN 14617-1:2005absorption C [M-%] average value=0,14%
bulk density Mv [kg/m³] average value= 2,27
Chemical ResistanceDIN EN 14617-10, Publication 06-2005, Composite stone test methods – Part 10: Determination of the chemical resistance in Germany according to EN 14617-10:2005High
Thermal ExpansionDIN EN 14617-11, Publication 06-2005, Composite stone Test methods – Part 11: Determination of the thermal expansion in Germany according to EN 14617-11:2005thermal expansion coefficient
Scratch ResistanceDetermination of abrasive Mohs hardness according to DIN EN 101:1992-01Mohs hardness
maximum 7
Slip ResistanceDetermination of slip resistance according to EN 14231:2003dry: USRV 42
wet: USRV 5
Anti-slip property in wet barefoot areasDetermination of the anti-slip property using the procedure to test walking on a wet inclined surface according to DIN 51097:1992-11polished: (avg. angle of inclination: 20,0°) Evaluation Group = B
honed (leather): (avg. angle of inclination: 23,0°) Evaluation Group = B
Anti-Slip property in work areas & rooms with increased danger of slippingDetermination of the work areas and workrooms with increased danger of slipping using the procedure to test walking on a wet inclined surface according to DIN 51130:2004-06polished: (avg. angle of inclination: 5,0°) no evaluation group
honed (leather): (avg. angle of inclination: 7,2°) Evaluation Group = R9
Abrasive DeteriorationDetermination of resistance to abrasive deterioration according to DIN EN 1339length of abrasion furrow 16,5 mm = Class 4
Determination of abrasive deterioration according to EN-14617-424,5 mm
Abrasive Wear




History: Silestone Pulsar quartz belongs to the Nebula range launched in 2013 due to popular demand for materials with natural looks imitating materials such as Bianco Carrara marble or Calacatta Oro amongst similar stones.

Silestone was one of the first brands to launch natural looking materials and has continued to expand their range with colours such as Daria, Lyra, Vortium and Dinux.

Silestone counts with 5 warehouses in the UK and which enables the Company to distribute all the colours to any point of the country within a a day or two from order confirmation.


Silestone Pulsar comes in tiles to match any worktops in the following sizes:

  • Silestone Pulsar tiles 300x300mm
  • Silestone Pulsar tiles 400x400mm
  • Silestone Pulsar tiles 600x300mm
  • Silestone Pulsar tiles 600x400mm
  • Silestone Pulsar tiles 600x600mm


silestone-pulsar-mondaviSilestone Pulsar in a classic kitchen by Mondavi



Silestone Pulsar quartz is available in Suede (light texture) and Volcano (heavy texture) finishes.

Suede is a slightly textured matt finished version of Silestone Pulsar quartz which increases anti-slip resistance of the material.

silestone-pulsar-vanity-top-leons-countertopsSilestone Pulsar is suitable for vanity tops as shown above by Leon’s countertops


Silestone Pulsar Suede offers a soft touch and an exotic feel which normally compliments the look of industrial designs for both residential and commercial applications.


silestone-helix-suede-kitchen-worktopsImage of Silestone Helix, counterpart of Pulsar through the Nebula range. Suede finish surface by Silestone


Both Silestone Suede and Silestone Suede or Volcano finishes require more care and attention than a Silestone polished finish since grease and dirt are prone to get into its textured surfaces

For the end user it means being more thorough when cleaning the surfaces.


silestone-pulsar-island-custom-stone-interiorsSilestone Pulsar kitchen island display by Custom Stone Interiors

Silestone Pulsar has golden and grey veining which resembles Calacatta Oro marble.



silestone-integrity-sink-sketchSilestone manufactures built in sinks to match ay of their worktops.

Please ask our team about availability of Silestone Pulsar integrity sinks availability and prices

silestone-pulsar-worktops-by-silestonePulsar quartz looks great in classic environments as shown above in Eurocucina Design Week

Quartz tends to be more expensive than some granites and marbles for flooring applications but represents value for money in the long term as it doesn’t need the resealing or re-polishing required by natural stones

silestone-pulsar-worktops-by-silestone-1Silestone Pulsar in industrial settings

silestone-helix-island-by-Silestone-usaIsland symmetrically placed in a kitchen by Kips by Decorator House

Another popular island in this material with a butler sink by Kips by Decorator House


Please contact us on 0203 0788912 or via email to receive samples of Silestone Pulsar quartz or assistance with this material.









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