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Sensa Glacial Blue

Sensa Glacial Blue is a new granite from the Sensa range that comes in a polished texture with a silver hue, combined with areas that offer a very suggestive crystalline appearance, ensuring this material brings life to any space in which it is displayed.

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Price Group


Slab size:
The minimum size of a slabs is 2500x1500mm
Average slab sizes measures between 2900x1800mm to 3450x 2000mm. ( This is a natural material and as such, slabs vary in size )
Tile sizes:
300x300mm | 600x300mm | 600x400mm | 600x600mm | Bespoke sizes made to order
Available Finishes:
Polished | Honed
Other Names:
Alaska White granite

Product Description

Sensa Glacial Blue is a new granite from the Sensa range that comes in a polished texture with a silver hue, combined with areas that offer a very suggestive crystalline appearance, ensuring this material brings life to any space in which it is displayed.

The Sensa treatment penetrates the surfaces of the granite and modifies its external fascia, ensuring the material becomes highly resistant to stains and maintenance free compared to natural stone counterparts.

Sensa Glacial Blue features an ivory white backdrop and a delicious array of large crystals ranging in browns, beige, honey with an earthy theme that offers unique appeal to any area in which it is used. The material is quarried in Brazil, where blocks are carefully selected and cut into slabs that are finished in a luxurious polished finished and a more classical honed finish.

Sensa Glacial Blue granite comes in 20mm and 30mm thicknesses and slab sizes covering an approximate area of 6m2.

Retain the original beauty of your worktop thanks to this treatment, with 10 years warranty. Sensa is the new brand of worktop by Cosentino.

Features and benefits of Sensa Glacial Blue granite:


  • Each slab is unique and contains variation in sizes, shape and pattern.
  • Brings nature into interiors with sophisticated finish
  • It is extremely resistant to accidental impact, staining and scratches
  • Highly durable and can withstand acid from foods and liquids
  • Large slab formats and pattern allow for versatile designs

The innovative treatment of Sensa Glacial Blue granite ensures that the colour, texture and natural beauty of this incredible natural material is unchanged whilst offering a very high resistance to scratching and staining.

The Sensa brand is a granite product range that offers great added value as it is highly resistant to stains and scratches, easy to maintain and it is certified for contact with food, offering complete peace of mind.

Sensa is a brand by Cosentino, the largest quartz manufacturer in the world who has most recently acquired operations in quarries of natural granite types which are carefully selected before being shipped to the countries with demand.

With exploration in different areas of Brazil and India, Cosentino sources exclusive and striking granite types that are colourful many times, always out of the ordinary.

Sensa Glacial Blue granite by Cosentino® brings an option for natural stone that is of high quality and low maintenance natural granite from a worldwide leading stone supplier a proven trajectory of over 8 decades, coupled with a ground-breaking treatment that will minimize risks of stains and scratches on your surfaces.

The Sensa treatment is carried out on each individual slab of material prior to installation of the surfaces that are ideal to be used for applications such as kitchen worktops, wall cladding, bathroom flooring and fireplace surrounds amongst other design options.

Cosentino warrants the surfaces for a period of 15 years upon registration of the product by the user on its website.

Product Data

Product Data

Type Granite
Colour Cream, White
Price Rating 2
Thicknesses 20mm, 30mm
Finishes Polished
Brand Sensa
Manufacturer Cosentino
Suitable for Exterior, Interior
Range Sensa by Cosentino
Country Brazil
Technical Information

Technical Information

  • Water Absorption rate: 0.25 By weight %
  • Compressive Strength: 179.0 MPa
  • Density: 2650 kg/m3
  • Flexural Strength: 18.0 MPa
  • Mineralogical composition:
  • Orthoclase (alkali feldspar): 15%
  • Plagioclase: 47%
  • Quartz: 27%
  • Biotite mica: 10%
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    Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Sensa Warranty: Sensa natural stones come with a protective sealant treatment applied by Cosentino at the distribution point. This treatment warrants the surfaces for 15 years from it installation time.

    The treatment given to Sensa is applied by means of a chemical bonding process, providing invisible protection that enables the granite to breathe. The treatment works by preventing penetration by any type of liquid into the granite while the properties of the stone, such as its colour, quality and finish remain unaltered for longer and with better results.

    Sensa Delivery time: Most Sensa Surfaces are stocked in the UK although at times, a lead time of 3-4 weeks may apply.

    The Cosentino Group processes and supplies the Sensa® granites in Cosentino Latina, the only manufacturing plant outside Spain and that is situated in the Brazilian city of Vitoria. Cosentino Latina operates one of the largest granite factories in Brazil, featuring cutting-edge equipment and technological and environmental processes.

    All Sensa is NFS and Green guard certified.

    10 years
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