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Quartzforms Breeze Blanc Quartz

Quartzforms Breeze Blanc offers a versatile quartz surface that can act as a canvas to work in any type of interior.

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Price Group


Slab size:
Tile sizes:
300x300x12mm, 400x600x12mm, 600x600x12mm Please check minimum quantities and lead times for Quartzforms tile orders
Available Finishes:
Polished | Honed

Product Description

Quartzforms Breeze Blanc Quartz 805 is a white quartz stone. It adorns your space with a delicate, random vein scattered throughout its surface. It also recreates the beauty of natural marble with practicality in mind. All you need to maintain Breeze Blanc, is soapy water and a cloth. If you wonder how often it may sealing, the answer is never.

Quartzforms Breeze Blanc quartz belongs to the Breeze Family. The range was developed to bring surfaces that recreate the beauty of natural stone. The Breeze Family of quartz stones come with distinctive veining and soft hues. Both of which blend very well in both traditional and contemporary designs.

The Breeze Family of quartz surfaces contains a range of incredibly looking materials and colours that create harmony and will suit residential interior areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, floorings and commercial applications for retail outlets such as restaurants, hotels and bakeries with Quartzforms materials, from this leading German quartz manufacturer.

Quartzforms products are made with the latest technological facilities and advances. They are also made patented Bretonstone® methods. In addition, the company produces stone materials with unmatched performance characteristics. Coupled with practically zero water porosity and great design, their materials are perfect for any interior. Similarly,  it provides your space with visual appeal, making it ideal for interior design projects in which long-lasting materials are required.

In a similar way, Quartzforms slabs are made with approximate 92% pure crushed quartz and 7% of bonding resins. It also contains agents and 1% pigments and/or additives.

If you are looking for environmental conscious materials, all Quartzforms products are ecological and non-toxic. Not to mention they are also versatile (available in a wide variety of colours, finishes, grains and textures). When it comes to performance, it is also water resistant (it doesn’t absorb liquids), knock resistant (it bears greater impact than similar materials), highly scratch, fire, acid and stain resistant.

Features and benefits of Quartzforms Breeze Blanc Quartz:

  • Highly resistant to stains, scratches
  • Products made with Bretonstone technology
  • It does not absorb liquids
  • Highly fire resistant, not flammable and heat resistant
  • Resistant to acid and corrosive household products
  • Non-porous
  • Highly resistant to impact
  • Made in the Europe
  • Safe for contact with food and water
  • Low carbon emissions during manufacturing process
  • Free from volatile organic compounds


Product Data

Product Data

Type Quartz
Colour White
Price Rating 3
Thicknesses 20mm, 30mm
Finishes Matt, Satinato
Suitable for Interiors
Brand Quartzforms
Range BREEZE Family
Manufacturer Quartzforms
Country Germany
Technical Information

Technical Information

Technical Data and Certifications

Characteristics Results Results
Density ASTM C 97 2.27-2.48
Flexural strength ATM C 880 7.74-7.82 PSI (wet)
4.87-8.31 PSI (dry)
Water absorption ASTM C 97 .005-.02%
Compressive strength ASTM C 170 22.08-29.89 PSI (wet)
15.76-29.89 PSI (dry)
Breaking load ASTM 648 1207 1340 Lbs
Thermal expansion ASTM C531-0 20.1 to 31.9
Hardness EN 101 6-7 Moh’s Scale
Tensile strength ASTM D 638 17.8 MPa
Resistance to deep abrasion ASTM C241 58-63 Index
Wear resistance (Abrasive power index) ASTM C 501 113 to 212
Slip resistance DIN 51130 V Classification wet pendulum
Resistance to chemical acids ASTM C 560 Not affected
Bacteria & fungal resistance ASTM G 21 No growth
Toxicity Complies with 51 NSF and ANSI standards of food equipment material
Suitability for use in kitchens


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Additional Information

Additional Information


  • NFS
  • Greenguard
  • US Green Building Council
  • Members of ASTA (Worldwide Agglomerated Stone Manufacturers Association)
  • TUV (ISO 9000, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001)
  • CE Marking


Performance Characteristics

  • Highly resistant to scratches
  • Non-porous (it does not require sealing)
  • Helps avoiding bacteria
  • High resistance to heat and cold
  • Consistent colours
  • Flexible
  • Beautiful aesthetics and wide array of colours and finishes
  • Environmental conscious product
  • Non-toxic
  • Suitable for food preparation areas and healthcare facilities
  • Highly resistance to impact


Integrated sinks

Quadro integrated sinks are not available in this colour. Please contact our team for enquiries on the closest material match.

Product Warranty

Quartzforms offers a 10-year limited warranty to its customers, warranting that the material will be free of manufacturing defects. Quartzforms Product: Ten (10) Year Warranty This warranty covers product defects for a period of ten (10) years after the date of installation. If it is determined by Quartzforms or its authorized warranty service agent that a defect in the material exists within the ten (10) year period, Quartzforms will, at its sole option, repair or replace the defective Product in accordance with the following warranty provisions and exclusions.


Terms and Conditions

  • The 10 year limited warranty applies to Quartzforms Product only.
  • Improper fabrication or installation is the responsibility of the fabricator/installer.
  • This warranty applies to Quartzforms Product that have been properly maintained in accordance with the Care & Maintenance Guidelines available at:
  • This warranty applies to Quatzforms Product that have been permanently installed in an interior application and have not been moved from the original location.



This warranty shall not apply to :
  • Product and/or materials that have not been paid in full.
  • Issues or occurrences that are inherent characteristics of Quartzforms, regardless of whether viewed as a defect by the purchaser.
  • Damage caused by faulty or improper fabrication and installation, including but not limited to, seams, seam performance, and caulking.
  • Damage caused by any instability or improper support occurring in the property in which the product has been installed, including but not limited to, shifting, settling, or movement of the substrate.
  • Damage caused to any materials that have been moved, removed or relocated from its original place of installation.
  • Damage caused by any form of abuse, exposure to excessive heat, accidents, or misuse, including but not limited to, scratches, stains, chips, or cracks.
  • Products in which the factory applied surface finish has been altered in any way, and/or damage caused by chemicals.
  • Products installed with known or visible manufacturing defects at time of installation.
  • Other repairs and modifications, including but not limited to, plumbing, electrical, tile, and cabinets that may need to be performed to properly repair or replace the Quatzforms Product.


Quartzforms is not responsible for damage or injury caused in whole or part by acts of God, job site conditions, exterior installations, architectural or engineering design, structural movement, acts of vandalism, or accidents.

This warranty is extended to the original purchaser and may be transferred or assigned. A purchase receipt or other proof of date of original purchase will be required before warranty service is rendered. If transferred, a new warranty registration must be submitted with proof of the original purchase. The new warranty will be valid for the remaining time since the original purchase.

No other express or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose are made by this warranty except for those expressly provided herein. Under no circumstances shall Quartzforms be liable for any loss or damage arising from the purchase, use or inability to use this product, or for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages. In no case will Quartzforms be liable for labor to remove and/or reinstall Quartzforms’ Product, or other similar activities necessary to complete the replacement or removal of the defective material.

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